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Dreams and Dragons

Novel By: MahVash

This story has it all, Vampires, Dragons, Faerie Queens, and magic. Lisbeth has been visited in her dreams by the vampire Aidan Ollpheist. Living for years in the arms of her dream lover. Is he real? Is he just a figment of her imagination? Follow her story with Gideon Talbot, who after a brief encounter with the lovely Lisbeth,becomes obsessed with a woman who could move him with just a look. Gideon learns her story after he finds her lost journal. Her words drawing him deeper into her dreams and nightmares. View table of contents...


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Chapter 24~

Lisbeth left the safety of her room and Inez's companionship to be led thru the enormous house. She fidgeted in the dress as they walked down the hall. The backless frock was made of black lace, the front marked by a deep V cut, the diamond shaped strips of lace barely covered her breasts, the bottom of the which were met with a multi-layered skirt that appeared to be made from raven's wings. She would have admired the outfit if it did not feel like she was headed towards her own funeral.

She almost bumped into the guard's back when he stopped to open the door to Aeron's dinning room. The room seemed cavernous with mahogany lined walls, a twenty foot long table, and a fireplace at one end that seemed large enough for a truck to drive thru. The guard led her to the table, pulling out the chair to the right of the head of the table. She looked over to see that outside of her own there were two other place settings. She had to wonder who the third seat was for.

"Don't be Aidan, Don't be Aidan, Don't be Aidan." She prayed silently.

She waited there for what felt like years before she heard the sound of harsh laughter approaching the door. She could hear two distinct voices, one of which she recognized from the night before. She closed her eyes, trying to will herself invisible, trying to wake herself from this hideous nightmare only to be startled back to the room at sound of someone sucking air thru their teeth, the man standing behind her, reaching over to pull her chin up to his face, "You are right brother, she is a beautiful thing. Seems such a waste to tear this one up."

She looked up into the black eyes of the man before her. He stood at least six and half feet tall, with broad shoulders and a thin waist. His black wavy hair hung around his face, to the collar of his shirt, his mustache and thin beard meeting to form an anchor along his squared jaw line. The lines of this chiseled face deepened as he clinched his jaw when she tried to twist her face from his hand, he only smiled and held it tighter, "Oh, she's a fighter this one. I think I like her." The man's large hand released her face before traveling down her neck, his finger tracing her sternum.

"Lukas, you are handling my special reserve. You may have a taste once I am done." Aeron said with a flat matter of fact tone as he gracefully unfolded his cloth napkin and placed it in his lap.

"Not even just a taste, a bit of appetizer?" Lukas smiled at Lisbeth, pure lust in his black eyes.

"Lukas, behave for our special guest would you." His tone seemed slightly perturbed, but it was enough to send Lukas away quickly with a short huff as he walked to the opposite side of the table, throwing himself down on the chair.

Aeron cleared his throat and immediately the door to the far side of the room opened and two footmen appeared carrying trays. The first footman approached Aeron displaying an old bottle, waiting patiently for his masters nod of approval before going back to the sideboard to begin opening the wine.

Lisbeth finally had the opportunity to take in the man who kidnapped her. Aidan's one remaining enemy, the man who had kept Aidan from her all these years. Despite the way he commanded himself and the reaction to those around him, he was not a very tall man. His face was lined with sharp features that finished at his pointed chin. He had dirty blonde hair, which he kept trimmed short and neat, contained a single silver streak at on the left temple. If his gaze was not so cold his eyes would be mesmerizing. They were unlike anything Lisbeth had ever seen, the base of the eyes were ice blue overlaid with multiple gold flecks. The outer ring of the blue was a perfect circle of bright hazel. He sat with an aristocratic air, but unlike Aidan whose projected nobility; Aeron projected something thin and sinister.

The other footman approached Lisbeth, setting a bowl of soup in front of her before reaching to pour water into one of her crystal glasses.

Lisbeth lowered her head, looking into the bowl of delicious looking soup. The smell made her stomach move and she realized she was starving. She kept looking at the delightful smelling broth, wondering why she should be so hungry with food in front of her that seemed so appetizing and yet she was not interest in eating.

"Is there a problem with your food?" Aeron asked as he waived away the footman who had just poured his wine.

