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Holding Out For Hero (A Champions Online Fan Fiction) (Unfinished)

Novel By: Eros Cupid
Gay and lesbian

Based upon the MMORPG game Champions Online, this fan fiction utilizes characters from the superhero genre of that universe. Fourteen years after a tragedy that rocks Millennium City, the original founding members of the elite supergroup Champions disbands leaving a new generation of heroes and new laws to be enacted to control the world's population of individuals with "special abilities".

Eighteen year old gay teen Caleb Bruner is one such individual who goes unregistered by the government and quickly is discovered to have unique psychic abilities. As various groups, both villainous and heroic, take an interest in his talents, he quickly learns his role in the world as a superhero as he takes on the moniker Foreshadow.

Further complicating his duties is his torn feelings for both his heroic teammate Soldier Argent and his foe, the psionic Kevin Poe. Caleb must learn to reconcile both his emotions and understand his true purpose in order to prevent another tragedy from happening in Millennium City. View table of contents...


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Millennium City

The villain calling himself Superion floated in front of the tall skyscraper belonging to the Binary Corp., a subsidiary of Harmon Industries. Clad in gold armor, sporting a metallic headpiece, green body suit and long cape, the sinister being folded his arms and observed his opponents rushing at him from the streets below. Perhaps it was the fact that the police, S.W.A.T teams, and military forces had very little effect on him in regards to their raised bullets and grenade launchers but instead it was a ragtag team of young heroes trying to stop him from taking over the city that interested him the most.

"FOOLS!" Superion shouted. "WHERE ARE THE REAL WARRIORS THAT ARE WORTHY TO FACE ME?" He sized up the competition. "YOU'VE SENT CHILDREN IN THEIR PLACE?" He cackled at the very notion of the city's attempt to defeat him. The residents of Millennium City quaked in their shoes as their last hope for protection relied on a small group of teenagers with special abilities.

They called themselves Generation Hero, a.k.a. Gen H., a superhero youth group formed from the private conglomerate Bastion Holdings and sanctioned by the United Nations as a way of training teen protectors into becoming future heroes. With names like Anansi, Cybernetika, War Wizard, Porcelain, Shadow Shinobi, and Kid Argent, the world had faith in these upcoming warriors that were expected to replace the original roster of the well-known and internationally recognized superhero team, The Champions. Though respected and admired by the public, Gen H. still had much to overcome such the harsh criticisms from other veteran crime fighters who believed that heroism should be left to the professionals instead of inexperienced children. In addition, even the most revered of heroic organization like the Champions shared the same sentiment and frowned upon the UN for allowing such a youth group to be established in the first place but the international organization refused to disband their pet project and heavily promoted them within the media.

Monitored by the military strategist, The Voice, and trained by the Middle Eastern hero Desert Cat, the Gen H. began making a name for themselves in the public eye by taking down local crime syndicates and assisting other heroic leagues with minor emergencies. With the Champions currently preoccupied with stopping an alien invasion in England, the only force available to stop this villainous threat was a group of six eager teenage crime fighters and their two mentors, The Voice and Desert Cat.

"Stay close and keep the civilians from the warzone!" Desert Cat ordered his six member team. "We don't know what we're up against!" He clenched his fists to extract the sharp claws from his gloved hands as the rest of his young heroes prepared for battle. His voice growled through his yellow and orange feline mask and he pressed the secret button on the device on his tights to contact their tactical comrade. "Voice, give us the intel on our enemy."

"I performed a body scan of our foe," said the Voice through their communicator. "Superion's genetic mutation allows him to harness a wide variety of energy and control it to his advantage. Like our teammate, Porcelain, Superion can project energy blasts from his hands."

Upon hearing the information, the seventeen year old arachnid hero named Anansi snorted. "That should be no problem for me. I can shoot webs, climb walls and can dodge anything. I dare that fool try to blow me up!" Anansi, whose real name was Greg Adams, was an African American kid who grew up in the housing projects of Millennium City. After being subjected to some random biological experiments that gave him spider-based abilities, he donned a black and white web suit and took on the moniker of the mythical god of African folklore. Gen H. recruited him as a founding member and quickly became the team's number one spokesperson. Already, he had gained quite large fan following through various media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Behind him, a pretty scarlet haired sixteen year old encased in a metal bodysuit and technical wires placed an armored hand on his shoulder for support.

