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To Live Amongst The Humans(for Angel of Dawn's Picture Competition)

Short story By: hyperforce

After an angry God strips a defiant angel of her wings and halo and banishes her to Earth,she is discovered by a handsome college student who decides to let her stay at his place.

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It is within the very kingdom of Heaven that all of God's little angels had done exactly what the big guy wants them to do without one single hint of complaint.But there was one angel who had suddenly became so sick and tired of following God's commands that she had decided to tell him to go kiss his own ass for a change which had made God become so pissed that he had ordered that one angel to be stripped of her snow white wings and glowing blue halo and sent down to Earth to live amongst the humans that he had created with such great love and care until he had felt that her punishment was over.

And so,after her wings and halo had been taken away from her,the poor little angel has been placed by a couple of her fellow angels some strange tower somewhere on Earth.And after those two other angels had gone back up to Heaven and left her there,the exiled little angel had sat down on the floor,raised the end of her beautiful white dress to her eyes and began to cry.

But that was before the very next day when someone had placed a gentle hand on the sleeping angel's cheek and woke her up to see that a young and handsome man with dark brown hair was sitting next to her with the look of concern in his eyes before he had raised his hand and said,"I'm sorry.I didn't mean to scare you like that.It's just that I had found you in here all alone and looking so beautiful...!"

But just as he was about to say another word to the platinum blonde beauty,she had gotten off the floor,walked over to the tower window and noticed that several more towers were surrounding her general location before the handsome dark brown haired stud had walked over to the angelic babe,let out a sigh and said,"I don't blame you.I feel the same way about the marvelous architectural style that every building in New York City has to offer.Oh,my name is Michael Kingsley.I'm a student of architectural studies at New York University."

Then,after he had gotten a look at her sad eyes,Michael had gently placed his hand underneath her chin and asked,"Do you have a place to stay?I'm asking this because I know full well that it would make Mister Donald Trump very upset to see you here in the Trump Tower without knowing who you are and how you had came to be here.",the poor little angel had closed her eyes and shook her head in response to such a question before Michael had taken his jacket off,placed it on the exiled maiden from Heaven and escourted her out of the Trump Tower.

And after they had each enjoyed an Egg McMuffin and some Minute Maid Orange Juice at a local McDonalds,Michael had taken her to his place in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood of Greenwich Village.And when they had stepped into the apartment and the banished little angel had started looking around the place,Michael had closed the door and said,"I know that this is not a suite at the New York Marriott Marquis but I like living here.Say,can I ask you something?Would you like to take a nice warm shower with me?I really wouldn't mind sharing one.And you don't have to worry about me.I won't bite."

Then,after she had smiled and nodded her head,both Michael and his newfound houseguest had gone into the bathroom where he had turned the water on and they had taken their clothes off and stepped into the shower.And while she was allowing the water to wash all over her angelic body,the exiled angel was unaware that Michael was staring at her and jerking off on his stiff cock.

That was before he had placed his hands on the unsuspecting maiden's shoulders.But just as she was about to scream for help,Michael had placed the tips of his two fingers on her lips and said,"Sssshhhh.It's okay.I'm not going to hurt you.All I'm asking you to do just relax and enjoy the warm embrace of wonderous sexual pleasure."

Then,after he had planted a huge kiss on her lips,Michael had kneeled down and started sucking on her soaking wet cunt with his hands on her firm breasts which had made the exiled angel to place her own hands on Michael's head,slowly lick her lips and act like she was about to beg Michael to not stop sucking every last drop of juice out of her pussy with that tongue of his.

And then,after he had slammed his gigantic dick in and out of her asshole with his hands wrapped around her belly,both Michael and his newfound fuck buddy had stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where they had laid themselves down on the bed and Michael had put his hands on the platinum blonde's shoulders and started sucking on her huge tits and shoving his Kong sized cock deep into her wet twat.

And after she had placed her hands on Michael's bare back and let out a scream of such wonerous sexual pleasure,they had finally came and stopped to catch their breath just before Michael had smiled and said,"Well,I had already told you my name.I do believe that now is the time to tell me yours.",which had made the kicked out maiden from Heaven roll her eyes and say,"An...gel..ina God...dard."

"Well,Miss Angelina Goddard.If you were to ask me,that whole name really does sound Heavenly.",that was what Michael had said to Angelina before she had smiled and said,"Trust me,Michael.You have no idea how right you are."And after they had shared a good laugh between them,both Michael and Angelina had fallen asleep on that very same bed.

But that was before the voice of God had called from Heaven and told Angelina that she had been punished for long enough and must return to Heaven,only to have Michael wake up,notice Angelina looking at the ceiling and ask,"What's wrong,Angelina?"And after she had looked at Michael and smiled,Angelina had shrugged her shoulders and said,"Nothing's wrong,Michael.It's just that I've thought I had heard something.Guess I was wrong.",before they had gone right back to sleep.



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