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Delious Agony // 3th Place Runner Up

Short story By: Nanna Marie Andersen

Entry for Mythical creature/fantasy contest challenge // Summary: Ever since my queens own brother went rouge thousands of years ago – splitting up the lands – we, the Elves, had been in war with what we called, Dark Elves.
Kalion, my queens brother, fathered spawn with demons, so I've heard. In appearance they looked a lot like us. But we were nothing alike – they were our enemy.
Their lands were empty spaces of black dirt, nothing like my home were the lush greens grew and wild rivers roamed – this was my home as well as my prison.

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Delious Agony

Mythical creature/fantasy contest challange entry


I talked to the wind and listened to its song as it danced though the treetops. I danced with it, I glided along the mild east wind and found peace in the songs that only I could hear.

My dancing came to a scratching hold as I reached the boarder to Nebohoin, Kalion's kingdom.

I knew my fair-skinned body was visible and vulnerable, but so was his.

His silver body stood stiff about a mile away from me. Like a rabbit his ears tweaked when I took a deep intake of breath.

I waited for him to move and when he started moved closer I held my breath in second-thought.

"Hallo, Tealia." He said with a unreadable face.

"Hallo, Nurek." I responded. I got ready to melt in with the familiar trees behind me, just in case.

He had a nervous smile on his silver face. "You look beautiful today. Just as you did two suns ago."

I smiled briefly. "Thanks." I didn't fear him - even though it was written in our Code, that I should kill him if I ever saw him on our land, but I didn't agree with it and I never did.

He smiled, it looked so natural on his silver face. His torso had drawings on it, swirls and paths I hadn't seen anywhere elsewhere. His muscular body intrigued me - fascinated me in ways I never had experienced before.

"I missed you." He said with a natural charm and I look in his eyes that said more than words.

I stepped closer to the halfbreed, he smelled alright - he looked alright, too. His hair was ruffled backwards - it, too, was silver, just as his smooth skin and colored silvery-gray just as his body.

"You really are beautiful." He repeated. His boyish face looked so endearing and fragile, I couldn't help but to smile.

"Nurek? Do you want to join me in the forest?" I couldn't believe that was the words I chose, but there was no turning back.

He nodded. "Yeah, sure."

He had on a weird looking armor, it coved only his shoulders and heart. Shaped in a V. His sides would have been vulnerable and easy to strike. Not that I ever though about anything that drastic.

"Are you ready?" I asked softly. I held out my hand, he took it quickly - his hands were rough against my sensitive skin.

"What are we going to do this time?" He asked as we walk slowly into the woods. I sniffed in the familiar smell of bark, ferns and droplets of water rolling down their leafs.

"Move with the wind." I felt like I was singing.

"I can't do that." He said sadly - a little let down, that I didn't consider that he wasn't like me.

"Well," I looked at him and smiled. "you don't have to." With a blur of colors we drifted away on the warm breeze.

We smelled the light in the air and tasted the warmth of the sun with every breath of air we took. We danced along the wind for quite some time. Just enjoying the journey we took into the unfamiliar. I knew the consequence of the decision I had made, but I didn't care.

I settled on a hill top overlooking both our worlds. What we both rejected when we saw each other.

He took my hand, his short fingers intertwined with mine and with slow movements he raised my hand to his mouth. "I love this trips with you." Then he kissed the palm of my hand.

I had my eyes closed - even though I should be on alert. Nurek was clearly a warrior, strong and muscular. He had a long knife tucked in his boot, but I didn't fear it. I already had a backup plan if he turned on me. But I never though he would - he liked me to much.

His hands caressed my long neck and at last rested over my jawline. My eyes opened just a bit and I saw that he studied my face - my face was hard to read, but he looked deeper than I had ever experienced before - by anyone or anything.

I caressed his square face, his lips were parted and I couldn't resist to explore their softness. They were full and moist - he kissed me back.

My hands admired his armor with my careful long fingers, the silver shined and reflected the colors of the setting suns in the horizon. One was deep orange and the other a delicate blue, which you couldn't see in midday, because the gases on the blue sun was only visible at night. The light started to changed from orange to blue and somewhere deep inside me something changed too.

His one hand glided over my cheek and into my sleek white hair. He placed his lips on mine, and like a forest fire, the taste of his sweet tongue spread inside me - consuming everything. In my mind strange, warm feelings were descending, and quickly I could only feel those feelings, what they were called I didn't know - but it felt good.

I made sounds I never heard from my mouth as he started to explore my slim body. He, too, made small sounds in the back of his throat as he laid me onto the satin-like grass below. His hands were knowing and experienced in this matter, like he knew where I would feel his touch most pleasurable - I was in nirvana.

Never in my short life had I known such joy and happiness. His kiss lingered all across my body, as he again found my parted lips. I kissed him back with every passion that burned up my body - letting him know what delicious agony I was in. He filled me and I felt a new feeling grow inside me - lust.

He lifted me to sit on top of him, and we quickly found a rhythm that soothed us both. I threw my head back and moan out into the coming night. He was gentle and followed my tempo - he had given me the control and I couldn't get enough.

