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Dreams and Dragons

Novel By: MahVash

This story has it all, Vampires, Dragons, Faerie Queens, and magic. Lisbeth has been visited in her dreams by the vampire Aidan Ollpheist. Living for years in the arms of her dream lover. Is he real? Is he just a figment of her imagination? Follow her story with Gideon Talbot, who after a brief encounter with the lovely Lisbeth,becomes obsessed with a woman who could move him with just a look. Gideon learns her story after he finds her lost journal. Her words drawing him deeper into her dreams and nightmares. View table of contents...


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This is a long chapter, but so worth the read. I hope you enjoy it! Please be sure to leave comments, I love to hear from you!

Chapter Twenty -

"uhhumm" Constantine cleared his throat, causing Gideon to break away from Mary Margret's mouth. He had decided to take her up on the dance she promised and was pleasantly surprised when she pulled him into the dark hallway for a more private session. He decided he needed a distraction from the evenings coming events and she was all too happy to assist. Five more minutes and he would have taken her there in the hall, and he knew she would have gladly allowed him, party or not.

"Argghh," she moaned rolling her head back against the wall, "Constantine, you have the worst timing!" She turned to face the unsmiling face of the professor. She quickly straightened up, putting her breast back inside her bodice, suddenly remembering to whom she was talking to and the fact that it was his house.

"Don't stop that smart mouth now, not when I was just getting acquainted with it." Gideon smiled, pulling her chin up. "We can continue this later."

"Yes, I and my smart mouth have other things they would like to be acquainted with." She whispered in his ear, taking a small nipple.

"Proper introductions ARE so very important after all." He whispered back taking a quick bite of his own.

"Professor," she nodded as she sauntered away down the hall.

"It's time Gideon." Connie said a look of worry prominent on his face as he turned away expecting Gideon to follow.

Gideon followed his friend as they entered a rarely used wing in his house. The walk seemed to take forever, each step quickening his heart. Gideon could just make out the light coming from under the last door in the long hallway. Just as they reached the door, Constantine turned to him, "It's not too late you know, we could stop this right here and now, you could go back to your wood nymph."

"Thank you for the attempt to distract me brother, but my mind is still quite made up. I am going to go thru with it. Have faith in me, Connie, I can do this." He didn't entirely believe his own words, but he was determined.

"I can't protect you if this goes wrong, you know that right?"

"I know," Gideon answered rolling his shoulders and moving his head, like a boxer before a fight, "Let's go, no more delays."

Constantine sighed as he turned away and opened the door. Gideon's heart tripled it's speed as they stepped inside . He could see Aidan sitting in the chair directly from him, his face tense and his eyes glowing with something fierce. Was it anger, fear, or both? "What do you have to be afraid of? I'm the one on display here." Gideon thought to himself.

"Gideon Talbot," A sweet singsong voice rang out, the most enchanting woman approaching him.

"Your Majesty," Gideon said taking a knee before the Faerie Queen.

"You were so right Aohdan, a knight thru and thru," Uonaidh laughed looking over her shoulder at Aidan.

"Ma'am?" Gideon said looking up in confusion.

"Tell me, Gideon Talbot, were you a knight?" She smiled at him, placing her hand under his chin, tipping his head up to meet her cheerful eyes.

"Yes Ma'am, until my last day."

"Well, then, good sir, a simple blood oath should be nothing to a war borne man as yourself. All you have to fear is the truth," she said to him lifting him up to standing still holding his chin. She smiled as her eyes took in his form, her hand running down his neck, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. With the shirt open she ran her hand along his chest, admiring his muscles, tracing his abs with her fingers. "I hope you pass the challenge, it will be a shame to waste such a fine body." She said as she pulled his shirt from his arms, leaving him bare to the waist.

She pulled his hand leading him to the middle of the room, entering the circle that had been prepared, the middle of the circle contained two columns topped with bowls of fire. She led him between the columns, "You will have to be bound my good knight, it's for your own safety I assure you." She whispered into his ear as she crossed behind him, running her fingers softly down his back, leaving a trail of heat. Two beautiful brunettes floated to them and one by one they had bound his hands with iron cuffs. He was stretched out so tight he could not move. If he were to pass out the taught iron chains would still suspend him.

