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Dreams and Dragons

Novel By: MahVash

This story has it all, Vampires, Dragons, Faerie Queens, and magic. Lisbeth has been visited in her dreams by the vampire Aidan Ollpheist. Living for years in the arms of her dream lover. Is he real? Is he just a figment of her imagination? Follow her story with Gideon Talbot, who after a brief encounter with the lovely Lisbeth,becomes obsessed with a woman who could move him with just a look. Gideon learns her story after he finds her lost journal. Her words drawing him deeper into her dreams and nightmares. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 2, 2012    Reads: 226    Comments: 5    Likes: 5   

It has been a real pleasure sharing this story with all of you. Please like or comment, your positive words keep me going.


Chapter 21 -

Lisbeth shivered with anticipation as she entered the garden in the back of Constantine's home. She walked towards the large circular fountain admiring the various flowers and roses. She scanned the area looking for a place to wait for Aidan, wondering when he would be finished with his meeting. She thought back to his warning that he would disappear, she assumed he meant that she would not see him; she had no idea it meant she would also not feel his presence. Was he even still on the grounds? He told her not to worry, but something inside was quietly warning her. She couldn't believe he had left his home much less coming into such a public and crowded event.

She sat at the edge of the fountain, dipping her hands into the water, enjoying the light breeze and the moon's reflection. Aidan had promised tonight was a step towards making it safe for them to be together, a promise she felt she could hold on to. She tried to envision a life where she could hold his hand freely, a normal existence where she only had to call his name and he would be there smiling. Well, as normal as one can be when living with a vampire. She made a quiet splash in the fountain's water, laughing with a joy she had not felt in such a long time.

Standing, she continued her inspection of the garden, looking for a quiet isolated place to wait for him. She wondered if Constantine would allow them to stay the night in one of his many rooms, the thought bringing a sudden desire to her body. Her mind flashed an image of her rocking slowly on his body, his hands gripping her hips controlling her movements, her hands reaching out digging into his chest. Her sex began to throb with a deep ache at the tantalizing vision. She decided room or not she would make the fantasy a reality with him before he left her again. At that moment she saw a small enclosure with an arched entry surround by a high wall. The trellis long ago filled in with climbing roses. The door closed off by a small gate.

She pushed open the gate to find a charming English garden, white and red roses forming a small meditation-walking path. In the far corner she found a small covered seating area with a cushioned bench and table. She could imagine spending her afternoon's here, feet tucked under her as she read a book and sipped on tea. She wondered if Aidan had a similar area on his estate. If not she would ask him to build one for her, knowing he wouldn't hesitate if it made her happy. A private garden built just for her to escape the world.

She took a few steps to the seating area when she felt a firm grip on her arm. She was spun around to find Christopher sneering at her; two other men came thru the gate quickly surrounding her.

"What are you doing here?" She asked twisting free of his grip.

"Thought I went home to lick my wounds did you?"

"I thought they kicked you out?" She answered tensing as the three men encircled her, her stomach painfully rolling and rolling. She tried to inch towards the gate. "Aidan, if you can hear me, help." She thought knowing he was sealed off and her cry for help falling empty.

"Where do you think you are going?" Chris laughed stepping in front of her, blocking her path.

"Christopher, I am sorry you were embarrassed tonight, it was not my intention to lead you on, but Iā€¦" Two strong arms grabbed her, each man taking her arms, pinning her between them; Chris's hand reaching out yanking her hair back violently.

"Sorry? Sorry about tonight? What about all the other times, mmm? Well don't worry, I think we will find a way for you to show me how sorry you are," he growled bringing his mouth down with force, his tongue fighting to enter her unwilling mouth. She shook her head, trying to get out from under him but was held in place by his firm grip on her hair.

"Chris don't do this. You'll get more than you bargained for." She said when he pulled himself back, wiping his lips with the back of his hand.

"Ha, you hear that boys, I told you she was a randy thing." He turned his gaze back to her; "we each will take a turn with you, maybe all of us at once. You would like that wouldn't you, a slut like you." Before she could say a thing he backhanded her face with is strong hand, his ring leaving a cut across her cheek, her head flying to the side.

Something inside her began to move; a tearing inside as if something were trying to claw it's way out. She tried to double over but the men kept her frozen unable to move, a sharp painful scream erupting from her mouth. He slapped her again, "You can scream all you like, no one will hear you over that racket in the house." He stepped closer taking her mouth again, his other hand reaching inside her tight bodice, painfully grabbing her breast, sinking his nails into the sensitive skin. He pulled back; releasing her hair, he took both hands and ripped the material exposing her breasts.

