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Dreams and Dragons

Novel By: MahVash

This story has it all, Vampires, Dragons, Faerie Queens, and magic. Lisbeth has been visited in her dreams by the vampire Aidan Ollpheist. Living for years in the arms of her dream lover. Is he real? Is he just a figment of her imagination? Follow her story with Gideon Talbot, who after a brief encounter with the lovely Lisbeth,becomes obsessed with a woman who could move him with just a look. Gideon learns her story after he finds her lost journal. Her words drawing him deeper into her dreams and nightmares. View table of contents...


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Chapter Thirteen -

"Come on Lisbeth, it will be a blast! You have to come." Diane whined at her, pouting.

"I don't know about that Professor Atratinus, he has been known to thru some pretty crazy parties." Lisbeth may seem a prude to her friends, but she had heard the stories and she wondered sometimes if half the girls hadn't been drugged to forget.

"Okay, listen," Diane continued in her debate, "How's about you come along and be a designated driver? Mmmm, you can play house mother to us girls and keep us on the straight and narrow?"

Lisbeth considered her logic, the event was supposed to the biggest party of the year, hosted during the summer solstice, a masquerade with full costumes in the theme of mid-summer nights dream. An interesting theme given the party was to be held on during the summer solstice. She had to admit she was intrigued.

"Do you remember Christopher, he will be there." Diane teased.

"Oh please," Lisbeth sighed, "that is such old news."

"I don't know, I think he still holds quite a flame for you."

"Hey, are you trying to talk me into this or out of it?" Lisbeth teased, throwing a crumpled paper at her friend.

"In, In" Diane sang back clapping her hands together.

"Alright, but if I say it's time to go, then I am leaving with or without you." Lisbeth agreed in a firm tone.

"Deal!" Diane squealed with delight, "Now the only problem left is what are we going to be dressed as?" Lisbeth had no fears that her two friends would figure out something show stopping.

"Faeries! That is absolutely the way to go." Mary Margret said with a sparkle in her eye. Lisbeth knew she must already be thinking of the costume designs. Diane and Mary Margret were both attending the University for theatre with a concentration in costume and fashion design.

"I want to be a wood faerie." Mary Margret claimed as she picked up a bolt of sheer forest green fabric from her wall of material.

"You should be a water faerie, Diane." Lisbeth suggested sitting back with a smile watching her friends begin drawing and debating different parts of the whole design. She sat back to enjoy this moment with her friends, seeing them so full of life and energy, she felt like drawing on their excitement. Trying to absorb it into her as one would the sun on a warm day.

"Hey, Lizzie, you gonna give us your opinion or what?" Mary Margret chided her as her friend realized they were leaving her out of the conversation, "What do you want to be?"

Lisbeth thought hard on it and a slow smile stretched across her face, "A dragon faerie!"

"What? I've never heard of that but…." Her friend paused mid thought with a pencil bouncing off the edge of her mouth, lost in thought, "I got it! By George, I think I got it!" She laughed out loud while her two friends looked on in quiet confusion, "I have the best material for that idea." She began drawing frantically on her pad, "We'll start by cutting it to look like scales, but…oh my this is going to be so fantastic!" She gathered her friends around her as she began explaining the dress and the accessories that were going to make them the success of the party.


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