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Dreams and Dragons

Novel By: MahVash

This story has it all, Vampires, Dragons, Faerie Queens, and magic. Lisbeth has been visited in her dreams by the vampire Aidan Ollpheist. Living for years in the arms of her dream lover. Is he real? Is he just a figment of her imagination? Follow her story with Gideon Talbot, who after a brief encounter with the lovely Lisbeth,becomes obsessed with a woman who could move him with just a look. Gideon learns her story after he finds her lost journal. Her words drawing him deeper into her dreams and nightmares. View table of contents...


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Chapter Eighteen -

"I can see why you two are so taken with her." Constantine said as the three women drifted into the growing crowd. "She is quite lovely."

"Yes, she is" Aidan answered watching her as she looked back over her shoulder, smiling when she met his eyes.

"Well, time for me to make the rounds." Constantine motioned for the men to join him. Gideon began to follow his friend looking back at Aidan.

"You two go on, I would prefer to be alone." He said dismissing the two vampires with a wave of his hand. He knew he was being too paranoid, he would sense if there was anyone here to be frightened of, but he wanted to keep his anonymity for a while longer.

Aidan watched the humanity moving before him. It had been a long time since he had allowed himself to be near such a large group. He enjoyed the frivolity of those attending the party, realizing how much he missed the sound of laughter and conversation. The music being played by the DJ was so unusual for him, he had never imagined such sounds could exist. He suddenly felt so sad for all the things he had missed.

He spent much of his time after he rose from his prison trying to learn all he could about this age of man. Once he found Conner and took him on as a servant the pace of his education was quicker, but there was still many things he needed to learn to survive in this age. He couldn't wait to find the safety he needed to explore this world, his Lisbeth by his side.

He hated to admit it but Gideon reaching out to him was a relief. Coming here tonight, connecting again with Constantine, and soon the Faerie Queen, it was a salve on his soul. He can't face Aeron on his own, he needed support, he could not live hidden his house forever, his only escape entering Lisbeth's dreams. His only haven found in her arms.

He scanned the crowd looking for her beautiful face. He smiled when he saw her enter the dance floor with her two friends. Diane guiding the two with their hands raised high above her head. Turning them both when they reached the middle of the floor. Their happiness radiated from them in waves. Lisbeth was swaying back and forth, turning every now and again, throwing her head back, full laughs coming from her. The three began singing to each other in a circle, snapping their fingers and mimicking some dance move. She seemed so content there with her companions and he felt a bit of shame, remembering her journal entries describing her sense of isolation. As if she could feel the turn in his mood, she looked up trying to find him, when there eyes met she smiled, "I love you, I have no regrets my love." Her thoughts whispered in his mind. He smiled, a warmth enveloping him as if he had dipped into a comfortable bath.

Lisbeth turned back to her friends and continued her gyrations, lost again in the music.


Lisbeth could not remember the last time she felt so happy, so light. She closed her eyes and let the music move her. She swayed her hips and rolled her shoulders, letting all the worries in her world simply evaporate. Her Aidan was here, he loved her, he needed her, and that was all she needed to be happy. She was happy to see his mood lift when she sent him her thoughts. It encouraged her to know she could bring him joy just from a thought, a few words.

When the arms closed in around her, she thought for just a second that he decided to join her on the floor, but the second she touched the arm wrapped tight around her waist, she knew it was not Aidan. She spun around to find Christopher's hungry blue eyes. She looked quickly over to Aidan, he was set to jump on the man standing in front of her.

She looked up at Christopher while she put her hand to signal Aidan to stop, "I got this. No scenes remember?" She looked back to see Aidan hadn't moved but his body still tensed.

"Come on, dance with me," he advanced thrusting himself towards her, his hands reaching for her hips.

"I don't think so Chris." She responded pushing his hands away.

"What's your fucking problem?" He spit out raising his voice.

"Your drunk, go away. We can talk about this when you sober up." She said, turning from him.

