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Our Sex Filled Cruise to the Bahamas

Short story By: Oldfuzzyface

Fantasy, extreme adult content, interracial, sex, oral sex, anal sex, passion between two lovers

Submitted:Feb 28, 2012    Reads: 2,197    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I want to get on that ship get settled in our cabin, have a light meal, and then have YOU for the main COURSE!!! I want to get you in the cabin, undress you, walk you to the shower, shower with you to get you ready for an all night long lovemaking session that I have been desiring since June of last year! After I have bathed your stunning black soft luscious desirable body, kissed your soft warm lips, I would carry you back to our bed in the cabin, place you on the bed and explore your breathtaking black velvet sinuous divine body! Time to light some candles, open some wine, pour you a glass of wine, bring it to you as you lay unveiled on the bed and looking ever so desirable and in need of my undivided attention!! We sip our wine and smile at each other. I tell you I have waited for this moment for a long, long time. I am more than ready to show you how much I have longed to love you in a natural man and woman sensual spiritual fulfillment of sexual desire for one another. I look at your unveiled breathtaking feminine body. I am inspecting every magnificent curve of your succulent soft black velvet skin with anticipation of touching, kissing, licking, sucking, and "fornicating under carnal knowledge", every orifice of your divinely lovely sexy body!! You look at me and smile a very sexy feminine smile as though you know what I am thinking! I look back into your big brown eyes and say to you, " Anita, you look amazing, sexy, desirable, I am going to devour you and make love to you like you haven't ever been made love to by any other man!!'' With that I bend in towards you, pull you to me; I kiss you with the passionate kind of kiss I have been wanting to give you. I pull away from you and turn and look at your awesome black breasts. They are captivating, full round, sizeable soft black nipples that are begging for me to succumb to my desires. I suck each one for a lingering time to make you hot with desire for me to service your sweet hot succulent juicy black pussy!!! I lick and suck each soft captivating black nipple to your pleasure as they grow to life from the lustful attention I am giving each fantastic breast rising from your heaving chest. As I am sucking your breasts I wet a finger and slip it down between your soft glamorous thighs and in the passageway to your now wet with lustful yearning juicy pussy! You sigh with pleasure from the sucking and the introduction of my wet finger into your succulent juicy pussy. I finger your juicy pussy with several deep strokes and bring that wet with pussy juice finger to your warm lips so you can taste your own sweet nectar! You smile at me and say," Ed, I think from the taste of my pussy juice I believe I am more than ready for you!!"

I come up from your picturesque breasts, smile at you from my pleasure of sucking such amazing mammy glands and come to your sweet warm lips and kiss you passionately! I can taste the sweet nectar from your sweet pussy on your warm lips! This makes me hot with hot passionate desire for you! I smile a lustful carnal smile at you and begin my trek down your glorious sinuous black velvet body to my distention a waiting me between your sensational thighs! I kiss each thigh right at the curvature at the top of your thighs just below your wet succulent juicy pussy. Anita, the fragrance of your sweet pussy juices are intoxicating to me and arousing sensual heightened scenes of sexual hunger craving an admiration to delight you beyond your wildest raging lustful horny sexual excited dreams!! I slide my excited tongue into the passageway of your sweet juicy dripping hot and bothered pussy to taste that fantastic nectar for the second time this evening! Oh the taste of your sweet pussy is like an aphrodisiac that beckons me to pleasure you to a number of multiple orgasms! Anita you are moaning and sighing with the satisfaction that my hot tongue is generously giving your pussy and sexual energized erotically charged clit! I continue to lick and suck your super charged clit and introduce two fingers into your sweet pussy!! You arch your back and whimper a deep throaty sound of carnal joy as I continue to slide my fingers in and out of your sweet juiced pussy. As I continue to go up to your sizzling clit I decide to surprise you and I divert my licking pleasure to your captivating black asshole! I glide my hot tongue over your black asshole and you shutter with delight and say to me, " what are you doing down there did you get lost?" I look up at you and say, " I thought that I would let you know that you have a beautiful asshole by giving it a little kiss of appreciation while I was in the area!" You look down at me and say, " that's nice, but get back to my throbbing clit, with a desire to cum on your face from my hot PUSSY!" I go back to your hot sweet lusting pussy and continue to finger and lick you with a passion to make you explode with orgasm! Anita your raise your hips, begin to tremble and yell at me, " Ed, Ed, I'm ................CUMMING