We moaned as we both reached our climax - freeing the fire inside us. His body glistened with specks of crystal clear water, small pearls of sweat laid on his cold skin and with every hard breath they sparkled in the blue light. They captivated my eyes with every shimmer and pulsation. We floated to the mossy earth under our spend bodies. The blue midnight sun electrified the colors that was already around us, I sighed loudly.

"What just happened?" I asked with a dreamy voice.

"Just now?" He suddenly looked surprised. "Ehh…" He started to look a little panicked.

"Did we mate?" I asked unsure and with an embarrassed smile on my face.

"Mate?" His eyebrows went upwards as he laughed a little. "Well, kind of. But where I come from only animals mate, Tealia." He smiled a big and bright smile, which made me tinkly yet again.

"Then what does your people call what we just did, then?" I reached over and took his hand in mine, his palm was dirty from the black soil that dominated his lands.

"Making love." He said gracefully. In his eyes were a smile I loved to look at - it had a coldness to it, that strangely enough, warmed me up inside.

"Making love." I repeated effortlessly. "I like making love. It's like nothing I have ever experienced before. It's like feeling life extend to the sky and having your mind turn off. I couldn't manage to think about anything else - but us."

He smiled and kissed the palm of my hand. "That's a good way to describe it, love."

I crept closer and when I was tugged against him I fell into a blissful slumber. He hummed a lullaby and caressed my arm, he was truly one of a kind - in my world.

I heard the fog ease over our bodies. Hiding us from the world - but not even the fog could hid what we just had done, it couldn't erase the bond we just created.

I should have known what would happen next, but it never crossed my mind as I laid in Nurek's arms.

Nurek jolted to his feet. "Someones coming for us." He took my hand and I was quick to join him.

"Oh, no." I breathed. I felt sorrow strike my heart and it was stuck there - I couldn't breath.

"Tealia?" He took me into his arms and held me tight. "We must leave this place."

"You mean leave this land." I said in a low voice. "I can't leave this land, I will die without its nutritions. I'm trapped in my land and country."

"No, please. We have to leave." His eyes filled with liquid - an odd thing, but I felt sorrow twist inside me again, stabbing deeper and deeper.

"They are going to kill me." I need to ready myself for never ending pain - in the fires of earth's core. I was going to pay. I had embraced the enemy and for that I would be cursed.

"Don't say that, I want you to come with me. I need you to come with me." He begged, his eyes leaked with clear water. I wiped it away from his cheek and stepped away.

"Please stop." I whispered. "You need to leave, Nurek. I'm sorry."

"I won't leave you." He claimed. I knew he soon would leave me - I just need to tell him that.

I kissed him, long and hard. "I couldn't bear to know you're not alive - they will kill you in an instant if they found you here." I though of what they would do to me instead of him, but I didn't say it - it would only scare him.

I looked into Nurek's sad eyes. "Leave, Nurek. Now." I commanded. The sorrow grew bigger and it consumed my entire body. I eyed the knife in his boot, it would certainly do. But I didn't say anything, I simply couldn't make myself talk.

He had already turned his back and was on his way home - where he belonged. I should have asked him for the knife, but I could only wish for it. I wanted to end my life before the Warriors came, then I wouldn't suffer an eternity for the passion I felt for Nurek.

I closed my eyes as Nurek walked down the hill. I could smell him in the air around me. His scent seemed to get stronger and stronger the longer I stood there. I heard the warriors coming in the far, their horns drifted along the wind and brought worry and fear to my mind.

"Tealia." A heartbroken voice sound faint and in doubt.

I opened my eyes and looked at Nurek. His face was painful to look at - you could see he already lost something. "Nurek?"

He stood with the knife clutched in his right hand. I took a hold of his hand and smiled.

I lifted his trembling hand and the silver knife to my heart. "Thank you. You were special to me."

"You are special to me." He said sweetly, but his sad eyes were blank and water-filled. "I'll remember you forever." He stretched his neck to kiss me and my head leaned forward to placed a painful, longing kiss on his lips.

In the burning passion of the kiss I stepped forward, piercing myself with the blade. The pain was nothing compared to the feeling I got as I looked into Nurek's haunted eyes. He still held the knife tightly in his small hand. His jaw quivered as his pressed the knife further, water overrunning his eyes, but he never looked away from me.

"I love you, Nurek." I said faint our surroundings started to dissolve.

He laid me on the ground. "I love you, too."

He pressed his cold lips to mine, only they didn't feel cold. They felt just like my own - the time was near. I wanted to say that he had to leave, but I didn't have the strength to speak.

"I'll stay with you to the end." Once again he managed to tell what I was thinking. "It'll soon be over. I'll miss you so much, Tealia. You're my angel." He kissed me and that was the last thing I felt - after that I was gone.

The fire I had inside me lived on as my body stopped breathing. The fire gave my spirit life to return to Mother Earth. I was the trees, the grass and the nectar sustaining the world I used live in. I even lived in every grit Nurek stepped on as his ran across his own dark lands - back to the life he was supposed to live before I stoled his pressures time. I followed him and I knew I would always protect him, sooth him and provide for him whenever I could. My spirit was free and I felt nothing but wild desire - and its name was Nurek.


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