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A Sexual Adventure

Novel By: dgowre
Gay and lesbian

Daniel celebrates his ninetieth birthday, goes to sleep that night to wake up the following morning to find that a profound change has taken place. The book details his (his?) extremely sexy adventures over the next year as he crisscrosses the country seeking a resolution, or at least an answer, to his situation.

There are a total of thirty-three chapters. I hope you enjoy them all. View table of contents...


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Where to go? Now that was a very simple decision, I just caught the first bus out and was soon sitting in a window seat, totally excited at what was ahead of me. I was still very tired from last night and soon fell sleep.

I woke up when the bus stopped for a rest and meal break and three hours after that I reached my destination. It was late afternoon and the first thing I had to do was find somewhere to stay. I bought a local paper and it didn't take me long to find a furnished one bedroom apartment that would do me just fine. I called, and in spite of the lateness of the day, was able to make an appointment, and an hour later I was looking at it. Not nearly as comfortable as my house, but it was clean, the furniture was decent, so I paid a month in advance plus a damage deposit, unpacked my clothes, what there were of them, and settled in.

I was tired after my journey, so undressed, looked with continuing amazement at my new body, showered and climbed into bed. I lay there thinking, still with anxiety, about my unique situation until I fell asleep from pure exhaustion.

Next morning I found a Mickey D's for breakfast, then got to know my new home. I had enough money that I would never have to work again, so my main objective now was to get to know my new city and the best way to do that was on the buses. My apartment was not far from the city center, on the fifth floor of a seven story building. Several buses ran past the building so I got a map of the bus lines and the city from the strip mall opposite, selected a line and got on the first bus to come by. The advantage of having the map was that I could put names to places. Made learning my surroundings that much easier.

The day passed, I learned, and after a day of sitting on hard bus seats, bus seats are always hard, I treated myself to dinner in a decent restaurant, steak yet, and feeling very comfortable, I decided that I would check out the nightlife. I returned to my apartment and looked through the telephone directory that I had remembered seeing there. My experience of the last day had shaken me more than I liked to admit, and had led to far more questions than I had answers, so I decided to confirm whether or not my experience with Sandi had been a flash in the pan or just showed me who I really was now. To help me with this, I looked for gay bars or dance clubs, and surprise, surprise, there were two, and one of them was lesbian.

A bubble bath came first, to get myself shiny clean, I shaved my legs, even shaved my mound and cuntal area until they were as smooth as a baby's bottom, and selected underwear from my new purchases. Did I dare wear a thong? Damn right I would!

So I did climb into a thong and oh it felt good. I still had all my memories from my life as a man, and never wore anything as comfortable and exciting as this. I chose a shelf bra that Sandi had selected for me, that left my nipples and areolas exposed, so sexy, a light green, sleeveless dress with a short, pleated skirt and was very excited to see that my nipples were very prominent. I was surprised that I didn't feel at all embarrassed by this, but I supposed it was in keeping with my current age.

I was happy with the way I looked, put on a little makeup, a little perfume, with a dab on each cheek of my bottom, how risqué, and was now ready for an evening's entertainment, whatever that might be. I called a cab and made my way down to the lobby in my new clothes.


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