"No sir, I am just a bit leery." She answered looking him in the eye, an idea beginning to form in her mind.

"Why, I think I should be offended," Aeron gasped in a fake tone, turning his eyes towards Lukas who grinned in return. "You think I would poison you or drug you?" Aeron laughed. Lisbeth knew she found a way in, a way to distract this dangerous man beside her.

"You? Drug me? I doubt it. You would not require any assistance in subduing a woman." She returned in a tone of fact, her face betraying nothing, her blue eyes iced over, "but those damned fools from last night, that was another story," Aeron and Lukas were shocked into silence as Lisbeth snapped her fingers at the footman who approached immediately. She lifted her wine glass to indicate she would like some of the wine offered to the men. She waited patiently for the servant to begin pouring before she continued, "I am sorry you had to see me in such a disgusting state, I am surprised you didn't just snap my neck and be done with me and all my whining and moaning." She twirled the glass beneath her nose, making a seductive show of bringing the glass to her lips. She peered above the rim at Aeron, as she sipped, closing her eyes to enjoy the liquid, opening them again just as she slowly licked the taste from her bottom lip.

She had to suppress a smile when she saw Aeron respond with pure lust and shock at the woman in front of him. She finished her excuse with,"So you will simply have to forgive me if I am not ready for food just yet."

"Well I am fucking ready!" Lukas barked out, kicking the footman as he passed by him, "Bring me my dinner already!"

Lisbeth winced at the rukus, recovering quickly with a roll of the eyes, noticing Aeron watching her intently; she could tell he was trying to size her up. The memory came in flash of him attempting to drink from her, spitting the blood up and wondering what she was. Hell, she no longer knew what she was. Something else she could try to use to her advantage.

She looked away for the first time when she heard a whimper coming from the far door. Rather than a tray of dishes, the footmen were pulling in a naked woman who was bound at the wrists, her body lurching forward as they dragged her along, spanish explitives bursting from her mouth as she fought against the servants. Lisbeth froze, trying to keep her face disinterested at the scene unfolding before her. Lukas laughed at the woman as he was handed the leash, pulling her closer and closer to him, mocking her frightened cries. Lisbeth glared across the table, her anger rippling thru her at the sight of Inez, the servant who had taken care of her.

Aeron smiled at her, thinking he found her weakness, "You don't care for Lukas's meal either? You are turning out to be a very unfriendly houseguest."

Lisbeth sighed with impatience, sitting forward in her chair, shooting a lava-filled glare at Lukas, "I just think it rude to play with one's food. Very unseemly," Lisbeth turned her head away from Lukas, her anger cooling to disinterest, as her eyes met Aeron's, "don't you think, Master Aeron."

If this night had happened even a few days ago, Lisbeth would have been dead in an instant as Lukas moved, appearing behind her in less than a second after the last syllable left her lips. But tonight, she was a different woman, on this night she was able to see him move as if he were taking a leisurely stroll.

"Perhaps I should show you personally how I play with my food?" He growled in her ear. She smiled at Aeron, never moving her gaze from his as she lifted her hand up in the appearance of a caress for Lukas's cheek, surprising the giant vampire by gripping his head and slamming it down on the table. She used her elbow to pin him down while she brought the steak knife to his throat, "I believe your host said not to touch his, what did you call it my dear?" She looked away from Lukas to see Aeron's smile, "Ah yes, special reserve."

She moved the knife, sliding against his skin, her mouth watering as the blood seeped forth. She leaned over the man who was squirming beneath her strong touch, the child inside her demanding her to drink. She lowered her head down, her lips wrapping around the wound as the copper taste flooded her mouth. The sensation of the liquid filling her was unlike anything she had ever experienced. A sudden relief filled her body, she could actually feel her muscles strengthen and her body healing. She opened her eyes peering out at Aeron as she had the with the wine glass, drinking greedily from Lukas, who was still whimpering beneath her weight. She had to bite down on his neck to keep from screaming when her tongue split, forming an opening in the middle, a small tendon like tube cutting thru and spewing an acid liquid like a jet into the wound on Lukas's neck. The poison soon flooding his system via the vien, paralyzing him completely.

