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The hybrid

Novel By: sampow

My name is Moon. I was once a werewolf on the island of immortals, until I was banished. I saved one of our greatest enemies and I was banished for eternity, leaving my mate and pup behind. I went to go find the immortal I saved to get help, but all I got was a bite to the neck in the end. Now my life has changed forever. I can't join my old pack, nor can I join the vampire clans. I'm stuck in the middle, as a hybrid. View table of contents...


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Chapter one: On my own.

I ran through the woods away from the camp grounds as my entire pack chased me away. I made one mistake in saving one of our enemies and I was suddenly banished for eternity.My fur was standing on end as I left the pack grounds with the other were wolves snarling and baring their teeth from behind. Only my mateMidnight just stood their with a tear slowly falling down his nose. I waved my tail at him once to signal my farewell, then left. My heart was breaking and my eyes were begging me to let the tears fall, but I couldn't. It was against the code of loners. If loners were ever caught crying, they are killed immediately.

I kept trotting through the thick woods as I heard my packs howls far behind me. My voice yearned to howl with them but I could no longer do so since I don't live in their pack anymore. I was now in vampire territory. Their scent filled my nostrils and a low growl escaped my lips. It was only yesterday when I had saved one. He was being attacked by a crazy unicorn, (Which are the deadliest beasts on this island) and I was kind enough to take down the creature from behind. The vampire thanked me and said he owed me his life. I doubted he'd even remember me but I would soon find out.

The vampire scent grew stronger as I walked near the vampire camp. I knew he was in this one because I could smell his scent from out here. I stopped walking and painfully shifted back into a human. There was no need to find clothes because they somehow disappear when we shift and reappear when we shift back. I tried my best to not smell like a wolf but I could even tell there was no way in hiding it. I entered the camp and every vampire stopped what they were doing and glared at me. My palms started to sweat as they all got up and surrounded me.

I looked at every face to see if the vampire was in there. My eyes suddenly locked on his face and I turned towards him. He had a confused look in his eye. Many vampires hissed at me but I ignored them as I slowly made my way towards him. I couldn't read his mind but I knew he could read mine. 'Im the one who saved your ass yesterday' I thought to him. A look of shock suddenly covered his features and I nodded to let him know I was telling the truth. He looked ateveryone, obviously sending a message to them, and they all backed away. He grabbed my hand and pulled towards a cottage.

He closed the door behind him as we walked into the cottage. Everything reeked of death. He turned towards me and asked,"What the hell are you doing here? Do you have any idea what my clan and your pack could do to us if they found out you saved my life.?"Another wave of sorrow overcame me and I struggled to keep my voice from cracking. "I no longer belong to that pack. I was banished this morning for saving you." I told him. His expression softened as he said,"I'm sorry, I was just trying to get a meal and I apparently hunted the wrong animal. I guess your here so I can repay my debt." I nodded and he sighed.

"I need a place to stay for a while until I can figure out some way to join my pack again." I explained to him. He looked at me and shook his head. "I can't. That would get me banished. But you are free to roam vampire territory for as long as you like. Just don't try to steal anything from the clan grounds. Or we'll rip you to pieces." I huffed a laugh and a look of seriousness was over his face. I knew he wasn't lying so I just started to walk out of the cottage. He grabbed my arm and asked,"What's your name by the way?" I pulled my arm out of his grasp and turned towards him. "My name is Moon. And what is yours?" I asked.

"Carson." I nodded and started to walk out again. He followed behind me as I left the clan grounds. When we were farther in the woods, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. I gasped as his fangs sinked into my neack and a cold feeling filled my body before everything went black.

Author's note: Sorry the chapter is so short. I was just going to tell what happened right after she was banished. Next chapter will be out soon.


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