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A Sexual Adventure

Novel By: dgowre
Gay and lesbian

Daniel celebrates his ninetieth birthday, goes to sleep that night to wake up the following morning to find that a profound change has taken place. The book details his (his?) extremely sexy adventures over the next year as he crisscrosses the country seeking a resolution, or at least an answer, to his situation.

There are a total of thirty-three chapters. I hope you enjoy them all. View table of contents...


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Now I had some shoes and clothing I had to find something to carry them in. I hated carrying suitcases, so I bought a rucksack. I was only taking some clothes and a few pairs of shoes I'd bought at the same time, after all. That was the last of my errands, so I headed back to the house.

I spent the afternoon writing letters, including one to my lawyer, explaining that I was going to be away for an indeterminate period and directing him to see that all the bills were paid in my absence and that the house was looked after. I would worry about the problem of my new persona and identification at some later date. I packed, so that I would be ready to leave first thing in the morning, dressed in some of my new, sexy clothing, a pale blue dress with a short, pleated skirt, a white lace bra, and a thong, and went to meet Sandi. I was very conscious of the way I looked, but also felt very, very sexy and very excited. Maybe I was going to like this!

At five o'clock exactly, Sandi left the store, flashed that big smile at me and embraced me. And I embraced her!

"Come back to my place, Dany. Please?" she whispered in my ear.

"I'd love to come with you, Sandi!" I said, as I held her tightly. "Is it far?"

"About ten minutes by taxi. Let's hurry."

A little over ten minutes later we entered Sandi's apartment. She locked the door, turned, and took me in her arms.

"Sandi," I said, loving the feeling of her body pressed against mind. "I've got something to tell you, two things actually. First, I've never been with a woman before, but I'm so glad I'm here and I really want you. I do hope this doesn't put you off. Second, I'm leaving town first thing in the morning, nothing I can do about it."

She looked at me and a huge smile split her face. "I guess that means I get to pop your cherry! How exciting! It doesn't put me off, honey, I'll just promise to be extra gentle with you. It'll be so wonderful to introduce you to lesbian love, because it's special, and I want you to love it as much as I do. Will you let me do that?"

"I wish you would, Sandi. I so want this, I so want you, but I'm terribly nervous."

She held me tighter, looked into my face, and for the first time in my new life, I kissed a woman properly, a full-blown, tongue meeting tongue, French kiss and it was the most wonderful, mind-blowing, experience of my life. My legs trembled, Sandi held me tighter, kissed away my tears, which had begun to flow.

We disengaged, removed our shoes, Sandi took me by the hand and led me to the to the bedroom, her big bedroom.

"Don't be afraid, Dany," said Sandi, "I'll be very gentle with you and if I do anything you don't like, tell me, and I'll stop at once. I'll do nothing to hurt you, I promise."

She unzipped my dress at the back, I hunched my shoulders and it fell to the floor, leaving me standing before her in my bra and thong. She sighed, reached up and stroked my breasts through my bra, before unfastening it and letting it drop, permitting my large, hard-nippled breasts to hang free. She took a breast in each hand and caressed them, thumbs and forefingers gently squeezing my hard, pink nipples that were thrusting out of my puffy, pebbled areolas.

I moaned as sensations flashed from my nipples to the pit of my stomach, to my cunt, making my lips swell and part, allowing my juices to flow even more freely. As I had in my bedroom, and in the changing room, earlier on, I was loving it.

"Sandi," I gasped, trembling, "I've never felt like this in my life. My cunt is running like a tap."

"Enjoy, Dany," she whispered, "this is only the beginning. I'm going to give you more pleasure than you can possibly imagine." As she said this she removed her hands from my breasts and slid my soaking wet thong down my legs, uncovering my mound, covered in wet, yellow-gold curls.

She looked into my eyes and, moving closer to me, slipped a finger into my curls until it found the deep slit and wet, slippery lips.

I gasped at the sensation, as her finger grazed my clitoris and slid between the folds of my feathery, inner lips until it reached the mouth of my eager sheath and slipped inside.

This was beyond anything I had ever felt before, better even than when I had done it to myself, and I gasped as her finger slid into me, followed by a second.

I moaned at the feeling of her fingers sliding in and out of my tight sheath and her lips, inches from mine, spread into a smile as her eyes flashed not only her excitement, but her pleasure at the joy she was giving me.