"Very nice," the man on the right said, reaching around, pulling painfully on her nipple. She moaned in fear, the pain in her stomach growing. Suddenly, Chris slapped the hand away. "He man, you said we would get a chance at her!"

"Not until I have had my turn!" Chris growled back. Bringing his head to her breast he took a deep bite, bringing blood, which slowly began to run in a stream between her breasts, causing Lisbeth to scream out in pain once again. Chris took a step back to admire his work and then suddenly slapped her chest in quick forceful moves, leaving angry red welts. Between Chris's abuse and the constant movement in her body, she thought she would faint. She silently prayed the darkness would take her, hoping to sleep through the things she knew he had planned for her.

The attacked spurred on his friends began tearing her costume to shreds, Chris joining in, soon leaving her naked accept for the one sleeve, now the only cloth left on her skin. Chris put his knee between her legs, forcing them open as he reached down to touch, angrily entering his fingers deep inside.

"Ah! I told you she wanted it. She's wet already." Fisting his hands in her hair, pulling her so he could whisper in her ear, "Wet for me, aren't you love?" he laughed, a twisted look of pride on his face. Lisbeth wanted to die, knowing the wetness was left from her earlier thoughts of making love to Aidan in the garden. His other hand went around to the back of her, a finger inserting into her tight hole. She cried out in pain and the humiliation of his entry.

"Aidan, please, God, please help me, Aidan!" She screamed in panic. She knew he would not hear but she hoped that somehow it would make its way thru to him.

"Aidan is it? That wanker from the party? The one from the classroom?" Chris laughed. She stared in shock at his words, remember her daydream, Aidan's causing her to cum in public with Chris watching. She knew he was just sleeping and Aidan was torturing him in a shared dream, he did it out of jealousy, and now she would pay for his indiscretion.

"Christopher, listen to me. It's not to late, it hasn't gone too far," Lisbeth said trying to keep calm and talk her way out of this nightmare, "If you walk away now you won't get hurt. You don't know what you're getting yourself into. Aidan is a very powerful man; he would kill you and not think twice about it. You would be lucky if killing you is the only thing he does."

"Hey man, maybe she's right, let's just split. I don't have a good feeling about this." The man on the left said.

"Shut your mouth! I am not leaving until I get what I came for!" Chris shouted in the man's face, pulling himself painfully from Lisbeth's body. He turned around running his hands thru his hair, "I will finish it!" He glared, his confidence renewed, he began unbuttoning his pants.

"Man she is getting hot!" The man on the right said.

"Of course she is, told you she was a whore." He smiled at his friend. Removing his hard cock from his pants, "now lay her down!"

"No man, I mean really hot, her skin is on fire. Something ain't right with her 'Topher," the sound of panic registering in his voice.

"Please Chris, you're going to get your friends killed, and they don't deserve it. Just walk away. I promise I won't tell him who did this to me," she turned to the man on the left, thinking he would be the weakest willed of the three and easier to break, "I don't even know your name, so even if he reads my mind he won't find you. Leave now, before it's too late." She continued, trying to convince him, even though she knew there was no hope to save his life, she lied to save her own.

"Aaaaaaggghh!" She screamed, the force of the tear inside of her, pumping her body with a new shot of adrenaline, giving her strength to pull her body down, folding in half; her capture's hands loosening in fear at her words.

"Somethingā€¦something is wrong with me, help me!" She reached out to the one on the left, who seemed concerned for her all of a sudden.

"Fuck this man! I'm outta here." He said turning to leave motioning to the other to follow him.

"She just trying to trick you, there is nothing wrong with her. This Aidan guy isn't some super villain who will kill us!" He yelled after them.

"No, but I am," were the last words Christopher would ever hear followed by a loud crack, as a pair of hands twisted his head, snapping his neck. His body collapsing to the ground, his face turned backwards, his dead eyes staring blankly at Lisbeth as she writhed in pain on the ground.

"What the fuck?" One of the men said, frozen in fear as the other dashed away quickly. He tried to follow but the man was too fast, appearing behind him just as he turned, "You should have listened to the lady when she warned you, she says it was not too late, but I say different." The boy tried to punch him, the mystery man grabbed his fist, catching it easily in his grip. As easy as cracking a peanut shell, the man broke every bone in the former capture's hand.

"Jesus Christ" He screamed in pain.

"Nope, no Christ here, sorry," he smiled, and at that he tore the boy's throat out. He dropped the piece of anatomy, wiping his hands as if he had simply squashed a bug.