"Hey Chris, I'll dance with you," Mary Margret offered, trying to move him way from her friend. Mary Margret knew how to handle drunk frat boys.

"You're a fucking cock tease you know that! You come on all hot and heavy and then nothing. You are on this dance floor shaking your body like the whore you are!"

"And what the fuck does that make you!" Diane yelled back, Chris and Mary Margret turning to her in confusing, "If even whores don't want you, well what does that say? So why don't you take your impotent needle dick and your worthless ass and get the fuck out!"

Chris tried to push past Mary Margret reaching back his fist ready to take a swing at Diane when a hand grabbed him by the arm pinning him in place. Lisbeth watched in horror, "Don't kill him, please, don't kill him. He's drunk, he doesn't know what he's doing." She sent her plea to the man holding Chris by the wrist.

"Is there a problem here?" he asked coolly. Christopher started to open his mouth, closing it again, realizing he hadn't a chance in a fight against the man with the iron grip on his arm. Aidan leaned over his shoulder whispering in his ear, "You need to learn when to walk away son. Now is as good a time as any." Aidan relaxed his grip, Christopher bowing his head mumbled under his breath giving Lisbeth and Diane one last glare before sulking off. He was quickly collected by two large bouncers and escorted away.

As the excitement died down the DJ switched the music, A Fine Frenzy's "You Picked Me," began to play.

"May I have this dance?" Aidan asked reaching his now free hand to Lisbeth.

"Yes you may, my lord." Lisbeth answered taken his hand. He pulled her in close to him, placing his other hand at the small of her back, perfectly placed beneath her Fearie wings. She looped her arm on his shoulder, her fingers resting on the back of his neck. Her index finger curling in his hair.

"A girl could get use to this." She said into his ear, pressing her check to his. The hairs on her arms stood up as his breath caressed her neck. "I would give anything for this dance to last for hours. But I guess that would defeat the purpose of us seeming indifferent to each other." She smiled, leaning back so she could see his eyes.

"As would I my dear, let us just enjoy this moment, we will have plenty of time to dance in the future."


"I promise." He answered spinning her and lowering her in a small dip before bringing her back up.

"You know I think of you every time I hear this song?" She whispered in his ear and began to sing along,

"Like an apple on a tree

Hiding out behind the leaves

I was difficult to reach

But you picked me
Like a shell upon a beach

Just another pretty piece

It was difficult to see

But you picked me

Yeah, you picked me"

"Oh, I see. Well I could say the same for you. I love it when you sing to me little bird." He whispered in her ear.

"Aidan, what are you doing here?"

"I came to meet with Gideon. It would take to long to explain here, I will tell you later, but I can tell you this, it is the first real step to make it safe for us to be together." Lisbeth pulled back so she could see if he was telling her the truth. Her heart jumped to find him sincere. "Now, you have to know this meeting is very much a secret. So don't be afraid if I seem to disappear for a while."

"Can I come with you, can I help?"

"No my love, not tonight. Just stay close to your friends and if you need anything Conner is here." He spun her around so she could see his servant standing near the bar, restless.

"Rat King, really, Aidan?" She laughed looking at the mask Aidan had acquired for the servant.

"I have become quite attached to the idea, once you left I could not stop thinking of him as a rat. So when I was planning for tonight, I couldn't help myself." Lisbeth laughed and shook her head, looking back with love into Aidan's smiling face.

"I want to be alone with you before you leave. I don't know when I will see you again. Please? We could meet in the garden, I could go first and find a secluded spot. You can come when you are finished, find me. No one needs to know."

He spun her around for one last dip, lowering himself to so she could hear, "I'll always find you." He brought her back up slowly as the song died off.

"Till then" she said, reluctantly releasing his hand as she drifted back into the crowd.

Well that is all I have so far friends. i will add more as soon as I can. Please leave comments, I would love to hear from you!


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