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Daydream Love II

Short story By: Bi Deanna

Bryanna invites Shyanna to her house. And things get a little exciting.

Submitted:Aug 21, 2010    Reads: 799    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

After school that day I went to the front steps of school. I waited for Bryanna, she came running down the steps and jumped into my arms. She hugs me tight and I don't let her go. "Okay, so I was thinking we go to your house pick up somethings and then walk to my house.", I was guessing she had planned this out earlier. "Umm… okay what am I going to pick up?", she takes my hand and we walk down the street, handing in the direction of my house. "Well, for one a bikini, pj's, and some drinks!", we look into each others eyes for a while, and I just keep holding her hand as we walk to my house. My house is a normal size house; no huge and not to small. I live with my mother, older and younger brothers. But when got home, no one was there. So I grabbed a sleeping bag and put some clothes into it, went to the bathroom put my shampoo and conditioner, body wash, tooth brush and tooth paste, and towels. I stuffed it all into my gym bag. I flew down the stairs and into Bryanna's stretched out arms. "Ready to go?", she asks releasing me. "Yup!!", we walked out the door and ran into my older brother Nick. "Where are you two going?", he asked eyeing me and my gym bag. " We are going to her house. Mom said it was fine that I slept over for a couple of days!", he told him with a smirk. Nick is one if the few people who know I'm bisexual. "Okay have fun!!", that was all he said before inside. We continued to walk to Bryanna's house. It took us about 10 minutes to walk. When we got there, she told me I could put my things in her room. I ran up her stairs, down the hall, and opened the third door to the right. Bryanna's room is a little dark red but not burgundy. Bryanna sneaked up behind and closed the door. She pushed me up against the door, and KISSED ME ON THE LIPS. NO DAYDREAM!!! I was a little shocked but I didn't push her away. I kissed her back. And we stood there for the next two three minutes. Then she backed up, and giggled. Ugh, I thought. She was teasing me, WHAT THE FUCK?! I just stared at her, while she took off her school clothes an put on some sweats and a t-shirt. I was now sitting in her bed. "So what did you think about that?", she asked me sarcastically. "Oh my God!!! You are such a tease.", I accused her. "Oh come on! I knew you wanted to. Plus, you didn't push me away!", she backfired. "Well, okay that's true. But you shouldn't tease ME OF ALL PEOPLE like that.", she just took my hand and we went downstairs. She told me she rented movies the other day, and wanted to satyr then with me. I sat down on the brown leather couch, while she put in Saw V. "I thought you didn't like scary movies?", I asked her confused. "Yeah but I'm in the mood to coddle, you know when I get scared.", she explained to me. She pressed play and came to sit next to me. Right when the blood starts to spill she closes her eyes and puts her arms around me and tells me to turn it off. I grab the remote and press the off button. "Thanks", she mumbles. "So why did you put it on again?!", I ask her, although I know part of her answer. "I don't know. How about we go upstairs to my room? And we can do something fun!", she tells me excited! Oh yeah I think to myself!!! TO BE CONTINUE!!


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