I'M................C U M M I N G!!!!" You shove my face into your orgasming dripping with pussy nectar and say to me, " SUCK MY THROBBING PUSSY DRY BABY!" I continue to lick and suck your pussy juices and you grab my head with both hands and say to me, " you have to stop licking and sucking my PUSSY Baby, my clit is throbbing, it is very senstive right at this moment!!" I look at you come up to your warm sweet lips and kiss you passionately. Your pussy juices dripping form my lips and kiss you intensely holding your head in my hands and stroking your hair and neck!! You look at me and say, " Boy, you sure know how to make a girl CUM and CUM intensely, powerfully!" I don't think I EVER came that forcefully and pleasantly in my entire life!!"

I go back to your wet sweet pussy and resume my tonguing. Looking up for your approval, you nod yes. With tender kissing at first, that you seem to be enjoying from the low moaning and sighing! I slide two wet fingers into your captivating asshole. You sigh deeply and say to me, " Oh Baby, that feels amazing, I didn't know that anything would feel that delightful going in and out of my taut unyielding virgin asshole!" " Maybe, just maybe we may have to try that rock hard cock of yours in there as a replacement for your wet fingers!!" I continue to eat your sweet juicy succulent pussy to your overwhelming satisfaction and you arch you back, begin to shutter with an earth shattering orgasm and you yell, " E D, I"M C U M M I N G !!!" You shove my face into you orgasming pussy and you cum on my lips and mouth with your sweet succulent pussy nectar and yell, " Ed, suck my pussy juices dry Baby, then kiss me with that PUSSY drenched mouth!!!" I go on with my sucking to acquire every last drop of your sweet pussy nectar. You pull my head up form your soaking wet pussy and kiss me full on the lips! You kiss me passionately with desire to show your affection. For the ability to perform such an overwhelming orgasm in this universe to gratify your carnal physical feminine needs of a beautiful compassionate and sensitive affectionate woman!

We each take a towel and wipe our faces and your super wet juicy pussy! I pour us another glass of wine and we drink the wine and just look at each other. You are looking into my eyes and say, " those were the most incredible orgasms I have ever had in my life and I am hoping that you can do that again before the morning comes around!' I look into your shinning big brown eyes and say to you, " Anita, I fully intend to perform several more of those cunnalinglus jobs on your magnificent sweet pussy before the morning gets here and have you begging me to keep my tongue and hard cock in your pussy all night!'' You look at me and slide your soft hand down, touch my cock and say, " hey, why don't I see if I can please you by sucking that cock of yours to the point of shooting a load of hot cum down my warm throat!!' I come to you and kiss you passionately and say, " what are we waiting for Anita, I can't wait to have my rock hard cock sliding in and out of your beautiful warm soft black sexy mouth??!!" With that said you slide down my body take my cock in your hand and guide it into your warm mouth. You then slide it out again and kiss the head of my hard cock and slide your hot tongue up and down my rock hard shaft!! Then you lick you way down my hard shaft and kiss my balls each one eager to empty into your warm sexy erotic sensual mouth. You suck each ball into your sexy warm mouth and roll your hot tongue around each cum filled ball. Wow, what a feeling to have your balls licked by such a beautiful black breathtaking erotic sensual natural spontaneous physical female! You go back up the head of my rock hard cock, kiss the head again, and then slide my rock hard cock into your sexy warm mouth all the way down to my balls!! You hold my entire cock in your mouth for several seconds and come up for air and look at me and say, " Ed, your rock hard cock feels fantastic in my lusting horny mouth, am I doing a good job sucking your cock Baby??" I look at you and say, not only are you doing a good job sucking my cock, you are doing a magnificent job sucking my hard cock!" You smile at me and slip my rock hard cock back into that fabulous erotic sexy warm mouth! You start going up and down my rock hard shaft with a vengeful passion, faster, faster making slurping sexy noises the feel of you doing this is beyond compare to any cock sucking that I have experienced in the past! You continue this unrivaled cock sucking slurping faster and faster!! Then I arch my back, grab your head with both my hands and yell, " A N I T A, I am CUMMING down your fantastic warm horny lusting for hot cum throat!!" I shoot a hefty load of hot cum down your throat and you suck every last drop out of my balls! You look at me slip my limp cock from your hot mouth, leaving a cum trail on your lips and down your cheek! You look at me and smile take your fingers wipe the cum trail from your lips and cheek place it in your warm sexy mouth and suck them clean! You look at me and say, " Ed, your cum is sweet and I am going to require more of it on a recurring basis!!" I look at you, bring you up to my eager lips kiss you passionately and say to you, " Anita, I will give you all the hot cock juice that you can handle on a regular recurring basis!!" We look at each other smile and laugh then kiss another long lingering passionately sex charged cum filled kiss!!

