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I'm bi!

Submitted:Sep 15, 2011    Reads: 232    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

You: yes.

Stranger: yes

You: okay.

Stranger: do you like masturbating?

You: yes. very much so. what about you?

Stranger: im doing it right now


Stranger: yep

Stranger: ;)

You: how do you do it? what are your techniques?

Stranger: well i use two fingers and go in and out and press up

You: i use both my hands and like rub it and press down. kind of like a how people give back rubs, only on my vag.

Stranger: nice ;)

You: i know. it feels soooooooooooooooo nice. i did it one time while standing up and i got like really weak in the knees and oh it was amazing.

Stranger: are you bi?

You: yes. what about you?

Stranger: yes

Stranger: age?

You: 18. you?

Stranger: same! ;)

You: really! and you're female?

Stranger: yes

You: niccceeeeeeeeeeeeeee. so, you like to finger yourself?

Stranger: ya, but i got this cute little egg vibrator that has a remote and you put it in your pussy and just leave it there. my friend dared me to keep it in all day at school once haha

You: omg. hahahaha. i've never fingered myself. is it nice?

Stranger: i like it

You: i might have to try it.

Stranger: where do you live?

You: Maine.

You: you?

Stranger: colorado

You: :( thats to bad.

Stranger: so have you ever done it with a girl?

You: yessssssssssssss. have you?

Stranger: yep ;)

Stranger: what positions did have you done with a girl?

You: well, missionary, i've done 69's...um, i've gone down on girls, they've gone down on me... :)

Stranger: i love 69 :)

You: so do i... brb.

Stranger: ok

You: alright. i just had to go get bread...now where were we?

Stranger: positions ;)

You: oh yeah. lol. what have you done?

Stranger: 69, scissors, double dildo, gone down

You: what is scissors?????

Stranger: whe you rub your pussys together

You: is it fun?

Stranger: it feels pretty good

Stranger: especially when you're both super wet

You: i'm getting pretty wet. lol.

Stranger: me too ;)

You: are you single?

Stranger: yep, but i got a few fuck buddies

You: oh. i'm in a pretty good relationship right now with a girl. she loves it when i go on these websites and talk about the stuff we do.

Stranger: is she there now?

You: yeah. she keeps trying to suck my vag. lol.

Stranger: let her ;)

You: yeah, i just might have to. haha.

Stranger: ever fucked a guy?

You: once. and i think girls are funner.

Stranger: me too

Stranger: and sexier ;)

You: hahaha. oh this feels really good.

Stranger: is she licking your pussy?

You: no, shes practically making out with it. and shes masterbating.

Stranger: mmmmm i wish i was there to join in on all the fun ;)

You: lol. we be having fun right here. shes practically on top of me now masterbating.

Stranger: so are you in to any kinky stuff?

You: well, like what? be more specific.

Stranger: well i sometimes like getting my asshole licked

You: oh, no. i don't really do that. shes putting her pussy in myyy faaaccccceeee. :D

Stranger: tell her to grind the hell out your face while you fuck her with your tongue ;)

You: lol. shes enjoying this a lot. shes so wet!

Stranger: lick it all up

You: it's so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Stranger: well i'll let you two have fun ;)

You: noooo

You: don't leave!

Stranger: ok i wont

You: do you ever walk around your house naked?

Stranger: an you text me a pick of your beautiful pussies?

Stranger: and yes all the time

You: a picture? i'm looking through our photos and can't find any.

Stranger: take one right now

Stranger: please?

You: alright, while its uploading....the other day me and my girlfriend were walking around the house naked and i was doing the dishes and she came over to me, started humping my back, and then went down on me, and we fucked on my kitchen floor.

Stranger: that is so fucking hot!!!!! i live with my stepsister and her mom

You: oh. lol. i live in my girlfriends apartment with her. she 24.

Stranger: nice, all three of us just walk around naked or in our underwear :) they are really sexy, but i dont have the courage to tell them

You: hahahaha. niiiccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :( i can't get the picture to upload. :(

Stranger: :(

Stranger: what should i say to them?

You: do they know you're bi?

Stranger: yes, they are too. but they might think it weird cuz its my stepsister and my stepmom

You: just be like, this may sound weird, but i think you're sexy. and if they don't think its weird then you can have a threesome!

Stranger: should i tell them right now?

You: dooooo ittttttt.

Stranger: ok, i just told my stepsis to come here. her moms not home right now

You: oh. tell her, and then meeee.

Stranger: ok, hold on she just came in

You: uhhhh, i have to go eat dinner. sorry. this was fun, and sexy, and i can't wait to fuck my girlfriend tonight.

Stranger: she super excited and wants to know if we can fuck :D im soooooo happy. im gonna fuck her now

You: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! ;P >

Stranger: i will ;)

Stranger: you too ;)

You: BYE.

You: *bye

Stranger: bye

Stranger: :*


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