As her fingers filled me, her thumb found the little button of my clitoris and the sensations in the pit of my stomach multiplied and multiplied until, with a scream of joy I climaxed, my creamy cum spurting over Sandi's hand.

I collapsed onto the bed, shuddering, panting, tears of joy pouring down my cheeks, dragging Sandi with me. We lay there, in each others' arms, as I sobbed my heart out and Sandi held me and comforted me.

"I didn't know," I gasped, "I didn't know it could be so wonderful. Never in my life have I had an orgasm like that and to be given it by such a beautiful woman almost leaves me speechless."

"I'm so glad I was your first woman," whispered Sandi in my ear. "and I can't believe how happy I am to have met you."

We lay there, holding each other, kissing each other, fondling each other, purring with pleasure and happiness.

"You know Sandi," I whispered, "I'm lying here sated, you might even say fucked, and I've done nothing to give you any satisfaction. I think I'm going to have to do something about that, but bear in mind that this is in my first time and correct me if I do anything wrong. And Sandi, may I turn the light on? I want to see you, watch you. You're so beautiful, have such a beautiful body it would be a tragedy to hide it."

"Honey," replied Sandi with a smile, "of course you can turn the light on. And let me reassure you, you couldn't do anything wrong if you tried. Just remember that whatever you do will turn me on."

I turned the light on and unbuttoned Sandi's blouse, peeling it back to reveal two gloriously firm, bare breasts, nipples hard and pointed, inviting my lips down to suckle a nipple. As I suckled, rolling the nipple between tongue and teeth, I unzipped her skirt, easing it down over her hips as she raised her bottom off the bed.

The smell of sex was now strong as I touched the big wet patch in the front of her panties before peeling them down her legs. The removal of each piece of clothing was followed by kisses and caresses until we lay there naked, mouth to mouth, breast to breast, body to body, the smell of sex overpowering.

I moved away, pulled the covers and sheets back and we slid under the sheets, holding each other tight. My body was tight against hers, my thigh thrusting between her legs, her thigh between mine. I kissed Sandi's face, forehead, cheeks, mouth, chin, ears for as much as I wanted her, I wanted to show her just how much I liked and appreciated her.

I moved down her body until I was lying between her widely spread legs, my arms reaching up under her bent legs, cupping her breasts, caressing her nipples, looking, for the first time in my life, at least as a woman, at the gaping lips of a cunt, Sandi's beautiful cunt, ringed with silky black hair, glistening with the drops of the lubricating juices that she was secreting so copiously. It was gorgeous, and when I blew on it gently she arched her back and whimpered. It was so wet and how beautiful were the feathery folds and winglets of her inner lips. I moved closer, savoring her aroma, extended my tongue, touched them, and it was as if I had hit her with a jolt of electricity as she cried out and nearly leaped off the bed, which made me happy because I knew I'd pleased her.

I needed more, buried my face in her wetness, smelled her, tasted her, opened my mouth, sucked her juices, found her hard clitoris which was peeking out from under its hood, sucked it into my mouth, rubbed its little head with my tongue harder and harder, faster and faster until she screamed again, climaxed and sprayed my face with her creamy cum as her back arched and she bucked and quivered under me.

I crawled quickly up the bed and took her quivering body into my arms, held her, comforted her, kissed the tears flowing down her face, tears of happiness, at least I hoped so. She buried her face against my neck as she slowly stopped shaking and her breathing returned to normal.

"Wow," she gasped, "did you ever get it right! That was so intense. Thank you, Dany, you're a really quick learner!" I didn't, and couldn't tell her that during my many years as a man, I had done this countless times, in fact it had been one of my favorite things to do. It obviously still was.

We pulled up the sheets and covered ourselves, lay in each other's arms, calmly, quietly, satisfied, beyond happy, kissing softly, caressing, touching, feeling, sensations of joy running through our bodies, literally purring with happiness, and in this way we fell asleep.

I awoke, got up as quiet as a mouse, relieved myself, got dressed and left, leaving Sandi snoring in bed. She didn't even wake up

I took a taxi to my house, where I finished packing, showered, changed into something more suitable for traveling, picked up my rucksack, called another taxi and left, probably for the last time. I couldn't fly, no credit card, trains don't go too many places, so my only choice was the bus station.


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