"Shhh, my knight, calm yourself," She sang to him. He watched as she reached out and touched the cuffs, the color of the metal instantly changing to a reflective silver. He knew that magik existed but he had never actually seen it so powerfully used. He looked up to find Aidan still sitting in the chair, his hands gripping the edge of the arms so tightly; it was only a matter of time before he would break the sturdy wooden frame. His stomach turned as he began to have second thoughts.

He felt Uonaidh's touch on his chest and looked down to find her palm flat against the center of his chest, her head bowed, chanting quietly. A warmth spread thru him like he had not felt since his human days, his heart began to slow, as a deep hum ran thru him. Every muscle in his body that had been taught near tearing a moment before was now relaxing and loosening. Her chanting began to sound like a sweet lullaby used to calm a child to sleep. He looked up from her silvery hair to find Constantine, he fought to keep his eyes open, shaking his head from side to side. Complete darkness enveloped him as her long slender finger touched his forehead, "Sleep now" She whispered.


"Gideon" the whisper filled his ears, it seemed to echo from all around him. He tried to see where it was coming from, but the darkness was blinding.

"Gideon" the whisper danced around him. He tried to turn his head in the direction, but he could not figure out where it was coming from.

A wisp of something ran across his chest, "Show yourself!" he demanded, pulling on the chains trying to free his hands to catch whatever was haunting him.

"Gideon," The voice rang out again in a song, followed by a lilting laugh. He knew that laugh, he knew that voice.

"Lisbeth?"He asked, the sweet laugh answering him in the dark.

"Open you eyes, I am right here." She whispered. He could feel her breath on his neck, her hands touching his chest.

"My eyes are open, I can't see a damn thing!" He cried out.

"Close your eyes, trust me, I'm right here." Her hands grew heavier on his chest. He obeyed her, and just when his lids close, he felt soft lips on his. He moaned slightly as she pushed his mouth open with her tongue, thrusting thru to explore him. His body tensed, his arms pulling on the chains.

"Open your eyes." He slowly raised the lids to see her standing before him. She smiled at him tenderly, running her hand down his checks. She was wearing a simply white linen summer dress, barefoot, her wild curls pulled to one side, falling to her slender waist. She glowed against the dark. He was trapped in this place, just him and her, the world having fallen away.

He watched her as she reached out and ran her hand down his neck, her touch burning his skin. He was frozen by her seductive stance, mesmerized by the sight of her tongue running across her lips, her hunger for him radiating like heat.

"Lisbeth, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to touch you. I wanted to kiss you." She said as she pressed her body against him, "I know you want me too." She said as she ran her tongue up his sternum. He rolled his head back, torn to pieces by her words and her actions.

"No, I can't, please stop"

"You think I really didn't remember you from that day?" She smiled, her hands moving to the buckle of his pants, "The day I dropped my journal? I knew you were following me. I knew what you were the moment our eyes met. I kept waiting for you but you never approached me." She continued, taking a nip at his neck and chin while she pulled the belt lose and undid the top button.

"Lisbeth, stop!" He said firmly, "You don't know what your saying. You under some kind of spell."

"Ummm, maybe I am." She hummed as she placed her left hand inside his pants, wrapping her long fingers around his already engorged cock. "Maybe not, maybe I am just a women who wants a strong man beside her, inside her," her fingers tightening at the last words.

"My Gods," he cried out, "Lisbeth, you can't do this to me, stop, please I beg you."

She laughed again as she ducked under his arm, crossing behind him, all without removing her hand from his member.

"But there are so many things you want to do to me, things you want me to do you. I can feel your desires calling to me."

"No!" He cried, "Not like this, not anymore."

"Oh how sweet, a man of your word, mmm" she took his earlobe into her mouth, her tongue playing with it as she sucked, her hand moving inside his pants. "I want to see what you have been dreaming about. I want to see all the things you body is whispering that it wants."

Abruptly a dim light began to show in the darkness, it grew larger until it filled the darkness in front of them, like a movie projected on a wall. The images that filled the screen were of her sitting in the booth that day in the pub, her writing frantically in her book, and looking up at him, their eyes meeting. The scene quickly changed to the street and him following her, only in this version he catches up with her, grabs her arm, pulling her to him, kissing her deeply, her melting into him, meeting his passion. He recognized the images as his own dreams. He had dreamed again and again, of that kiss, wishing the night had gone different.

"So romantic, what happens next, do I take you home?" She whispers in his ear.

"Yes," he moans, leaning his head back, giving into the visions being forced on him, breaking down his ability to fight off her advances.

