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Dreams and Dragons

Novel By: MahVash

This story has it all, Vampires, Dragons, Faerie Queens, and magic. Lisbeth has been visited in her dreams by the vampire Aidan Ollpheist. Living for years in the arms of her dream lover. Is he real? Is he just a figment of her imagination? Follow her story with Gideon Talbot, who after a brief encounter with the lovely Lisbeth,becomes obsessed with a woman who could move him with just a look. Gideon learns her story after he finds her lost journal. Her words drawing him deeper into her dreams and nightmares. View table of contents...


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Chapter Fifteen -

"Lizzie, you okay?" Diane asked with concern as she caught hold of her friend's elbow. Lisbeth stood trying to catch her balance on a small platform, her friend placing pins here and there during the last fitting before the party.

"Yes, of course," she laughed, pushing her hair away from her face. "I am just tired I think. I swear I can't get enough sleep lately. I could just curl up in a ball right here on the floor and sleep for a month." She laughed.

If only she were joking. She had become use to going without normal sleep for years, adjusting to her second life with Aidan, but lately, even with this last elongated absence, she was exhausted. It took everything in her to get up and go to class and work. The lack of rest was only the half of it, the other half was the thirst. She could not get enough water or ice. She had begun drinking giant jugs of water and had taken to using her meat mallet for crushing plastic bags full of ice.

"It's no wonder I am tired, I think I have to go the bathroom like every 10 minutes." She laughed, "and I think I am due for a fresh visit."

"Okay, one more pin and we are good." Diane mumbled, balancing stick pins in her mouth. "Alright, all done, let's get this off you and you can will be free, torture over." She said, standing back to admire the dress.

"Diane, it is so beautiful!" Lisbeth gasped as she took a quick spin. "I only wish Aidan could see me in this dress, I think it would drive him mad." Lisbeth thought to herself as admired the costume created by her friends. The one-shouldered gown shimmered as she moved under the lights. The bodice of the top was layered with pieces of cloth cut to look like scales. The majority of the scales being a shiny silver material; the other scales were created from a material that would change color based on how the light would reflect. One would see either a silvery deep blue, purple, or deep red, depending on what angle the light was hitting the material. The dress's one sleeve was made of the same material as the corseted bodice, mimicking size of the scales which gradually decreased until they reached the cuff. Diane had cut the sleeve to be just longer than Lisbeth's arm so she could slip her thumb thru the cuff, giving the effect of a glove rather than the end of the sleeve.

The bodice scooped low from the one shoulder, the cut and placement of the scales hiding a corset beneath which lifted her breasts and slimed her waist. The pattern of these scales continued to give way to diamond cut strips of iridescent silky material that swayed like a mist as she moved. The dress was only part of the costume as Mary Margret had planned to tattoo the girls bare arms and shoulders with hena.

Mary Margret and Diane's outfits were made as either sleeveless or a halter top leaving both arms and shoulders open canvases for Mary's designs. She had researched ancient celtic designs and had decided on a pattern of growing vines of wild roses, the vines creating the intricate celtic crosses and familiar woven patterns. The final tattoos would include small cherub like faeries involved in different forms of mischief. All three girls would have matching wings that were made of a plastic that when reflected in the light had the same color as a freshly blown soap bubble drifting across the yard.

"We are going to turn the heads of every man in that place!" Diane laughed as she admired her work. "And I swear, if we don't I am hanging up my shears and resigning myself to being a shift lead at Harrod's." All three girls laughed as Lisbeth took one more spin on the platform


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