I pour us another glass of wine, bring it to you, look at you and tell you, " Anita, you are a spectacular cock sucker unparalleled beyond compare with any woman I have ever been with in the past!! " I am praying that this is not going to be a one time wonder and this can be recreated many times in the future!! You look at me and say, " Ed, this is NOT going to be a one time wonder and you may just get this kind of cock sucking more that one time a day!! " I rather take pleasure in having your rock hard cock in my warm mouth and plan on it being there QUITE repeatedly!!" "Just keep those balls of yours ready, full and ready to deliver load after load of hot cock juice in my eager mouth on a moments notice!! " Speaking of a hot load of cock juice I believe that after this glass of wine you should place the hard cock of yours in my sweet eager pussy!" "And you should unload a hefty load of hot cum deep in my yearning sweet carnal craving pussy!!" Without even any warning I stand take my limp cock in my hand, place it to your warm lips, you suck it into your warm mouth, it starts to respond immediately and it is rock hard in just a few seconds! I lay you back on the bed, spread your lovely long black sexy alluring legs pull you to the edge of the bed and ram my hard cock balls deep into your sweet hot PUSSY.

You gasp a deep throaty sound of unadulterated pleasure when you have received the full extent of my rock hard cock into the depths of your gripping eager sweet remarkable hot heavenly lovely tasty PUSSY!! You pull your long silky sexy alluring legs up and put them on either side of my head on my shoulders. You dig the heels of both your sexy feet into my back and pull yourself into me with ever thrust of my now throbbing, twitching, and pulsating rock hard cock! You are grabbing the backs of my thighs with both hands and puling me into your tight gripping wet sweet hot slurping horny eager sexually excited pussy!! You yell at me, " FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER AND FASTER YOU HARD COCKED PUSSY HUNGRY PUSSY EATING HORNY OLD MAN!! " THAT'S IT F U C K ME HARDER, RAM THAT ROCK HARD COCK INTO MY HOT AROUSED PASSIONATE FOR YOUR HARD COCK P U S S Y!!" You are pulling me into your hot pussy and thrusting your hot pussy into to me with enormous thrusts. We are literally slamming into one another and making loud slurping air sucking, pussy farting air noises to each of our heighten sexual desire to satisfy each others need to explode into mutual orgasms!! We maintain this excited sexual tempo until we both yell out at the same time, " OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING AND I'M CUMMING N O W !!" I shoot a massive load of hot cum deep into your flaming hot sweet pussy and you shoot a massive load of hot pussy nectar onto my twitching throbbing bursting with sexual excited with pleasure cock that I could actually feel hit the head of my hard cock!! We both fall onto the bed in a sweaty heap and are both breathing fast and very deeply!! We look at each other and you speak first, " Ed, that was one magnificent fuck you just put on me!!" "I would say on a scale of one to ten, that was a twenty-five!!" " I can't remember having my hot pussy fucked that positively satisfying ever!!" " You can fuck me better than any man and fill me with that hot sweet cum of yours anytime that you want!!!" I look at you smile a sexy smile and slide down beside you, raise your leg and you shout, " NO ED, you can't touch my throbbing pussy!! You try to grab my head, I resist and place my lips on your throbbing hot clit, and you grab my head and try to pull it away!! I kiss and lick your throbbing hot clit affectionately, softly, you scream with pain and pleasure and you literately shoot cum form your sexually excited contorting pussy onto my eager lips and mouth! You are now shaking uncontrollability and I hold you in my arms to comfort you and get you to settle down from your earth shattering exploding discharge of an orgasm!! You look at me and say through smiling shaking lips, " E D, E D, I don't think I can live to tell the tale of another one of those orgasms, I literally thought I was going to pass out from the extreme pain and pleasure all at the same time!!" "Ed, you are one bad to the sexual bone sex companion that I want fucking me every chance we get to be together!!" " In other words, SHOW ME the fucking rock hard cock and more than talented pussy licking sucking tongue of yours everyday!!! "And I will show you cock sucking and hard fucking everyday!!" We both look at each other smile and begin laughing!! We hold each other in a passionate embrace and kiss each other for a long slow moment in time taking the time to enjoy the throws of orgasmic afterglow!!

