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Dreams and Dragons

Novel By: MahVash

This story has it all, Vampires, Dragons, Faerie Queens, and magic. Lisbeth has been visited in her dreams by the vampire Aidan Ollpheist. Living for years in the arms of her dream lover. Is he real? Is he just a figment of her imagination? Follow her story with Gideon Talbot, who after a brief encounter with the lovely Lisbeth,becomes obsessed with a woman who could move him with just a look. Gideon learns her story after he finds her lost journal. Her words drawing him deeper into her dreams and nightmares. View table of contents...


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Chapter Eleven -

After a night of releasing his pent up frustrations and drinking his full he was happy to go to ground relaxed for the first time since he started reading Lisbeth's book. He resolved once the sun had set he would return it to the restaurant, with the promise it's contents were untouched. He would refuse to continue reading the contents. The dawn came upon him and closed his eyes hoping to have dreams filled with the girls from last night and not her sweet voice singing as she wondered the streets.

He woke the next evening, planning to follow thru with this promise to Constantine, but as he laid his hand on the soft leather, tracing the gilded word "Journal" with his finger, his resolve melted and he opened the book to read the next entry.

"I have decided to hunt Aidan down. This may be my last entry, my dear journal, but I don't care. If I don't find him I think I will die rather than carry on this way. It has been months since my waking dream of him in class. I am so lonely and in such need of his touch, the sound of his voice. I am going to return to the property he claims is where I first found him. I will find the owner and beg entry to look around, perhaps, just perhaps there is a clue there for me. Wish me luck journal, I think I will need it.


Oh Journal, I am filled with joy as I write this new entry. I have seen my love in the flesh, and felt his real touch and tasted his delicious skin! The look on his face when he realized I was truly standing before him, will last me all my days, but let me start at the beginning.

I gained entry to the property early in the morning as the men began gathering to start the day's work, by introducing myself to the foreman, providing my college ID to prove I was indeed a student. I explained that I was studying architecture and in the process of researching the estate for a paper. He was a kind gentleman with a happy smile and he laughed as he told me of his own children currently at attending University. He gladly showed me around; proud of the work and all his crew was doing to restore the manor. The house is not as old as the grounds, but had been built over the ruin of a former keep. It had been left in ruins for all these centuries as the local community believed it to be cursed. In the last few years a descendant of the Ollpheist family appeared and took control of the property, paying to have it restored.

"Ollpheist is Gaelic for dragon, you know." The foreman mused as he showed me around the gardens. I almost cried when I saw the familiar fountain and flowers planted on the walk paths that I had seen so many nights in my dreams. "The Ollpheist family goes back to the times long before the Romans came to our shores. It was long believed their line had died out, but the town was relieved to find someone willing to take it over and restore it."

He became distracted when a young man stumbled and dropped an expensive statue, "Hey, Tommy, watch what your doing lad!" he yelled as he left me. The distraction gave me a chance to wonder off and attempt to find my way inside. No one really paid me any attention as I entered the great hall of the home. I ran my fingers along the wood panels, feeling the life of the home restored from how I found it all those years ago. In a trance I found my way to the study. I knew this was the room I had stumbled in as a child. The broken window now replaced with a stained glass depiction of a dragon wrapping its tail around a flaming heart. Did Aidan design the glass with us in mind, my heart imprisoned within the dragon's embrace? I ran my fingers along the lead in the glass, tracing the dragon's face, musing that the dragon's eyes were made of the same green of Aidan's. As my finger traced the fins on the creatures back, and I swear I could feel the house vibrate as if something were stirring deep within the structure.

'What in the hell do you think you are doing?' and angry voice shook me from my concentration on the stained glass.

'Um.. sorry, I was looking for the owner?' I gasped, trying to remember my excuse for being here. As I turned I came face to face with a small man, as I looked in his cold light brown eyes, the first thought entering my head was the image of a rat. 'A life-sized rat', the thought would not leave me as my eyes were drawn to the movement of his long fingers curling around his thin elongated chin. He and his nervous subconscious movements instantly repulsed me.

'The master of the house is not available at the moment. How did you get in here?'

I rambled on about my story of college and writing the paper, praying he bought into my lie.

'I would like to explore the house, if you don't mind, wait for him to return. Please?' A flash of something wicked crossed his eyes as he licked his lips.

'I think master Ollpheist will be quite happy to meet with you.' He stroked his chin again, and a chill went thru me. 'Come, let me get you something to drink, and then a tour.'

I drew a breath of relief that he bought my story. I could only pray that his Master Ollpheist was my own Aidan. I accepted the cool drink he offered, and downed it nervously, trying to wet my dry mouth.

'Let us begin that tour, yes?' the man said kindly. Perhaps I had misjudged him? I decided to follow him, forgetting my earlier misgivings ignoring the warning signs, distracted by the grandeur of the home. We walked thru the great room, the dinning area, and finally ascending the grand staircase. I thought I must have been out of shape as my legs began to feel like dead weight when we reached the top.

I followed the servant who walked down a long hall, bypassing the various closed doors, taking me to the final room at the end of the hall. Once I passed the threshold my body awakened, seeming to know the space instinctually. I gasped as I recognized the fireplace, the tall windows with silky inner curtains that I knew would dance with a breeze in the moonlight. I turned to the large four-poster bed, approaching cautiously under the watchful eye of the Rat king. I began to run my hand along the soft velvet coverings, their color a deep burgundy, a red that almost matched my hair. Suddenly, I felt the room begin to tilt. I tightened my grip on the poster, looking up to find a pair of dangling wrist cuffs, 'what the hell?' I thought to myself as the servant crept up behind me.