He casually crossed over to Lisbeth, "You know I came here tonight to find out what the Roman knew about the rumor's of Aohdan's resurrection, and what do I find as I hopped the walls?" he knelt down to her level, lifting up her chin, "Your enchanting screams. I came to watch your little show here, thinking I would perhaps take a turn myself, when I hear you cry for Aidan. Is that what he is calling himself now?" He asked her. She twisted her face in agony as another wave of pain hit her abdomen.

"Thank you for your honesty. Are you his lover? I can't imagine he would leave you in the open for such an assault, but then again he always was so trusting." He said as he swept a section of loose hair from her face.

"You are a lovely creature, I will give him that. It is almost a shame I will have to kill you. I could wait and force you to watch as I kill him, that would be a twist wouldn't it?" His words came out in an average tone as if he were discussing a diner or a game of cards. He ran his hand down the side of her face, a soft caress as he considered his idea. The sound of his sucking his teeth in made her shrink away, trying to bore a hole in the ground.

"But then again I did have such a wonderful time torturing his sweet wife. The look of horror on his face, unable to rescue her from my and my men's many turns at her body. One of the most memorable evenings of my life." He stated evenly as if recounting a night at the opera. "No I think I will just have to take my time with you." He said, his mind decided, he stooped to pick her up, her body too weak to fight any longer.

"Those men were right, your skin really is on fire. I bet your blood is boiling." He crossed to the seating area, sitting her on his lap, he moved her hair to the side, his fangs extracting, "just have to have a little taste, see what it is about you that Aohdan likes so much." His teeth sank into her. As he drew in from her, a darkness formed around her eyes, a fire building it's way out of her.

Aeron pulled back suddenly as if he tasted something poisonous. He looked in shock as her eyes began to glow a deep red, her body becoming stone in his arms, her head falling back, her mouth opening, a painful and loud cry emitting from her mouth. A sound so piercing it shook his body, leaving a trail of blood falling from his ears.


The blood oath completed, Uonaidh began to break the spell holding them hidden in the room. Just as the words fell from her mouth, a blood curdling scream entered the room, shaking the windows. The howl of a creature unlike anyone had heard before, anyone that is except for Aidan and Uonaidh.

"What in the hell is that?" Gideon asked turning to Aidan, frozen as he was putting his shirt back on.

"It's...It's not possible," Aidan stammered his mouth open in shock; a wave of panic hitting him so hard he stumbled. Uonaidh reached out to catch is elbow, "I'm, uh, I'm the last, it's impossible!" he whispered his eyes searching Uonaidh's face, his own knotted in worry and confusion.

"You forget old friend, the most rule. Nature will always find a way. I told you she is who Mother Earth wants for you."

"What the FUCK is going on?" Gideon yelled, trying to break thru Aidan's shock, his gut telling him something was very, very wrong.

"It's a dragon's cry, a call for help," Uonaidh responded, "A baby's cry for help." She added when she turned back to Aidan trying to get him to understand.

"Aidan!" Gideon, crossed to him, smacking him hard across the face, "snap the hell out of it. Where is Lisbeth?" The realization hitting him before it hit Aidan.

The hit and the words finally sank into Aidan, he searched his mind for her. He felt her, but barley. He closed his eyes to enter her mind, speaking outloud, "she is in the garden, no, she is being moved. She's.." he paused, anger welling up in his voice, "She's naked, her clothes have been torn away."

With a speed that came easy to his kind, he and Gideon found the enclosed garden in seconds to find the dead bodies of two men, one half dressed, his member hanging out, flaccid in death.

"There were three human's here, I can smell them," Gideon said, turning and disappearing from the area. He returned in an instant a whimpering boy held in his grip. "What the fuck happened here!" He growled at the boy who twisted trying to hide himself.

"Answer him!"

"It was Chris's idea. It was all him, I tried to talk him out of it. She warned us, I tried to run away," he pleaded with Gideon, "She said if I left . . . she said it was not too late, she would protect me from this Aidan. I did, I ran away, please, please don't kill me." He cried.

"Tell us where she is and maybe, just maybe, I will let you go!" Aidan growled, his eyes turning red, his fingers growing longer, scales slowly growing up his hand disappearing under his sleeve.

"I..I don't know. This guy he just appeared, he took Chris out, I ran to hide." A memory surfacing, one he hoped would save his life, "I heard him say his name. Don't kill me, please, I tried to stop it, I tried to help her. Really," he begged.

"Give us the name boy, I will let you go." Gideon turned the boy's face so he could concentrate on him and not the monster that began forming out of Aidan's body.

"He said his name was Aeron. He said, he was looking for Aohdan."

"Run, and don't look back." Gideon said as he dropped the boy.


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