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Back When I Was A Little Kid

Short story By: hyperforce
Flash fiction

After encountering a strange little girl while out trick or treating,a young boy follows both the girl and her mother into a cemetary where both females take part in a bizzare ritual.

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You might say that it was back when I was a little kid that it had all gotten started and that it had also happened on the night of Halloween which happens to be October 31st because it was on that particular night that I had spotted something quite bizzare happening right before my very own eyes.Now,I know that what I'm about to tell you might sound way too much like something out of an episode of 'The Twilight Zone'.But I really do feel that it's the one type of story that needs to be told anyway.

Now,like I've just said,I was a little kid on that one Halloween night and Trick Or Treating from one house to another in this superhero costume.It might've Superman,Spider-Man or whatever.I don't remember.Anyway,that was before I had spotted this little girl who had long dark hair and looked like she was wearing nothing else underneath this long black cape that I had thought was part of her costume at the time.And of course,I was kind and nice enough to offer one of my treats to her.

But just as she was about to take the treat into her own hand,an adult female who happens to be her mother had walked up to the girl,placed her hands on her daughter's arms and said,"Come along,Sweetheart.We don't want to be late for the festival of the Samhain."And while she had been taken away by her mother for something that I had known nothing about at the time,I had became so concerned for that girl's safety that I had decided to follow them and see if I was able to help.

Now,let me tell you right now that it really was totally bizzare for me to go right into a place so spooky as a cemetary.But that was where I had followed them into and over to this one section of it where a group of totally naked adults...including one wearing a black cape and hood and the mask of a skull...were waiting for the girl and her mother to arrive.Oh,they were unable to see me because I had been able to hide behind a huge tree.

As I was saying,after the adults were saying some strange words and Mister Skull Mask was jerking off on his stiff cock,both the mother and daughter had slipped off their capes and stood completely nude in front of the guy.And while the mother was pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy and slowly licking her lips,the girl had moved herself closer to the Skull Masked man and allowed him to lift her up and start shoving his large dick right into her suddenly blood-stained cunt while she was crying her eyes out because it was so painful!

And let me tell you right now that if I had been the same age as I am now,I could've gone right up to that Skull Masked son of a bitch,looked at him straight in the eye and kicked him right in the nuts for what he was doing to that poor girl.But I was only a little kid at the time and I had no choice but to stay in my hiding place and watch the whole thing with my own eyes just like one of the Peanuts characters named Linus looking for this so-called Great Pumpkin in a pumpkin patch somewhere!

Anyway,after Mister Skull Mask had shoved that huge cock of his into the helpless girl's tiny snatch several more times and forced a mixture of blood and cum to pour right out of that cunt of hers,he had gently laid her down on one of the tombstones and let her sleep on it.And after he had turned towards the others and they had let out a whole bunch of cheers and applause,I had tried to sneak myself over to that little girl to see if she was okay,only to have her mother place her exposed self in front of me and say,"You do not belong here!"

That had made me become so scared that I had no choice but to haul my own ass right out of that cemetary,go right straight home and pretend that the whole thing did not happen which I had successfully done.However,each and every time that Halloween rolls around,I was still unable to escape the images of what had happened to that poor girl on that one Halloween night...and don't know if I really want to.



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