I pour us another glass of wine and hand you a glass. You pull me to you and we kiss again, this time even longer with more passion! We drink our wine and you look at me and say, " Ed, you have satisfied me tonight more than any other man has satisfied me sexually!" " And I am going to do something tonight that I thought I would never let any man do, but baby you have rocked my world in ways that have fulfilled me and I want to give you a special treat that I believe you and I are both going to enjoy!" I start to speak and you put your hand over my mouth and say, " Baby, we are going to experience this together, you baby are going to slip that hard cock of yours in my tight virgin asshole!!" ' It felt good when you had your two fingers there earlier and I want your hard cock there!" I look into your big beautiful brown eyes and say, " Anita, that sounds great, and I will be gentle with you and the precious gift that you are going to give to me baby!" We kiss each other again, long and deep kiss, hugging our selves together in a tight lovers embrace. I look at you and your beautiful black soft radiant body and say, " Excuse me baby, I will be right back!' I leave you laying there on the bed and go to get a few things that will make our experience even better for the both of us. When I return I have a small washbasin, washcloth, towel, body wash, KY jelly and some strapped tall black high-heels. You look at me and say, " Baby, what are you going to do with all that stuff!" I look at you bend down and kiss you and say, " Baby, I am going to bathe you with warm water and body wash, lay you face down on the bed, kiss and lick your pretty black velvet asshole, put these nice tall black strapped high-heels on you, stand you by the bed, place KY jelly around your pretty black asshole and on my cock and I going to fuck that beautiful black asshole of yours!" You look at me Anita and say, " What's taking so long, are you bathing me yet??" With that said you roll over and lie face down on the bed. I come to you and have you roll onto one side so I can place the towel under you. I take the washcloth place it in the warm water, put on some of the body wash and begin to bathe your luscious, succulent black ass cheeks and delightfully lovely asshole! You are sighing softly and moaning lowly seeming to be enjoying your bathing in preparation for you ass licking and your asshole fucking! I finish with my bathing and have you roll over again and slip you in a setting position on the side of the bed. I kiss you again and bend down to place the sexy black-strapped high-heeled shoes on your pretty feet. I pick up your right foot first, I look at you pretty foot and bring it to my mouth and kiss you foot and suck each delicate toe before placing the sexy shoe on your foot. Then I bring your left foot up to my mouth, kiss it and suck each delicate toe of your left foot, then place the sexy shoe on that foot as well. You look at me and say, " Baby, can you put my shoes on me all the time?" " That is the most sinuous thing that a man has ever done with my feet, thank you baby!!" I look at you and say, " Anita, I believe that you deserve to be treated as thou you were a black princess, you are to me!!" With that said you look at me, bend down and kiss me and say, " Well prince of mine, let's get to your reward, let the asshole fucking begin baby!!!"