Having had her fill she sat back in her chair, Lukas's useless body falling to the ground as she gracefully lifted her napkin to clean at the corners of her mouth. "You see, Master Aeron, that is a more refined dinning experience, don't you think?"

"Yes, my dear…"


"Yes, Lisbeth, I think I do agree." He answered in awe of the scene that just played our in front of him.

"Master Aeron, would you please allow this woman to go back to my chambers? She pulled at my hair earlier this evening and I already had plans for her punishement. You wouldn't deprive a lady of an evenings entertainment, would you?" Inez looked up at her Mistress, realizing what Lisbeth was actually doing caused the Latina to quick change the look of relief on her face to one of horror. Aeron motioned to the footman who immediately moved forward. "Take her back to the Lady's rooms, have her cleaned and dressed."

Lisbeth relaxed just a hair as the two servants left the room, but that was all Aeron needed to find a kink in her new armor. Before she could register what was happening he had her by the throat lifting her from the chair, twisting her around and sitting her back down on the edge of the table. "I don't know what game you are playing at here, I know the woman I saw last night was human, weak…" Aeron glared at her.

Lisbeth kept calm, reaching her hand over his, and to Aeron's shock, she increased his grasp on her neck, a seductive smile spreading across her face. Aeron loosened his grip allowing her to talk, "You drank from me, did I taste human?" her words registering something in him, his grip loosened further but he kept his hands around her throat.

"And Aidan, why has he been hiding you?" he barked, his instincts temporarily overriding his hunger for her.

"Aidan is nothing…"she began when he tightened his grip around her once again.

"Don't you lie to me! I heard you calling for him last night, whimpering for him to save you!"

"And did he come? No! He left me to fend off those drunken monkeys. I may still be something important to him, but he is nothing to me." Aeron glared at her, searching her eyes trying to determine if she were being truthful. Lisbeth decided to play into his arrogance, "If your holding me to get to him, trying to hurt him. Which do you think would hurt more..." She said running her hand up his arm, along his shoulder to his neck, "...finding you burried deep within me and me begging you to stop?" she said coolly as she wrapped her legs around Aeron's waist, shoving him into her as she slid herself to the very edge of the table, "Or me begging you not to stop."

"Lisbeth what are you doing?" Aidan's voice rang out in her mind, she could sense he and the others were on the edge of the property.

"I am doing what I have to do. Just hurry and get here before this goes farther than I want it to." She answered him sharply before snapping him from her mind.


Aidan almost jumped at the feeling of her locking him out . He had not expected she would gain the ability to control his link with her, and to control it with such strength! He wanted to crawl back into her mind and see the whole picture of what was going on in that dinning room. All he was able to see and feel was Aeron's lustful glare, his hands wrapped around her throat, but that did not concern near as much as the way she had her self wrapped around him, pulling him to her body. He prayed she knew what she was doing.

"Lisbeth is with him in the dinning room, if we are going to move in we have to do it now." Aidan said to the group.

The group now consisted of Gideon, Cord the Queen's huntsmen, Angus her kennel master, and Uonaidh. Cord's men were already in position hidden in the tree line waiting for the signal to take out the snipers and as many patrolmen as possible. Angus, who was part faerie and part animal was here to control the wolvepack as well as disengaging the security system.

Aidan watched as Angus pulled four ferrets from his bag whispering something in their ear before setting them down on the top of the brick fencing, they squrried away in a line as Angus quickly hopped over the fence. Once out of sight, Aidan heard a soft low melody lifting into the air, soon followed by the howling of Aeron's wolves. Aidan turned to Unoaidh mouthing a quick, "Good Luck, friend," before she began her incantation.

"I call upon you, great Queen, Sister Morrigu, allow me your wisdom, share with me your power, walk with me into battle…" Unoaidh's words turned soft as she began to chant, faster and faster until his ears could no longer make out the words. He watched in awe as she threw her head back, the white of her eyes filling in with a black liquid covering until there was nothing but dark glass staring back, she doubled over as her silver white hair began to grow black from the root. A cry pierced the sky when she threw her arms back, her body splitting and dividing into an enormous murder of crows.

