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A Sexual Adventure

Novel By: dgowre
Gay and lesbian

Daniel celebrates his ninetieth birthday, goes to sleep that night to wake up the following morning to find that a profound change has taken place. The book details his (his?) extremely sexy adventures over the next year as he crisscrosses the country seeking a resolution, or at least an answer, to his situation.

There are a total of thirty-three chapters. I hope you enjoy them all. View table of contents...


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The sun shone through the lace curtains and a beam fell on my face as I lay there in my big bed. I squinted my eyes, to protect them from the brightness, and became immediately aware that something was wrong, really wrong. I suddenly realized that I could feel teeth in my mouth and I distinctly remembered taking my teeth out and putting them in a glass of water on my night table before I went to sleep last night. I felt them and was amazed to discover that they were real teeth, a full set of real teeth, embedded in my gums.

My eyes sprang open, and when they focussed, I became immediately aware that I could see, without my glasses, everything as sharp and clear as when I was much, much younger. I flung the bedclothes back, leaped, yes leaped, out of bed, ran to the full-length mirror, literally ripped off my pajamas, and nearly collapsed in shock. What I saw was not a ninety year old man, but a tall young woman, slim, long-legged, with long, yellow-gold hair, framing a beautiful, blue-eyed, oval face. My nose was straight, my chin firm, my lips red and wide, and when I bared my teeth they were brilliantly white and even.

My eyes dropped to my chest to discover, to my total amazement, a pair of full, firm, upright, beautifully shaped breasts, with puffy pink areolas and long pink nipples.

Looking lower, down through the valley between my breasts, I saw that in the the junction of my flat, lower stomach and thighs was a thatch of yellow-gold curls, no longer a wizened old cock peeking out of wiry grey hair.

In short, I was looking at the kind of girl who used to make my cock leap to attention for most of my adult life.

In spite of my fear, I touched my breasts, touched my nipples, noticed how hard they got as I rolled them between thumbs and forefingers. I liked the sensation, loved the tingle that traveled from my breasts, down through my body to my cunt. My cunt? Of course, I had a cunt now, felt between my legs, down through the yellow-gold curls, felt the puffy lips, bisected by the deep slit I used to love to touch, feel and lick when I was a man.

My middle finger slid into the slit, moving down until a violent jolt of sensation shot through me and I gasped out loud. That must be my clitoris. The women I had loved always loved to have their clits stroked and licked. Well, I wasn't limber enough to lick mine, but I could stroke it, and I did, and oh the sensations that flowed through me, building, building, building until I exploded in my very first female orgasm, and as I exploded I felt my cum flow down my thighs.

I was shaking, quivering, moaning. So that was what it was like, how powerful, how enormous, how wonderful that had been. I felt the inside of my thighs, the thick liquid that coated them. My cum. I tasted it, oh yes, I recognized the taste, how could I not, it had always given me such pleasure to make my lovers cum, and I had tasted them countless times when I was down between their legs.

More exploration! I found the soft, soft flesh surrounding the deep tunnel of my cunt and slipped a finger inside, as far and as deep as I could. And the tingle returned. Of course, as a woman, I was no longer limited to one ejaculation, as I had been as a man, so I inserted a second finger and pumped them in and out, sensation swirling through me, until I came again, more cum flowing over the fingers that were inside me. I might just get to like this!

I had no idea how old I was, but I looked to be no more than twenty. With no evidence to the contrary, and unless something happened to change things, that would be the age I'd consider myself to be from now on.

Shock, total shock. What had happened? I looked around the room and yes, this was certainly the room I had gone to sleep in the night before. On further investigation, the bathroom was as I had left it, and when I relieved myself, as I had to by this time, my flow was strong, stronger than it had been for many years. Another thought struck me. How did I know to sit down to pee?

I put my pajamas back on, became aware, for the first time, that they were very tight in places where they had never been tight before, and went downstairs. Yes, everything was as I'd left it, glasses and plates in the dishwasher, mostly tidied up living room.

By now I was becoming frantic. What had happened? Why had it happened? Then I remembered the last wish I made before I went to sleep the night before, that I would love to do it all again. Could it be that? No, how ridiculous, things like that don't, can't happen. Could they? But for heaven's sake, I had meant as a man, not as a woman!


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