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Thoughts of lesbian domination

Novel By: cellissa draylor
Gay and lesbian

This is a re-working of a story i posted on here called "A Sub's Mistress" it still revolves around the light aspect of BDSM but having returned to lesbian erotica genere.
Its also the first writing i have published for quite some time, as the ability to construct something has eluded me.
I may or may not add to this, at moment I am unsure View table of contents...



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Thoughts of lesbian domination

There is something which I find so alluring about you, something that is entrancing, hypnotising and exotic, just the shape of your body, the way you carry yourself, the posture and elegance with which you meander through the office during the day is tantalising and intriguing.

Of course I could never deny that I, as a person is more, well shall we say attracted to the versatile lover, the submissive, willing supplicant, the type of person that allows their mind and body to endure eroticisms beyond that which most "vanilla" couples or lovers do these days. I wonder if your mind is free, liberated from the shackles and impositions of those that believe everything should be regulated and conformed with, I wonder if you wish for something that goes beyond exciting and delves in the realms of prolonged pleasure, tormentation and stimulation.

Inside me, I yearn to find that person who can satisfy my pleasure for control, the individual who knows the true essence of submission, not based upon harshness but upon mutual erotic and sensual gratification between a Dominant and her submissive. I am not seeking those who wish to be corrupted, but those rather willing to undergo the deep journey into something which is massively profound, where lust and love collide, smashing together to create something that is not just mind blowing, but sensation busting.

Many a day I have found myself wondering what it would be like to have you at my feet, to see you kneeling upon all fours, a stiff leather or stainless steel collar locked around your neck, cuffs positioned upon your ankles and wrists . I have thought of the pleasures, the temptations that I could before you, three course meals of sexual and sensual delight that inflame not just your mind but your body and soul also. The scenario's, which play out in mind are designed to reward your submission, which would be the greatest gift any person can and could honestly bestow upon their lover, for it is something that is so deep, so heart-felt and true that the mere thought of it sends shivers of delight cascading through both Mistress and subs body alike.

It is true; I would have to demand someone with passion, desire and loyalty, someone that could excel in their role, a person unafraid to show their lust and someone who could offer total dedication to their owner. I would want to feel your lips and kisses pepper down upon every inch of my slender and exquisite body, to lavishly, dedicatedly kiss and lick my long legs that for the most time are covered in the sumptuous arousing material of nylon pantyhose.

To feel your tongue swirl and caress the nylon encased flesh, to diligently and exquisitely satisfy the burning need and desire of myself to be treated like a true Goddess. To endure no half measures, to have and embrace unadulterated passion, desire and respect, to feel my body resonate wildly with the sensations of eroticisms and bathe in the glorious sensations illicit feelings that would ignite my very soul and send my nerve ends into magnificent raptures.

It is true also on the flip side that I have thought about humiliating you in the privacy of my own, my moods change so wildly, I would expect and demand you to adapt with them. I have wondered how you would look, restrained, spread eagled to the bed, stripped of all clothing, except for a three-quarter cup bra, suspenders and stockings. Tied securely to both the foot and head of the bed, your sumptuous body laid there waiting, teasing me for the true pleasure to begin.

Whilst you may be gagged, I would not blindfold you, not at the beginning anyway, I would want you to see the implements of pleasure that I will be using, I would show them proudly to you, as you lay there, almost naked, your body stretched out, every part of it sumptuous frontal form would be available to me.

From vibrators to clamps, dildo's to ice cubes, feather and of course teeth, you would become a resonating shell of sensual delight, a flooded casket of ravaging sensations that will ignite you passion and burn profoundly into your soul. I would straddle your stomach, place my thumbs and forefingers upon the erectness of your breasts, let you feel my touch shimmer within you, as slowly my touch would increase until you feel me, twist, turn, pull and nip onto the very stork of their summit.

My tongue would no doubt in time dance around the darkened flesh of your breast, my teeth nipping at the very spot where my fingers had toyed with, I would listen revel in the whimpering's of delight that escape through the gag as your body becomes infected with sensual delight. My tongue would lick at your face, skimming the surface of your high cheek boned structure, not a gentle act I may say, done perhaps roughly, but all in the pursuit of enforcing and dramatizing the eroticism that shall flow within you.

All the while of course a toy would be gently resting against the lips of your feminine sex; its constant subtle vibrating's alighting your desire, inflaming your passions and teasing every ounce of desire out of you and onto the surface, so that you may bask in its ultimate glory. I would step back and observe you as the sensations grown, occasionally touching, teasing your body to heighten their pleasure and send a new surge raging through you, so that your body and mind struggles with new type of desire. I would watch you writhe with delight, your face twist and turn as you battled against the sensations, determined to hold them in like the good submissive you are.

My thoughts about you grow more and more kinkier by the day, the dreams of control and submission delve deeper into the world of sensual lesbian domination, where respect and admiration grows between us, control and desire ignites us and servitude isn't just routine, but develops from the heart and soul, making the whole thing that much more, intense. But perhaps you are not ready for those details yet, perhaps they are best kept for another day….. Perhaps…..


Outside darkness has descended, the working day is over, and night time encroaches, daylight fading, the world it seems beginning to wind down, workers have long since gone home, the office empty, almost devoid of life. I say almost, because we are here, alone, together, the only two in the entire building, surrounded by silence and mutual, telepathic understanding of what is going to happen.