He picks his head back up and opens his eyes at the sound of her moaning. He looks up to find the image of her long legs wrapped tightly around his hips, their fingers entwined as he drives himself into her. He watches as her body undulates beneath his weight, her back and neck arching gracefully as she cries out his name.

"Gideon, yes, Gideon." She moans, taking his hand to her mouth and sucking on his fingers. He lowers himself to her to take her breast into his mouth, pulling on it fiercely as he trusts himself into her tight body. "Yes, fuck, yes!" she cries out. He brings himself up, releasing his fangs, sinking them into her breast, her orgasm welling up pushing him into his own release.

"Looks like you know a thing or two about a woman's body." She said, running her tongue along his back, "what other delights do you have for me in that imagination of yours, mmm?"

The scene changed to a moonlit night, the two of them on the grass, his head buried between her legs. Her hips thrusting up into his mouth, her hand fisting around his hair as he worked his tongue around her clit.

"That looks like fun," she smiled as she whispered in his ear, her grip still firm around him slowly stroking him, the pressure not quite enough to bring him to the edge. He fought his own body to keep from pushing himself between her silky fingers. The sounds of her moaning echoing off the darkness, surrounding them. He tried to look away from the sight but she used her free hand to force his head back.

His cock twitched at sight of her legs working back and forth across his back. "Gideon, Oh God, yes, right there, aaah" the cries driving him faster between her legs as her body tensed and shook with a powerful orgasm.

"I think we will definitely have to do that for real, top of the list," she laughed, loosening her grip on him.

"Lisbeth, please, I am begging you, stop, your killing me." He moaned pulling hard on the chains trying to free himself from this torture.

"Not just yet, my dear, I want to see what other wonderful shows you have stored away in that lascivious mind of yours." She pulled his head up again, for him to see the scene had changed. He was now sitting in a chair, her naked body kneeling before him, her red hair running down her back, moving up and down, the curly ends just caressing her bottom as she worked his length into her mouth. The scene shifted to his point of view, the look of lust in her eyes as she peered at him thru her long lashes. She pulled him from her mouth just enough to run her tongue along the head and then down his shaft, taking his scrotum into her hands pushing up as she lowered her head again, slowly taking him all the way in. A sucking sound bounced around him, as his dream self took her hair in his hand guiding her to the movement he craved. He watched himself, head back and mouth open, gasping for air as he began to cum in her mouth. She worked herself faster forcing his orgasm to tear thru him, a deep growl emitting from both him and his dream self.

The vision disappeared, the light fading as she crossed in front of him, taking his mouth with hers, melting into his rigid body. Tears streamed down his face, he could not take much more, he needed to give in, he wanted to give in, but he couldn't and the torture was killing him. "I think it's time. I will be yours, you can have all of me, just as you imagined."

"If you are going to show my dreams, you had better show ALL of them." He growled thru his gritted teeth.

"As you wish," She let him go, turned her back, resting her head against his chest.

The light returned, the scene unfolding before them.

"Gideon!" Lisbeth's screams echoed thru the room, accompanied by the sight of her being dragged away from him, her hands clawing into the ground trying to stop the attack.

"Lisbeth, I'm coming, Lisbeth!" he reached out for her trying to catch her hand. He started to run but he got nowhere. His feet were moving, his arms and legs pumping, but the path around him did not change. He screamed in aggravation as her screams and her body were pulled farther and farther away. Just as he was about to loose all faith, his feet found traction and he was able to take off. He ran with all his strength and speed to catch up to her. Her cries for help leading him to her location.

Finally he broke thru the trees to a clearing. He stopped short as he came upon her and her tormentor.

"Gideon, help" she cried silently her voice gone. She was on all fours, one hand reaching out to him. Her hair pulled tight like reins by the hands of the man kneeling behind her, finishing a thrust into her ass.

"mmm, I just love sweet virginal ass." Aeron smiled smacking her bare cheeks with a sound that could have shattered glass. He pulled back, driving his entire length into her, forcing a silent scream from her lips, her eyes begging him to help. Aeron let go of her hair, increasing the speed of strokes, throwing his head back howling into the night sky. Gideon tried to move, but he was once again frozen in place.

