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Dreams and Dragons

Novel By: MahVash

This story has it all, Vampires, Dragons, Faerie Queens, and magic. Lisbeth has been visited in her dreams by the vampire Aidan Ollpheist. Living for years in the arms of her dream lover. Is he real? Is he just a figment of her imagination? Follow her story with Gideon Talbot, who after a brief encounter with the lovely Lisbeth,becomes obsessed with a woman who could move him with just a look. Gideon learns her story after he finds her lost journal. Her words drawing him deeper into her dreams and nightmares. View table of contents...


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Chapter Twenty Five ~

Lisbeth cried out for Aeron's benefit, raising her foot to his sternum before pushing him with enough force to send him flying back against the wall, "Enough!" She gracefully slid of the table swaying her hips as she walked towards him. He raised himself from the wall, eyeing her from her foot to her head as she said, "You miserable worm," she began as she reached him, running her finger down his shirt before tearing it away, "now you will have the pain I promised." She finished her statement while digging her nails into his chest, leaving long lines of ripped flesh. For the first time that night she didn't have to fake the look of disgust in her eyes.

He moaned in pleasure as he reached out fisting her hair in his hand, bringing her face to his, forcing his mouth on hers, his tongue invading her, lashing away inside her mouth.

Lisbeth could sense Aidan behind the door, she moaned in an attempt to hide the sound of him and Gideon killing the two vampires who stood guard. She miscalculated his hearing and he snapped his head back while spinning her body around and slamming against the wall. His strong hand against her throat, he lifted her up, "You bitch!"

At his words the doors to the room flew open as Aidan and the others entered the room. Without taking his eyes from Lisbeth's frightened face, he reached down to the amulet that hung to his chest, touching it and mouthng a few words, the result of which was Unoaidh flying backwards thru the open doorway. Lisbeth looked over to see the woman pounding uselessly against an invisible barrier.

"Little something my sorcerer left me, keeps the Faerie trash out of my way." He laughed before finally turning to Aidan. "You know I think I like this one more than your wife, Aohdan. She's a bit more feisty." He sneered bringing his hands to his lips and making of show of wiping her juices from his mouth, "her cunnie is even better, tastes of strawberries."

His words were more than Gideon could handle, the tall knight rushed forward his long sword striking at Aeron's head. Aeron was faster and stronger, able to fling Lisbeth easily, sending her body flying towards the back of the room, her body slamming against the wall and landing with an echo on the floor. Even with this move he was still able to swing himself behind Gideon, locking his arm around the man's neck, lowering him to his knees. Aeron reached out taking Gideon's arm that was holding the sword, crushing the bones, "It's a shame Constantine got his claws into you. I had hoped for another 50 years or so of you ripping your way thru Europe, before coming to collect you. I had you picked out special, killing your maker to leave you to fend for yourself. I had such high hopes for you, you were to be one of my top men, but that fucking Roman and his love of humanity ruined it all!" The words sunk into Gideon, forcing him to realize his early vampire life that still haunted him was all due to Aeron and his reckless way of preparing him for his inner circle. Gideon attempted to lurch forward, trying to bend his still mending arm, when Aeron twisted his neck, snapping the spine and dropping him to the floor.

"Well that should give us some alone time, Aohdan or is it Aidan now?"

"This has been a long time coming Aeron." Aidan said coolly, still standing back waiting for Aeron to make the first move.

"Yes, thought I had done you in for sure last time. That was one night to remember, but alas, the glory days are behind us."

"You would be surprised how much harder it will be to defeat me when I am not frozen to my chair." Aidan glared back, keeping his stance, never taking his eyes off Aeron.

"Perhaps," Aeron smiled, "Perhaps not!" he said as he sprang forward launching himself in the air. Aidan responded with his own leap at his oldest foe. The two crashed into each other, dropping onto the floor, the boards splintering beneath them. They landed with Aeron on top, throwing a punch into Aidan who ducked in time for Aeron's hand to land in the floorboards stuck long enough for Aidan to break free, spin behind him and land a solid hit to the side of Aeron's head. The hit barely fazed the man who swung his leg out, sweeping Aidan off his feet just in time for Aeron to free his hand and roll out of the way.

Aidan took another run at the evil in front of him. Aeron expected a head on collision only to be surprised when Aidan flew over him, landing behind as he took Aeron by the neck. "You've become slow and lazy in your old age, Aeron." Aidan taunted.

"Well not all of us had the fortune to sleep thru the last 1800 years," Aeron grunted, swinging himself forward, causing Aidan to land at his feet, Aeron's foot at his throat.

Lisbeth woke to the sound of items crashing, she looked up to see Aidan and Aeron, their fists flying to fast to detect, grunts and sighs as the different hits landed on each other. She looked over to see Gideon lying on the floor, not moving. Keeping an eye on the two combatants, she slowly crawled towards him, "Gideon, wake up, Gideon?" she whispered, smacking his face. As he began to come around she lifted her finger to her mouth, warning him to keep quiet. He winced as he quietly twisted his neck, the bones snapping and mending back into place. "You have to get out of here, Lisbeth." He said, seeing the opportunity with the men distracted. "I promised Aidan, I would get you out."

"I am not going anywhere, so fucking deal with it!" she glared back. He sat shocked for only a second before anger found it's place.

"Woman, you will do as your told! You are a distraction to him, not a help!"

She looked back up to check on the fight, realizing Gideon was right. She sighed deeply, anxiety gripping her again. "Fine, but I want you to stay and help him!" She looked back around to see the door to the servant's hall, peeping out from the crack she could just make out Inez's face and fingers motioning her towards the escape.

Gideon took her hand, keeping her crouched low as they crossed the large room. He got her to the door telling the woman in the hall, "Get her to the back entrance we have people waiting there." He quickly turned, headed back for his sword. Just as he reached it, taking it in hand, Aidan broke thru his thoughts, "Get out! Go with her, you swore to me. I have to do this on my own. Fucking GO!" Gideon paused for just a moment wanting to argue but he knew he had to keep his word.

"Aidan!" he yelled as he tossed the sword and darted quickly from the room.

The sword flipped tip over hilt as it flew towards Aidan, who jumped in time to retrieve it from the air, bringing it down and slicing thru Aeron's arm.

Aidan stepped back panting, satisfied with the look in Aeron's wounded face. "I think it's time we finished this don't you?" He asked looking down at the only thing keeping him from his life. "Say goodbye Aeron." He said, bringing the blade in a perfect swing, the echo of Aeron's head hitting the floor the only sound in the room outside of Aidan's deep sigh.


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