Your slanderous body is no longer obscured by the days clothing, its shape and contours are finally being displayed, the sensual lingerie of your underclothing is there for my willing eyes to gaze upon, the majestic beauty of a sumptuous submissive, waiting, anticipating for the adventure to begin.

You stand a little under five foot seven in height, your legs are shapely, trim and toned, clothed in high gloss stocking hold ups, that radiate sexiness, the thin band of lace at their summit, comes close to point where your delicious legs meet the fleshy, toned inner thighs. You wear silken, high leg traditional white French knickers, complete with a delicate, if not intricate lace pattern around their edges, pulled tight to cover your waist, tucked into them is a matching silken cami top V-necked, but not low breasted, instead a rather elegant, yet sexy attire that holds your breasts perfectly, allowing the erectness of your nipple to press against the sumptuous soft material.

Your long shoulder length black hair, crowns a face that is beguiling, soft sensual brown eyes, full bodied moist lips, embellished by flesh coloured lip gloss, make up that is used sparsely, applied by a hand that knows how enhance one's natural beauty. Silently you stand there, in your lingerie, you shimmering body perfect, waiting, anticipating the delights that may come, I can hear the beating of your heart, the pounding it makes and the echoes' of it which fade traverse within you..

My eyes look, digest you, slowly, gazing from the three inch heeled shoes that wear to the very top of your head, unfailing and uncompromising is my gaze, that it burns the authority of what I am into your body, making you spasm with delight. I patrol around you, walking in a circle, like a jailor, or that of a bird of prey stalking its food, front and back I look at you, the tautness of your ass beneath the silken French knickers, the high legged of their design that shows almost all of your thighs and the gusset which already is showing the first few light secretions of arousal.

My hands brushed the soft fabric of your knickers, touching the silk that in turn pressed against your own body; I wondered if it was the caress of my mind, or of the fabric or the sense of your vulnerability that sent a shudder rippling through you. Whatever it was, the sensation that swept through your body was noticeable to my eyes and one that made me smile broadly.

With your hair drawn over your right shoulder, I stood behind you, my face, close if slightly behind your left shoulder, you could feel my presence, the closeness of my body against yours, the hotness of my breath, as I moved gradually still closer till my face appeared to rest itself upon the summit of your near naked shoulder.

"Guess who's going to be my bitch tonight", I said with more than a subtle tone of delight, "guess who's going to have to work to please me and make me change my mind about the redundancy which this office has to make", I continued. "You've been given a chance that no-one else has, do as I say and you get to keep you job, fail me and well the unemployment queue gets a new recruit, added into that you'll need a reference these days and, well, it may not be such a bright idea to piss me off". As the last word escaped my lips, my mouth moved towards her ear and gently tugged at its base, teeth nipping at the flesh, causing a wince of either pain or enjoyment, or both to echo through her.

I wondered if she was brave enough to call my bluff, to see if indeed I would, could do what the not so subtle threat had promised, it was wide spread news in the office that somebody was going to have to be sacked and that I was, in some people's mind "the cold hearted bitch" who was going to make that decision.

I moved round from her back to her front and stood dominantly in front of her, in my heels and with my natural height of five foot nine I towered over her, my face was stern, my body language authorative and one could say almost cruel. There was a large, profound, arrogant smirk on my face, a look of contempt and delight enscrawled into my face as she stared at me and I stared back at her.

"So I guess it's time to answer, are you going to be bitch for as long as I want you, therefore allowing you to avoid the dole queue and letting someone else take your place, or do I find myself a new bitch and stick you in the unemployment line to spend quite possibly months without a pay check?"

I could actually feel the sense of in trepidation and fear in her body, the anguish in her mind and profound sense of desperation consume every inch of her entire body. Her eyes wide open, mouth slightly ajar, body quivering slightly, of course I knew she wouldn't of said no, there was no doubt that I wouldn't do it, she and I both knew I was quite capable to destroying her career before it had even got started.

"I will", she answered with her eyes looking down, perhaps in humiliation, her voice meek and trembling, my hand snatched upwards and held her face by the chin, drawing it back upwards so that she looked directly at me.

"You will what", I said in a firm voice, wanting her to say it.

"Do what you want" she said, again her voice wrought over by emotion, my face moved closer towards her.

"Not good enough I want to hear you say it, I want to hear you pledge and become my bitch or you walk out that fucking door right now, understand!"

"Ye…Yes Mi…Miss" she said uneasily looking at me, trembling, I stared harder into her face, my gaze tightening, my grip increasing.

"Miss is fine, but I still want to hear those words from you within the next 60 seconds or you're out of a job and my office without your clothing". A shudder of total fear swept through her, I could feel every muscle in her body tighten, her chest probably pounded, heart racing, thumping, beating solidly within her body, desperate to escape. I wonder if it crossed her mind, if I was joking, not so much about the job, but the clothing, did it cross her mind to call my bluff and see, whether it did or didn't, she breathed deeply and looked at me through watery eyes.

"I will be your bitch Miss" she said finally, her voice trembling, her sense of shame now compete. There was almost a celebratory feeling within me, a delight, a pleasure a deep satisfaction which I struggled not show, though I knew of course this was just the beginning, the first step in many, but none the less significant and important.


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