The crows flew in tight formation, working their way into the compound, Gideon, Cord, and Aidan watched as the swarm surrounded the first of the six guards they would need to overcome to gain access to the house. Gideon nudged Cord, the red light on the back of the camera that they had been watching went out, the ferrets having chewed thru the securities electrical system. Cord released a bird call into the trees, and in quick succession you heard a whistle in the wind followed by the gasp of the two snipers and the quiet sound of their bodies hitting the rooftops. The time to cross was now.


Lisbeth gently pried Aeron's hand off her neck, guiding it down to her breast, "It's only natural for a woman to choose the alpha male, isn't it," she purred as he slid his hand under the lace of her dress, moaning softly as his thumb pushed the material to the side exposing her breast to the air. She raised her other hand, pulling his face to hers, letting him kiss her.

She knew she had him on the hook, but something inside her warned that while this maybe an interesting turn of events for Aeron, it would not be enough to really keep him distracted. She reflected about how he reacted to her behavior with Lukas, how the buldge in his pants grew when she tightened his own grip on her neck. It turned him on more than anything to think she enjoyed participating in his brutality rather than fighting against it.

She pulled back from his kiss, testing her theory by backhanding him with enough force to send his head reeling to the side. He paused for only a second before he lifted his head and the look of desire in eyes burned brighter. She knew in that moment how she would survive the night. It would be the most disgusting thing she would ever have to live thru, but to save herself and her child she was willing to take the chance.


Gideon, Cord, and Aidan flew thru the outer limits of the estate, approaching the back entry when they froze at the sound of the first growl. They turned to find 12 white and grey wolves so large they would dwarf an average great dane. Aidan knew he could out run a few of them, but it would only be a matter of time before they would be surrounded again. Not to mention the noise it would cause.

"There, there little guy, take it easy…" Gideon cooed at the leader of the pack who only growled deeper his teeth dripping with drool, "Where the hell is Angus?" Gideon whispered thru gritted teeth as the three men closed circles shoulder to shoulder. The wolves began to lower their upper bodies, the rear legs ready to pounce.

"Get down!" someone yelled as the wolves sprung over the three men, all of who spun around in shock at the sound of two men screaming as the wolves tore them to bits. Gideon and Aidan both took off in a flash, quickly tackling the last of the exterior guards, snapping their necks before they could send out an alert.

Agnus and Cord caught up with the two before they entered the rear entrance.

"Angus, you and the wolves keep watch of the grounds, send a signal if they send for reinforcements." Gideon whispered, before turning to Cord, "Stay here and guard the exit."

Aidan broke in, "Gideon, if nothing else, you grab Lisbeth and get the hell out of here and don't look back."

"I'm not leaving you behind, brother."

"Yes you will, if it means saving them, you do it. Don't look back!"

"I won't look back." Gideon promised.


Without a word Aeron's hand flew back at her face, she used all the strength she had to keep her head in place, snaking her tongue out to lick the blood dripping from her busted lip, smiling back at him in challenge. Lisbeth's hand shot out taking the back of his head in her now superhuman strength, her sharp nails slicing easily into his skin, bringing him back to her lips, her tongue taking dominance in his mouth.

She knew her instincts were dead right when his erection grew against her pantiless mound. She pulled his head back glaring at him in a look that mixed lust and seething anger, "It must be agony for you. I will bet it has been a good century, if not longer, since you had a woman with the ability to give you want your really need."

He growled at her trying to reach out again for her throat, but she was faster, taking his hand in hers and twisting it. Between the hold on his hand, his head, and her leg's vice grip around his waist, she pushed him down, forcing him to kneel before her body.

"Show me how much you've missed a real woman's body. Prove to me you can be a master to me, make me scream until I beg you for more. If you can do that, I will reward you with the pain you truly desire." She hissed the last words to him, pulling her legs up to be around his shoulders, her nails bloody as they dug deeper into his skin touching his skull. He moaned like a man who found water after days in the endless dessert.

She raised her head up to the ceiling, finally able to let her real emotions play across her face, she clawed at the table, stripping it of it's varnish, not from passion or her body's natural response to Aeron's skilled tongue, but to keep from vomiting her disgust all over him.

She opened her mind to Aidan just enough to send him these words, "He is distracted, if your going to strike, do it NOW!"


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