"Now is not the time to be cocky." The teen named Cybernetika advised. "It's best to survey the situation and formulate a strategy. We shouldn't underestimate our enemy especially someone like him."

Cybernetika was a codename given to a mechanized Rachel Hillard. A horrifying car accident left the young girl paralyzed at fourteen until a grant given by Akamura Tech outfitted the teen with bionic and cybernetic limbs. Enlisted as a living cyborg by Gen H., Rachel has proven herself to be a capable heroine and caring friend to her peers.

"Cybernetika is right," the eighteen year old ninja named Shadow Shinobi agreed. Covered in a dark navy face mask and traditional Japanese garb, the enigmatic warrior spoke very little and when he did it always sounded profound. He sharpened his katana blade against his wrist gauntlets as he observed Superion hovering close to the city building. "Always anticipate your opponent's moves even if he is in hesitation."

Desert Cat gestured to another teammate with mystical abilities. "Joseph, can you get a mental reading?"

A fifteen year old boy in a gray cloak and hood stood next to a girl who appeared to be about the same age but wore a white ceramic mask on her face and elaborate pink jumpsuit. Joseph Borlinsky, a.k.a. the War Wizard, and his twin sister, Jenny, glanced at each other for moment before clutching his temple and shutting his eyes. "I'm getting a psychic imprint." He told the group leader. "He is drawing all the psionic energy in the area and using his body as a conduit. He's like one big power generator. He's filling himself up with energy so he can fire one big blast into the city."

Jenny Borinsky, the heroine named Porcelain, gasped. "He's going to raise downtown like one big atom bomb!"

"Then we have no time to lose!" The Voice transmitted through their communicators. He contacted their fellow teammate who had placed himself on the roof on the opposite building of the skyscraper. "Kid Argent, do you copy?"

The eighteen year old patriotic hero set his indestructible shield down next to his star spangled uniform and answered. "Voice, I'm here."

"Do you have a clear shot with the tranquilizer rifle?"

Kid Argent picked up the weapon and loaded it before replying. "Locked and loaded." He pulled the small pouch by his thigh that contained the real ammo. "I also have the regular bullets as our Plan B."

"No!" The Voice ordered. "Superion is not to be harmed! We're not killers. Our task is to incapacitate the threat and take him down without causing any physical harm."

The teen patriot clucked his tongue. "I have to disagree with you, Voice. I'm soldier, first and foremost. My first duty is to protect my country at all cost which includes eliminating any possible terrorist." His fingers played with the bullets in his pouch.

"Your orders are clear Jackson!" Voice referred to Kid Argent by his real identity.

The teenage hero hated it when his mentor broke protocol. Born Jackson Bryant in Branson, Missouri, the young man sought out the national hero Soldier Argent and pleaded for him to train him as his sidekick. Administered the same superhuman serum that created him, the adult champion took Jackson under his wing and trained him as a specialized operative for the Pentagon. When Generation Hero was being formed, Soldier Argent requested that his partner Kid Argent be made as a member of the team. The cocky crime fighter butted heads with several of his colleagues in the beginning but quickly won them over with his good natured attitude and kind-hearted personality.

"Superion is not to be killed, do you understand? We'll let the authorities deal with him!"

Jackson sighed and reluctantly followed his instructions. He cocked the tranquilizer rifle and directed the weapon at its intended target. "I'm in position to shoot him down. The rest is up to you, Voice, and Desert Cat!"

"Almost ready." Desert Cat responded through the communicator. "What's the plan, Voice?"

Voice paused for a moment and then finally spoke up.

"Computer readings indicate that Superion is almost fully charged. If we can find a way to distract him so that he wastes all his energy and uses up his power reserves, we can weaken him so that Kid Argent has clear shot at him with the tranquilizer rifle."

"Works for me." Anansi grinned. "I'll charge in first."

His teammates observed the arachnid hero head in first. Shooting a web line toward the Binary Corp. building, Anansi swung toward the edge of the wall of the skyscraper and in the process caught the attention of Superion. The helmet clad villain clenched his gloved fists to his side and sneered at the black and white costumed hero sprawled upside down against the base of the concrete structure.


Anansi put a mocking hand to his chest. "I'm deeply offended." He answered in a sarcastic tone. It was his typical method of handling foes by killing them with humor. "I'm an arachnid not an insect. Get your arthropod classifications right!"

