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Cure For The Doctor

Short story By: hyperforce

After he realizes what the local doctor had done to his sister,the author of this story buys a magic potion from a gypsy lady and uses it to change the male doctor into a woman.

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Look,I know that what I had done was wrong.But let's look at it this way.What that sick son-of-a-bitch who had dared to himself a doctor was much worse than what I had done to him.You see,it was after this sick fuck whose name was once Doctor Daniel Kent had opened his office that the rumor mill had started spreading news about the good doctor sexually harrassing his female patients.

Well,I had been unable to take those rumors to face value because they were only rumors and nothing more.But that was before I had gone to visit my mom at the nursing home and noticed that she was comforting my sister,who was crying her eyes out on Mom's shoulder.

"What's going on,Mom?",that was the question that I had asked just before Mom had looked at me and said,"I'm sorry to say that the rumors coming from the rumor mill are the truth.Doctor Kent really is sexually harressing his female patients.And your sister just happens to be one of those patients."

And after I had heard what my mom had told me and realized that she was not in the condition to lie to her own kids,I had suddenly began to feel the strong wave of revenge surging all over my own body.And at first,the very thought that had popped into my head was to go straight over to that asshole's office and slam my fists down on that shit-head so hard that he should be in the hospital for the rest of his natural life!

But as soon as I had gotten home and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror,I had suddenly realized that it was true that I had a body like that of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson but pounding somebody into a bloody pulp would not be enough of a cure for the doctor which had made me go see this old gypsy lady who had her RV parked in the local national park.

And as soon as I had stepped into the RV and told her about what that prick of a doctor has been doing to all of his female patients including my own sister,the gypsy lady had taken a puff of her cigar and blew out a smoke ring which had flown past me and over to a small bottle on a shelf before she had pointed to the same bottle and said,"Trust me,Kid.That would really cure that quack for sure."

Then,after I had realized that there was no other choice,I had paid the gypsy lady,taken the bottle of the cure and gone straight over to that asshole's office.And after I had told him that I had wanted to say 'hi' and get to know him better,that dumb-ass prick had let me come inside and fixed each of us a cup of coffee.

That was before he had excused himself to go into the lounge and get some half and half.And while he was gone,I had opened the bottle and poured the cure right into that shit-head's coffee mug.Thankfully enough,I had made the bottle with a little bit of the cure still inside scarce before he had came back and poured some half and half into our mugs and perposed a toast to our newfound friendship.

But after that sick dumb-ass quack had gulped down his cup of coffee,he had started feeling shooting pains all over his body that were so bad that he had no choice but to drop down to the floor and let out one hell of a loud scream while that magic potion that the old gypsy lady had sold to me had instantly transformed Doctor Daniel Kent into an exact double of a certain Playboy Playmate whose name happens to be Jennifer Miriam.

And after the pains had stopped and the newly-transformed Doctor Kent had gotten back up and placed her hand on her forehead,I had let out a smile and said,"Hey,Babe!How are you doing?",before she had looked at the smile on my face and figured that she had to go look at herself in the restroom mirror to see what I was talking about.

And let me tell you right now that as soon as I had heard the now-female Doctor Kent scream her lungs out at the sight of her new reflection,I had let out one great big belly laugh just before she had stepped out of the restroom,looked at me with nasty eyes and yelled,"YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!YOU DID THIS TO ME,DID YOU?!"

"You better believe it,Bitch!Now,let's see how you like being called a lousy skanky cow by your own male colleagues!",that was what I had said to that fucking hag just before I had taken one good look at her and added,"On second thought,I have a better idea!One that I know you would like very much!"

And when she had realized what I was getting at,the clone of the March 1997 Playboy Playmate Of The Month had tried to reach for something to use as a weapon and growled,"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME,YOU SICK PIECE OF SHIT!OR I WILL...!"But that was before I had grabbed her by the wrist,pulled her towards me and said,"What's the matter,Doc?Don't you want to know how it feels to be a real woman?Don't you want to be touched...and fucked?"

But before she was about to give herself the chance to answer those questions,I had planted one hell of a kiss on those new lips of hers,only to have her pull her head away and yell,"STAY AWAY FROM ME,YOU...BEAST!YOUR ANIMAL INSTINCTS DISGUST ME!"That was when I had looked at her straight in the eyes and growled,"THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE WRONG,BITCH!IT'S YOUR NEW ANIMAL INSTINCTS THAT ARE DISGUSTING YOU!MINE ARE JUST REMINDING YOU OF WHAT'S GOING ON UNDERNEATH THOSE ANGRY EYES OF YOURS!"

Then,after I had given her one more deep and passionate kiss on the lips,she had pulled her head away one more time and said,"No!Stop!Please!I really didn't mean it to those women!I'm sorry!"And when she had started crying in front of me,I had lifted her head up and wiped the tears from her eyes which had resulted in the both of us kissing each other so passionatly on the lips before we had dragged ourselves into one of the examination rooms.

And after we had stripped off our clothes and stared at each other's hard bods,I had jerked off on my stiff cock while she was pumping her fingers into her moist pussy just before we had laid ourselves down on the examination table and I had sucked on her juice-filled snatch with my hands on her huge tits.

Then,after I had laid myself on top of the newly-transformed doctor and poked my finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on my dick,I had taken it out of her mouth,flipped her over and wrapped my arms around her belly before I had shoved and slammed my Kong-sized cock straight into her butt-crack which had made us realize two things.

Number one is that the formerly-male doctor really is a far more better lay as a woman.And number two is that she had figured that being a woman may not be so bad after all.Anyway,after I had taken my dick out of her ass and she had laid herself back down on the table,I had placed my hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her tits and shoving my cock deep into her pussy.

And when that had made the good doctor lay her hands on my bare back and let out one hell of a loud scream that could really be heard for miles around,we had finally came and stopped to catch our breath before I had dialed my sister's number on my cell-phone and said,"Hi,Sis.It's me.Are you feeling better?"

"A little bit.Why do you ask?",that was what my curious sister at the other end of that phone call had asked before I had answered,"Good news,Sis.I had bought a magic potion that I had used to get even with Doctor Kent."And when she had heard what I had said,my own sister had became so scared that she had yelled,"WHOLLY SHIT!WHOLLY FUCKING SHIT!WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!IF THE POLICE FIND OUT THAT YOU HAD POISONED DOCTOR KENT...!"

That was before I had laughed and said,"Relax,Sis!She's still alive!",which had caused the look on my sister's face to chang into that of utter confusion before she had asked,"What do you mean by 'she'?"And after the woman formerly known as Doctor Daniel Kent had placed her hand on my dick and her lips close to my ear and asked in a soft voice,"Are you ready for round two?",I had said to my sister,"I'll explain it to you later,Sis.But right now,let's just say that she's no longer interested in sexually harrassing female patients anymore."



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