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Alexander O'Connor lives with his father Clyde. Clyde creates robots. Clyde has a robot wife, who was designed after his wife who died over ten years ago now. Four years ago, Alex fell in love. With a robot that his father made named Cameron. But after two years of loving him, Cameron was destroyed. Now two years after that, an old family friend shows up with his son, who is a replica of Cameron. Same name... Same everything. Will Alexander be able to handle all of this? View table of contents...


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"You're so cold..." My voice broke the silence. I breathed out again seeing my breath in the freezing cold air, and I laughed a little to myself. "You know I'm not real... These feelings, they do not exist. I've been created by your father... Soon, they'll be shutting me down," His voice was like daggers. Cameron. The tears managed to escape my eyes again. Why did he have to remind me about that! "Please... Hug me," Was the only thing I was capable of getting out of my lips at the moment to Cameron. I felt the arms of the man-er well- robot, that I love wrap around my shaking, fragile body. "I love you Cameron..."

The beeping noise that was from my alarm clock, caused me to jump awake from my dreamland. I reached up and rubbed my face with the palms of my hands. Crap, I was actually crying again. My eyes wandered over to the picture frame on the bedside stand, just under my light. Cameron, he was a robot. Designed by my father. I remember the day clearly, even though it was four years ago. Together for two... He's been gone for two.

My mind began wandering off again...

"Alex! Alexander!" My father, Clyde, was shouting through the house. My hand had to leave where it was which I wasn't a fan of right now. I wont even say where it was. I'm almost a little ashamed of it, that I'm still doing that even after my boyfriend and I broke up. He still had that affect on me. I hated how my fathers voice echoed throughout the entire house! I also hated all these robots that he's built being around. He made his self a wife. Clyde has become a very lonely man... But it's okay. My father managed to make her look like a real human, and she's been programmed with regular feelings like a mother would have. Sad part is, she looks like my real mother who died from being shot in a gang related accident.

I managed to drag myself into my fathers basically all chrome lab. "Yes?" I snapped at him and he waved me over. He seemed amazed by something he built. Probably pulled me down here to go on about it. My hands slipped into the pockets of my jeans as I walked over to my dad as he stood infront of the table, infront of someone- er, well- something.

"Look! Alexander! Isn't he great?!" Clyde shouted happily. A he? This is the first time he would have made a he. I peered over my fathers shoulder, to see this "he" My blue eyes quickly found his green eyes. Even though he's not real... He's gorgeous. I had a blink a few times, just to make sure that this thing was actually sitting right there. "I've named him Cameron," Clyde said with a proud grin. It blinked! Oh god! It's not like I haven't seen that before, but not on a robot that is this good looking! "It's alright Cameron. Talk to Alexander."

Cameron's green eyes finally flickered over to me, which caused a small blush to appear on my cheeks. "Hello, Alexander..."

It was at that point that I snapped out of my daydream. I needed to stop with the say dreams... I mean, I'm twenty years old now, I've gotten a job at my fathers company. Of course, I'm way up there with him... This whole "robot" thing has become huge within the past four years, it was a little insane.

I looked up at the mirror in my bathroom and I grinned at my reflection. Twenty years old, and I'm still looking good. I'm such a narcasist. "Alexander?" I heard from the door way of my bedroom. I poked my head out the door of my bathroom to see my "mother". Truth be told, I don't even remember getting ready... My mind was else where. My mother was a gorgeous woman. Long curly brown hair and the same blue eyes as me.

"Yes?" I asked before walking out of the bathroom. I was even dressed. How do I not know any of this happening? I atleast partially remember showering. I shook my head a little bit before just smiling to her. My mother, will never be my real mother. But she was the one there to let me cry when I saw Cameron's body pulled apart violently.

"I love you too Alex. Kiss me, please. Kiss me before I die. Okay...?"

My eyes welled up with tears. He developed feelings. The biggest feeling of them all. Love. I would always love Cameron, no matter what. For the past four years, I've been re-building him. I'm so close to finishing him too... It will take a little while to jogg him memory, but at least I'll have my one true love back.

"Your fathers old friend and his son are here. I know you probably don't want to see them, but your father is dying to have you all meet," My mother said with a sigh. She wasn't a fan of doing everything for my father, but she did it anyways. It's been ten years since my mom died. Nine years since the fake mom walked in. It only took a few months for her to feel love towards my father.

My eyes dropped down to the floor and a small sigh escaped my lips. "Alright, I'll go meet them," I muttered unhappily. My mother just gave me a sympathetic smile and pated my shoulder as I left my room. I did not want to do this. Not one bit. But for my fathers sake, I'm going to.

All I'll do is stay and chat for a few minutes, before excusing myself down to my lab, where I will keep trying to fix Cameron. His body was back together, I was now just trying to fix his insides. As I walked down the stairs, I kept trying to think of what was wrong. But my train of thought broke when I heard my father's irritanting loud laugh.

"Ah! Alexander my boy!" My father and stood up from his chair as I walked into the living room. "This is an old friend of mine, Darren Muller. He and his son just moved back here from Hamburg... That's in Germany," My father said and I shot a glare at him. My father treated me like a child a lot.

"It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Muller," I said and went to shake his hand. Oh god, he has a strong grip! I gave him a small nod as he told me to just call him Darren. Than he introduced me to his son...

"Alexander, this here, is my son, Cameron," Darren said as he turned me to face his son who was just standing up from the couch. It was at that point that my heart stopped, my eyes welled up and widened all over again. I swear this was my robot lover...

Same eyes, same hair, same facial features... Everything. It's the exact same. I shut my eyes tightly before pushing away from them all. "Uhm, nice to meet you too?" I heard Cameron. Why do they even have the same voice!? I unlocked the door to my lab before I burst into it, slamming the door behind me, relocking it.

I slowly made my way down the steps and looked over at the, what appears to be actually human, body. Just laying there, so lifeless. "I love you Cameron," I whispered and grabbed onto the freezing cold hand, that my hand used to once fit into perfectly.


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