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Being The Size Of A Fairy(for Angellynn's Unique Object Contest)

Poetry By: hyperforce

While raking up the leaves in his yard,a teenager falls asleep and suddenly wakes up in the realm of the fairies where he encounters one of them.

Submitted:Sep 23, 2011    Reads: 158    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Look,I know that we are suppossed to go to school

And get an education even if it's not so cool.

But that is nothing compared to raking up every single leaf

That had fallen on our yard and without any relief

Which had--due to exhaustion--made me drool

Before I had dropped down to the ground

And fall asleep before I was able to put the last pound

Of leaves into a large paper bag.

That was before I had seen that I was wearing rags

After I had woken up and before I had looked around

And discovered much to my shock

That I had somehow became smaller than a rock.

Then,before I was about to ask myself,"What the hell

Is going on?",I had heard a song that one would sell

To some record company as newfound alternative rock.

That had made me turn around and see something

That I know full well would be considered the most amazing.

She was a hot looking dark haired babe who had

A pair of wings on her back that I had thought was rad.

And when she had began walking

Towards me and placed a gentle hand on my cheek,

My own penis had changed from this little weak

Slab into a large chunk of prime hamburger.

That was before I had looked directly at her

Eyes and realized that she was about to freak

Over the size of my suddenly enlarged manhood

Which made me realize she was new to the neighborhood

And might also possibly be a virgin.

"No!Don't be afraid!It's not a sin

To want to have sex for the first time on this wood!",

That was what I had said before I slipped off the rags

And began stroking on the one thing that would gag

Any normal girl which--in turn--had

Made her realize that it was really not so bad

And remove her own set of rags

To expose her fantastic bod to me.

Then,after she pumped her fingers into her pussy

And slowly licked her moist lips,

I had kneeled down,placed my hands on her hips

And started sucking on a snatch that was so juicy.

That was before we had laid ourselves down

On this one giant leaf when I had looked without a frown

At my newfound fuck buddy and pushed my finger

In and out of the asshole while she was using her

Lips to suck on my huge cock from its crown

Right down to the balls.

And then,after I had made her let it fall

Right out of her mouth,placed my hands on

Her shoulders and started sucking on

Her tits and allowed myself to thrust all

Of my Kong sized cock deeper

And deeper into her

Soaking wet pussy,she had laid

Her hands on my bare back and made

Her scream like never

Before for she was experiencing her

The one thing that she had never

Experienced with even a human before.

It was pure sexual pleasure down to the core

And I really do agree with her

When I say that it really was totally awesome.

Then,after we had allowed ourselves to come

And fallen asleep that soft giant leaf,some joker

Had kicked me on the shin before

I woke up and saw that I was sleeping under a dome

Of newly fallen leaves and my dad

Was standing next to me with a rake in his mad

Hands which had made me realize

That I was dreaming about being the size

Of a fairy and having hot sex in her pad.


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