Superion growled. He pulled his arm back, made a windmill motion and opened his palm up to release a sharp glow from his fingertips. It had an eerie, yellow luminescence when it flashed and it struck the side of the building in one big explosion. The corporate structure shook with a large chunk of concrete, metal, and glass falling upon the sidewalk below and descending directly on the police barricade and officers below. Screams of witnesses could be heard in the background as law enforcement braced for the impact only to be rushed out of harm's way by a beautiful red haired beauty in a metal suit.

With her bionic, cybernetic limbs assisting her, Cybernetika dashed, leaped, and grabbed several of the officers and pulled them to safety as the debris from Superion's energy blast crashed upon the squad cars, demolishing and destroying their mode of transportation. High above, Anansi narrowly missed the archvillain's attack as he shot another web line toward some adjacent buildings and swung out of the path of several energy blasts being released from his foe.

Down on the street, panic set in. Citizens of Millennium City ran for cover as flying chunks of concrete and metal rained on them while strange blasts of energy flew everywhere. War Wizard and his sister Porcelain scanned the Binary Corp.'s building and realized with horror that everyone inside had not evacuated.

"Voice!" The teen magician called through his communicator. "There's civilians still trapped inside Binary Corp!"

"Get them out now!" Voice ordered. "Superion is going to rupture the building!"

War Wizard nodded, grabbed his sibling's hand, and the pair ran inside to assist the innocents still caught in the melee. Outside, Cybernetika ran back and forth trying to rescue several of wounded bystanders who have been hurt by the enemy's energy attacks. Using her strong, metal arms to carry the victims to safety, it was now up to Anansi, Desert Cat, Shadow Shinobi, and Kid Argent to handle the big boss.

Hundreds of flashing yellow lights flew everywhere. The emitted from Superion's body, struck an obstacle nearby, and exploded into one huge fiery blast. Anansi leaped and swung from the rooftops in an attempt to avoid being struck by each energy bolt while Desert Cat and Shadow Shinobi kept the enemy preoccupied with flying knives, daggers, and sharp blades. Try as he might, Superion's powers did very little in causing any damage to any of the young heroes. This only infuriated him even more.


"You're doing good, guys. My readings indicate that Superion had nearly depleted his power. He's weakening. Just a few more energy blasts and Kid Argent can fire the tranquilizer."

Kid Argent could not wait. His finger had been itching on the trigger from the other side of the rooftop. Through his mask, he had the foe in his crosshairs. Then suddenly the enemy stopped firing. With both hands raised in the air, Superion flew up and returned to the top of the Binary Corp. building.

"What's he doing?" The patriotic teen whispered.


Voice's words displayed concern.

Kid Argent quickly got on the communicator. "Voice, what do you mean uh-oh?"

"Guys, we have problem." Their strategist sounded scared. "Our computers systems are indicating that his energy depletion is a ruse. He's releasing all the extra power in the air to make room for something big."

"How big?" Kid Argent asked as he steadied the rifle.

"We're talking massive." Voice informed them. "He has a concealed energy fission power core within the center of his body. All those energy blasts he's emitting was simply to allow a rupture to implode from within his current physical state. He's a living containment of pure, untapped power which means…"

"Speak English, Voice!" Desert Cat jumped in the conversation.

"He's going to blow up!"

Cybernetika overheard the conversation and turned pale. "But…but…but War Wizard and Porcelain are still in the building trying get the civilians out!"

Voice quickly interrupted and began screaming through the transmitter at his youngest comrades. "JOSEPH! JENNY! GET OUT OF THE BUILDING NOW!"

It was too late. Superion spread his arms wide as a tremendous explosion erupted through the skyscraper. A flash of light, both blinding and frightening, ripped through the area. Cars were overturned, buildings demolished, and streets ripped apart. Fire and smoke surrounded the structure as well as the entire zone, transforming it into one huge inferno. Nothing was left of the center of downtown except for the charred remains of the Binary Corp.'s building.


Garden Glen Woods

Twenty Miles from downtown Millennium City.

The horror of hearing the agonizing screams and the sight of fire forced him to wake up. Drenched in sweat and breathing rapidly, the tyke could feel his frightened heart beating of out of his chest.

It was all a nightmare. A bad dream.

Kicking his tiny legs off the side of his racing car bed, he wiped his perspired brow and noticed something bright appearing near the side of the window. He decided to check it out.