"I'm afraid you're too late. You should have been more careful with such a fine pet as this." He cackled. Gideon watched in horror, fighting to break the invisible wall holding him in place, as the sliver of light reflected on the blade. Time seemed to slow down as Aeron dragged the blade across her long throat, easily detaching it from her body. Aeron held the head by the hair as he gave one last thrust into her, screaming as the orgasm rippled thru his body. "Maybe next time you will be on time." He said calmly, tossing her head to him, it rolling along the ground, landing to look up at him. Lisbeth's beautiful eyes staring up at him, her mouth still open locked forever in her silent scream. The vision faded leaving them in darkness.

"It's okay, Gideon, I am still here, not hurt, not damaged," Lisbeth's voice drifted to him, "Come to me." She said.

He looked up to find a new light revealing a large bed, Lisbeth lying naked on her side, hand held out motioning him to join her. He realized in that moment that he was no longer bound. He moved towards her, tears running freely down his face, "Lisbeth, forgive me, I tried to save you, every night I try to save you, and every night I fail."

"No, I am here, my love, you have not failed me. Come to me, touch me and let me show you I am not hurt."

Gideon began to walk towards her; so happy to see she was safe, alive, happy. He made it half way to her and stopped, "No, I can't do this. I can't do this to Aidan. I made a promise."

"Don't worry about Aidan, he won't be a problem." She pointed to the foot of the bed. A light traveled along the path she was pointing revealing Aidan bound; taking Gideon's place within the circle chained between the two fires.

"Take me Gideon, make me yours, bring those sweet dreams to reality. I want to squirm beneath you, I want to feel you inside of me as I scream your name in pleasure." She was standing in front of him now, her hand taking his.

"Just finish him, and then I will be everything you ever dreamed and more, so much more." He looked down to his free hand to find it holding his long sword.

"You are almost there Gideon, just a few more steps and we can begin our life together."

"But you love him."

"No, I love you, I have always loved just you." She purred, leading him towards the bound Aidan.

He stood there, looking down at her sweet face. The look of love so real, so enticing. He lowered his head down to kiss her. The sensation of her lips on his so beautiful it moved his soul. He wanted to stay in this moment forever, he wanting him, loving him.

"Yes, forever, my love, I will be yours forever." She kissed him again, leaning her breasts into his chest. He felt that if they held this way another moment they would melt into each other. He moaned into her mouth, his will giving way, the tension fading from his tired body. He was so tired of fighting, her arms his salvation.

He began to turn her towards the bed, the sword becoming heavy in his hand. He looked up at Aidan, his eyes dull with sorrow and loss. Suddenly, he remembered her words, the words from her journal. The sentence that forced him to see reality, "my heart will always beat in time to his own."

He released her from his arms, crossing to Aidan's tortured body.

He raised his sword high above his head, held his breath and brought it down in a movement swift enough to produce a slight breeze. The sharpened blade cutting easily thru Aidan's chains as the room turned black, the void returning.


"He has passed the challenge." Uonaidh stated quietly, sweat dripping down her face and neck. Aidan flew to her side in time to catch her as she fell. He picked her up carrying her back to his chair. "He loves, it is very true, but he knows she will never love him as she loves you. His heart is pure, you can trust him." She said as he sat her down.

Aidan crossed over to the man, his head moving slowly as he began to fight his way back to this reality. Aidan studied him as he raised Gideon's head to met his eyes, "I've had the same nightmare, Aeron destroying her, my not being able to do a damn thing about it. It kills me."

"Together, we can save her, I know it Aidan, don't ask me how I just know it." Gideon replied.

Aidan placed his hand in the flame holding it there for several minutes. When he pulled away his hand was glowing read, like an iron at a smith's anvil. Aidan approached Gideon, reaching out and laying his glowing hand in the center of Gideon's chest. Aidan watched passively as the bound man let back his head, his screams filling the air as the smell of burnt flesh filled the room, watching as his mark began to burn itself into Gideon's skin. Slowly the red hot lines began to form and take shape, the wings of a dragon spread out across Gideon's chest, the long neck of the beast winding it's way across his collarbone, ending with the head fully formed on his left shoulder. The creature's body ran along his sternum, it's tail running to the right, wrapping around Gideon's back, and reappearing, the tip resting at the dragon's feet.

"Do you swear to fight for me, to defend me, to obey my wishes in battle and in peace?" Aidan asked.

"I do," Gideon panted in painful breaths as the lines began to cool. The handmaidens reappeared, unlocking his new ally from his binds. Aidan reached over, taking Gideon's arm, his free hand extending out to Gideon, together, they extracted their fangs and sank into each others wrists.

Their bond sealed, they were now brothers in battle.


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