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Carly's heart just got broken.

All great things must come to an end
DragonsSong's challenge ( WON 1ST LACE!!! YAY!!)

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"Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending." -Lazurus Long

The Great Ends

"You broke my heart Max" I said while the tears were running down my face. "You broke it." He looked at me from the floor were he was picking up the pieces of my broken heart. The porcelain heart he had given me in our year anniversary, two months ago. "Now it's all broken." I said between sobs. "Why you did this Max? Explain to me!! Why?!" I yelled to him. He had not spoken in few minutes.

"I'll get you another one. I Promise." He promised but his promises are nothing to me now. "I swear it was an accident. I didn't mean to break it" Two big tears ran down his face. "I'm just too stupid." I nodded approving.

We stay in silence for minutes, staring at the pieces of my broken heart on his hands. "It was an accident?" I finally asked him, trying to understand. He nodded. "Your dick just accidentally got into my mom?" I stare at him looking for a response that didn't come. "I understand accidents" I said whipping the tears of my face. "They happen every day. Did this happen every day?"

"I swear only this once. Only once, Carly. Just one time." He was babbling. He kneed in front of me, hugging my waist. He lift my shirt, rubbing his cheek on me, his days old bear scratching. "She told me to wait for you here while you came from your dad's house. She gave me some vodka to drink. Then left." He looked up to my face. But I couldn't do anything but glare at him. "I got too drunk. Carly. And then…" He started to sob. "…I don't know she just came from her room naked. And she looks just like you… I wanted you Carly. So bad, I want you."

"So now it's my fault!" I pushed him off of me. "You fuck my nymphomaniac mother and it's my fault!"

"No, no. it's just… It's been over a year Carly. I really needed you. I need you" He almost supplicated.

"You should have thought about that before dating somebody 8 years younger than you." He stood from his knees. "I'm just 14 Max. Getting pregnant shouldn't be one of my worries."

"I know. Forgive me and it's not going to happen again. I'll wait all my life if you want. Just to be with you. Just with you Carly"

I looked at him trough my tearful eyes. I really love him. He was my first boyfriend, first time I trust someone my heart to. I thought I was so lucky to have a mother just 13 years older than me, the freedom she gave me with Max. The trust. He slept here every weekend I wasn't at my dad's house. My mom is the best, I once thought.

She is so thoughtful; she always sends me to sleep at Max's apartment when she is having her orgies. She even invited me to join in a few times when I turn thirteen. Before she notice I wasn't like her "thirteen it's the perfect age to start exploring sex Carly" She told me once. Yeah that's the main reason we are just thirteen years apart. She is a nympho. A sick person. And now I hate her for destroying my life.

"Take your clothes off." I said to Max while I pull my shirt off.

"No Carly. Let's forget about all this happening and be the same as before."

"I can't go back to what we were before. I'll always wonder if you are thinking about her. If you still want me." I said while pulling his shirt off. I kiss his chest slowly, while he hugged my waist and caress my back.

"Are you sure?" He asked before kissing me. The kiss was deep and hungry. I pushed him to the bed after taking my pants. He took his pants while we kiss on the bed. "Are your sure?" He asked me again stopping the kiss.

"I sure" I pull him to me. We kiss for a while and before I notice we were naked. He made love to me slowly like I was breakable.

"That was great." Max said with a smile on his face. We were lay next to each other, regaining back our energy. I looked at him and smile.

"I know" I said while pulling myself up and sitting his hips. I kiss his chest and within minutes we were making love again.

"Ohh.. Carly… you're soo…great…great" He kept moaning.

I lay on top of him. "How was I?"

"You were great. I love you Carly" he said still breathy. I smiled; I too was a little breathy.

"Too bad…" I started to say and he gave me a questioning look. "…All great things must come to an end" I stand from bed and throw his clothes to him and went to the bathroom were a hot tub waited for me.

"Go, and never come back" I said before closing the bathroom door.


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