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A Sexual Adventure

Novel By: dgowre
Gay and lesbian

Daniel celebrates his ninetieth birthday, goes to sleep that night to wake up the following morning to find that a profound change has taken place. The book details his (his?) extremely sexy adventures over the next year as he crisscrosses the country seeking a resolution, or at least an answer, to his situation.

There are a total of thirty-three chapters. I hope you enjoy them all. View table of contents...


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What was I going to do? I now had the face and body of a young girl, so I couldn't possibly stay here. Not only that, I would have no identification, no credit cards, but luckily I did have money and an ATM card. I had been very frugal throughout my life and had a lot of savings, as well as a company pension and Social Security. In short, I was quite well off. I wished I had more time to plan, to somehow make arrangements for new ID, but I didn't. I was going to leave here immediately, before anyone saw me.

Another thought struck me. I had absolutely no clothes, no clothes at all. Getting dressed in a ninety year old man's clothing was not something a young girl would normally do, so I threw on a coat and a pair of running shoes that were only slightly too large, pulled a ball cap down over my eyes, snuck out of the house and caught the next bus down town.

I visited an ATM and withdrew my daily limit which, together with the money I had in my wallet, was enough for a minimum selection of shoes and clothing. I started in a big box clothing store and was lucky enough to run into a sales girl who was not only very knowledgable, but was only too happy to outfit me from head to toe. I had to admit that some of the clothing, mainly short skirts and colourful tops, did seem rather extreme, but when I stopped to think about it I was now a young girl, after all! Boy, this was something I was going to have to get used to, and very fast indeed!

The young clothing was beginning to make me feel and think like a young girl, so I decided not to get any underwear there but would find a lingerie store, where the selection would be much better.

I found one in the next block. Funny, I must have walked past it a thousand times as Daniel, and while I must have peeked in the window now and then when I was feeling horny, it hadn't otherwise registered. This time was different. I looked in the window like a kid in a candy store before opening the door and entering.

A beautiful young salesgirl, with black, curly hair to her shoulders, a tight, white, v-neck sweater over smallish, pointed breasts and a short, white, pleated skirt came up to me, a big smile on her face and introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Sandi, how can I help you."

Name! Just a minute, I had no name, at least, not a girl's name! I was Daniel! No, that wouldn't work. How about Daniela? Yes, that was it, Daniela, Dany even.

"Hello Sandi, I'm Daniela. I've just bought a new collection of clothes, as you can see from the bags, so I need some new lingerie to go with them. Everything I own is pretty old, so I didn't wear any today. Can I put myself in your hands?"

"Oh, I wish you would." grinned Sandi and I wondered what she meant. "Why don't we start with bras. I have some expertise in fitting, so let's go to a changing room, I'll bring some samples, I'm pretty sure I have your size figured out, and we'll get you set up.

In the changing room, I took my coat off, followed by the blouse and skirt I had just bought, and Sandi whistled "Wow, now those are beautiful breasts, Daniela, shouldn't have much trouble fitting those beauties. Turn round, please, and put this bra on."

I did so, she came up close behind me, reached round and held the cups over my breasts, manipulating them slightly. "They feel so good." she giggled in my ear, and I realized that what she was doing did feel good, very, very good, but it shouldn't have. If I were still a man, alright, but I wasn't, I was a young woman, and so was she and the possible ramifications of this new discovery suddenly struck me. Did this, could this, mean that not only had I changed from an old man into a young woman, but that I was now gay? What next? Better not ask, it might happen!

I relaxed back against her, and we both sighed, it really did feel good. Her hands slipped under the bra cups, found my nipples and she began to roll them between thumbs and forefingers, sending wonderful sensations into my lower stomach and cunt. I had to get used to the idea that I had a cunt now, and the possibilities were endless. Yes, I had a new life, but a new life in which I would have to learn everything.

"Sandi?" I muttered over my shoulder. "I'm loving what your doing, but I can feel myself getting very wet. I don't want to mess up my new panties, you know."

"Yes." She whispered in my ear, a grin in her voice. "Anyone would think we were gay or something! Don't worry about your panties, I'm pretty sure I got the right size so we'll only need try on a couple of pairs at most."

"What a relief." I giggled. I reached back, grasped her hips and pulled her closer against me, felt her breasts press into my back. I realized that I had to explore this, to discover where it was going to go. "What time do you get off work, Sandi, or do you have a girlfriend?" I asked.

"Five o'clock." she replied. "And no, I don't have a girlfriend,"

"May I meet you, Sandi? I'd really like to"

"I'd love that, Daniela. I'll meet you outside? Now let's get you fitted out with a few bras and panties. Do you like thongs?"

What the hell is a thong, I thought to myself. Pretend. "Would you believe I've never worn one? But I'm game to give one a try."

Sandi left, to return in a few minutes later with what seemed like an armful of multi-colored panties

"This is a thong!" she grinned, holding up a skimpy triangle of light pink silk with silken cords.

"And what do you do with it?" I asked.

"Let me show you." said Sandi, reorganized the cords so I could see and stepped into it. "There. I won't pull it up, but you get the idea. You try it." and gave it to me.

I held it as Sandi had held it, stepped into the leg holes and pulled it up. "Oh my." I breathed as a cord slipped into the crack of my ass and the back of my cunt, the front, silk panel giving me a pronounced camel toe. "Oh my, that feels good, Sandi! My cheeks are bare and I can feel the breeze on my cunt! How exciting is that!"

"You have no idea how exciting it looks from this side, Daniela!" breathed Sandi as her hands stroked the swell of my bottom. "Did I do good?"

"You did great, Sandi! Okay, what's next?" I asked as I stepped out of the thong.

"I've got you six utility panties, soft and stretchy, different colors, some high rise, some low rise, and a couple of really sexy Brazilian panties. Here, try one of those." It looked really sexy! I took it, slipped it on and it felt wonderful, really comfortable.

I took everything, including five bras of various types, but before we left the changing room I pulled Sandi to me, felt her breasts pressing against mine and kissed her gently, just brushing her lips. Obviously, I had never kissed a another girl before and was taking things very easily. As my lips touched hers, I felt the tip of her tongue against mine and I literally creamed my panties, or I would have if I'd been wearing any. I squeezed my thighs together to intensify the feeling, and felt that I was very wet indeed. Mmmmmm! So that's what it felt like. I liked it.


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