Then four year old Caleb Bruner saw it.

The most beautiful bird he had ever seen. It had a long beak, long legs, and most beautiful row of brightly golden feathers. It flew right by his window, tapped on the glass, and beckoned for him to follow. So he did.

Padding his little feet in his little Star Wars footie pajamas, he watched it flit through the open door of his bedroom and right down the stairs. Sneaking into living room where his sixty year old babysitter Mrs. Wiggings sat on the couch right in front of the television set, he listened to her snoring and knew she was out like a light. Mrs. Wiggings was a sound sleeper so chasing after the mysterious bird at night made his plan much more convenient. He tiptoed behind the couch to make one more check on her while the television boomed with some big news story that happened earlier in the day.

"Police and emergency crews are still combing the wreckage of the downtown center of Millennium City's business district for any survivors that had fallen victim to the cataclysmic attack caused by the arch-villain known as Superion this afternoon. According to reports, the energy wielding terrorist had created some sort of nuclear power surge that leveled the area near the demolished Binary Corp.'s building which caused massive destruction within a two mile radius from the center where the assault happened. Unfortunately, the superhero team The Champions were deployed to Canada to stop an alien invasion and could not be here to stop the attack from happening. Instead, the United Nations sent their own privately sponsored group made of teenagers, ranging from the ages of fifteen to eighteen, called Generation Hero or Gen H, to handle the threat. In doing so, these brave teens fell victim to Superion's nuclear blast. Young heroes Anansi, War Wizard, Porcelain, and Shadow Shinobi as well as their adult mentor, Desert Cat, were among the hundreds that were killed earlier today. Their other teammates, Cybernetika and Soldier Argent's teenage sidekick, Kid Argent, have been found and currently are listed in critical condition. They have been taken to Millennium's Mercy Hospital where they doctors are doing everything they can to treat them. As for the villain who brought upon this tragedy, Superion's body has yet to be recovered.

This couldn't have come a worst time especially with heavy criticism toward the UN for allowing inexperienced teenage heroes to be involved in such an adult, high risk profession. Already, groups like the Champions and the Justice Squadron have been vocal against allowing teenage crime fighters from participating and joining in the ranks of other adult experienced heroes…"

The light from the bird burned even brighter than before. It beckoned to him, convinced him to open the front door and walk outside.

A huge moon lit up the sky. The bird danced through the air and soared between two trees behind the house. Kicking up dirt with his covered feet, Caleb trailed after it. He walked for a bit through the foliage until the strange bird stopped and slowly shrank away. Now lost in the darkness, unsure of where he was, the little boy covered his face with his hands and sobbed.

"Oh don't cry, little one."

His eyes wet with tears slowly looked up to see a tall, shadowed man smiling down at him. Behind him, the strange bird appeared again and Caleb could make out the faint yellow, coppery features of the shadow man's exotic skin, dark eyes and hair. Wearing a traditional Japanese warrior garb, he nods to the child to which he bent down to one knee and offered his hand.

"I'm…not supposed to talk to strangers." The four year old sniffed.

The stranger's smile is warm and inviting. "Good. It's always important to remember that." He ruffled the young lad's sandy brown hair with his fingers. "What's your name?"

"Caleb." The little one answered.

He listens to him giggle. "Caleb. That's a wonderful name." Pointing to himself, the exotic gentleman introduced himself. "My name is Katsuo Minasi."

"Are you a ninja?" Caleb questioned him. He soaked in his warrior attire that reminded him of the Might Morphing Power Rangers show his father let him watch.

The man named Hatsuo laughed. "I prefer the term shinobi but to answer your question, yes, I am a ninja."

"Cool." The four year old grinned as he wiped his eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"I am what you call a shugo tenshi," Katuso explained. "A guardian angel. I'm here to watch over you, guide you and ensure that you're always safe."

"So that means you're dead?" Caleb asked bluntly. There was no sugarcoating his analysis.

The exotic man guffawed. "Something like that. However, only you can see me. Let's just say I'm your special friend that only you can talk to."

"Awesome!" The four year old snickered. "So do you know the way out of here?"

Katsuo put a big smile on his face. "Of course I do."

Standing tall, he took the young boy by the hand and led him back home. Caleb could not decide upon what was more exciting. Meeting a real-life angel or finding a new best friend?


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