You stand by the bed in your sexy black high-heeled shoes; shake your ass and say, " Baby, kiss my asshole and slip that hard cock of yours in me and give me a first-class asshole fucking!!" I bend down and place my first kisses on your beautiful ass cheeks, they are soft, round, picturesque, and succulent to be worshiped and I am here to do just that!! After I have kissed each magnificent ass cheek, I spread your ass cheeks to expose that breathtaking black asshole!! You sigh when I spread your beautiful ass cheeks and place my first kiss right on that remarkable black asshole! You sigh loudly and say, " Oh Baby, that feels fantastic you kissing my virgin black asshole, don't stop Baby!!" I bury my face into your ass cheeks and begin licking and darting my tongue in and around the opening of your sweet black asshole!! You sigh loudly and say, " Baby, that feels great, but it past time for you to slip the KY jelly around my eager hot black asshole, grease that hard cock, and let the asshole fucking begin!!!" I stand and you turn take my cock and place it in your mouth and suck it all the way down to my balls! Then you take it out of your mouth, take the KY jelly from me, and squirt a generous amount on my hard cock! You look at me, bend down on the bed with your hands, turn and look back and me and say, " Baby, start with just the head of that hard cock, then give me a little more, slow at first and then we will work together and just see what I can take, okay, Baby??" I stand behind you and come to you and place the head of my hard cock at the entry of your beautiful asshole and push gently into your asshole doorway! You sigh and push against me and take my hard cock all the way into your beautiful asshole! You stop and stand still and you say, " Don't move Baby, I'm sizing you up and Baby you feel great, just don't move for just a moment Baby!!" I stand behind you admiring your delightful body before me, your dark long hair, your black velvet sculpted back, magnificent black ass cheeks, long flowing black succulent sexy legs and those tall black strapped super sexy high-heeled shoes, what a breathtaking site to behold! Then with out warning you start thrusting back and forth on my hard cock and you say in a deep throaty voice, " E D, E D, Fuck my hot asshole Baby, FUCK it hard, FUCK it hard Baby, Ed, you feel absolutely marvelous in my tight virgin asshole, FUCK Me Baby!!" I start thrusting into you harder and faster, every once in a while I with draw and slam back into your hot succulent asshole, this causes air to enter your lovely asshole which makes a farting sound and makes you laugh! You say, " Baby, that tickles when you make me fart with that hard cock in my hot asshole!!" I say to you, " Yes, Baby that does tickle when you fart around my hard cock!!" I wet two fingers with the juice from your sweet pussy and start to rub your swollen clit, when I do this you let out a deep moan and say, " Baby, that feels wonderful, rub that hot clit and FUCK my yielding hot asshole, FUCK it HARD Baby!!" I continue to rub your sizzling clit and hammer your tremendous and heavenly asshole! We are thrusting into one another with a tremendous passion that is only similar to primitive animals in heat! You yell out, and begin to shake uncontrollable, " B A B Y, I'm CUMMING and I'm Cumming HARD!!!" "My God Baby, FUCK that asshole!!" I continue to pump your wonderful asshole and I yell to you, " A N I T A, I'm shooting a load of hot cum in your asshole Baby!!" " Here it comes Baby, Oh yes, here it comes Baby!!" We thrust together one last time and fall onto the bed together, sweating and breathing deeply, out of breath, we hold one another and kiss passionately! Anita, you look into my eyes and say, " Ed, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would let a man, any man put his hard cock in my asshole, but Baby that felt incredible!!" " Plus that was one amazingly strong orgasm I had from all the asshole pounding and the tender loving clit rubbing you caringly place on me Baby!! I look deep into those big beautiful brown eyes of yours and say, "Anita, that was unbelievable the feeling of your tight asshole wrapped around my hard cock, you are hottest, most passionate woman I have made love to!!" " And if we are going to go shopping and to the beach tomorrow, we better get some sleep!!!" You look at me and say, " Why don't we take a much needed shower, get some sleep, skip shopping and the beach tomorrow!!" We can order room service in the morning, have a light breakfast, you can have a wonderful pussy snack, I can suck you cock, and then you will be able to FUCK that sizzling hot asshole of mine again!!! I look at you and smile and say, " Well, if you don't want to go shopping and to the beach, I guess I could be persuaded to eat your sweet pussy, you suck my cock and FUCK your sizzling hot asshole, let me think about that, hum, Yes, I will go for the pussy eating, cock sucking and the asshole fucking!!" We smile and laugh, kiss each other and head to the shower together.

I don't believe this story is over, to be continued...........


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