He massaged my shoulders, which had begun to tense to fight off the rooms spinning,

'Just let go,' he whispered in my ear, 'don't fight it and you will soon find yourself drifting away.'

His hands began to shift from my shoulders to the tops of my breasts. With every ounce of strength I still had within me, I grabbed his wrist and turned to him with eyes as cold as my Aidan's.

'I would not do that if I were you' I let out in as steady a voice as I could, adding as much vile as I was able, 'Not that I won't enjoy watching your master break each bone in that very long hand of yours, I don't think you will find joy in the act. We both know how much he detests someone taking what belongs only to him.'

I felt satisfied when the slimy man jumped back. I knew I was in the right place when I saw the absolute fear register in eyes when he realized I knew exactly who is master was and how quick his mood could change.

'I didn't know, mistress, please forgive me, oh my god, he is going to kill me!'

All the anger left me at his quiet words, God help me but I felt sorry for this small rodent of a man in front of me.

'You didn't know, no harm is done, I will try and protect you, but you must help me, I think I am about to fall.' My last memory of that early morning was only his rushing to catch me before I hit the floor.

I woke what must have been hours later, to the gentle nudging at my shoulders and the smell of sweet hot tea near my noise.

'Please mistress, please wake up.' He pleading driving me to open my eyes.

I could tell the day was almost at an end based on the orange mixed with deep blue that was coming thru the window. The little man handed me a cup of tea as I sat up in the bed, relieved to find I was still clothed completely. 'The master will be waking soon and I must have you leave before he realizes you are here.'

'I am afraid that is too late, he would have known the moment I was on the grounds.' I said resting my head back on the headboard. I remembered the feeling of the house vibrating under me as I ran my fingers along the glass window.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had not seen Aidan in my dreams when I passed out. I had no dreams at all, why is that? Was it the drug the man had slipped into my drink? I had to know what it was, experiment with it at my home. I wanted to see if I could lock Aidan out of my mind and give him a taste of what it meant to go so long without me.

'What was that drug you gave me? Have you used it before?' I asked narrowing my eyes. 'Do not lie to me boy,' I growled. It was against my nature to be so mean to another person, but I knew I would get no answers if he felt me weak.

'Yes, it is how he found me. He caught me using rufies in the pub. He threatened to tell the girl's pa what I had done, if I didn't agree to work for him.'

A wave of pure jealousy hit me in that moment. A feeling I was not use to.

'Calm yourself girl,' I thought to myself. Of course he had women in this home. I just never thought of it before. Realizing what a strange denial to think of myself as his source of life and pleasure.

'And you would bring women to him as well as keep an eye over him as he sleeps?'

He bowed his head, I think for the first time in his sick life he felt shame at his own wickedness.

'Yes mistress' he answered quietly.

'And how would you prepare them?'

'I would… umm' words were failing him.

'Answer me, you little worm before I lose my patience!' I snapped as I reached out and grabbed his oily hair, bringing his head back in a sharp snap. My strength amazed me, I had no idea I could enjoy tormenting this insufferable fool.

'I would see they were bathed, stripped, and restrained to await him.' The rat king whimpered.

'Tie them where?' I asked not releasing my hold on his head; my eyes followed his long finger as he pointed to the cuffs attached to the bedpost.

'I see.' I stated as I released him and took another sip of my tea. Hollow in my response as if I were reading the morning post.

Suddenly, my skin was a flame with desire. I imagined my hands bound to the bed, Aidan's strong hands running down my bare back, a smile spreading across his face, enjoying my reaction.

'I feel he is about to waken. Prepare me as you would the others.' I stated, waiving my hand to dismiss him.

'Miss?' he questioned.

'Do as you are told boy! Draw me a bath!' I yelled back. Goddamn my soul, but I smiled as he scurried away like the rat he truly was.

Soon I entered the warm waters that were infused with oils and perfume, flowers from the garden floating on the surface. Something told me the poor girls before were not treated with such affection. I rose and dried off, calling out to the boy.

'What is your name anyway,' I demanded as I came from the bath with a towel wrapped around me.

'Conner, ma'm.' he stated.

'Well Conner, the hour is here. I am ready to be tied to await your Master.' He refused to look up from the floor, scared to move an inch from his spot.

'I can't ma'm, I just can't. Please take this gown instead. I will bind you as you have requested but I cannot do so with you naked. I am too afraid.' I smiled at his fear, it seemed so refreshing to see someone else as frightened of Aidan as I.

'All right then, leave me to change. I will call for you when I am done.'

He left the room as I picked up the silk and lace gown laid out on the bed for me. Ivory in color it looked like cream flowing along my body. It had a halter-top with a clasp found at the ends of the lace. One click and the gown would float down like a feather on the breeze. Well chosen, I thought with a smile.

'You may come in now.' I said calmly. Eyeing him carefully as he entered the room, 'come now and help me with these restraints.' I ordered raising my hands above my head to suspend them in the cuffs secured by small chains to a large nail in the post.

The man approached his fingers shaking as he worked the buckles around my wrists.

'I don't think this is a good idea, miss.' He sighed losing his resolve.

'Shhh, it will be myself who will take the blunt of his anger. I promise. Now hurry before he is awake.' I spoke calmly.

As he finished working the buckles on the soft leather cuffs I said, 'Once he comes in we are not to be disturbed, no matter what you hear, do you understand.' My question unanswered, 'Do You Understand?' I hissed the question as an order.

'Yes mistress, you are not to be disturbed.'

I felt more than heard that Aidan was awake and on the ground floor.

'Conner, would you stop with that annoying racket!' he bellowed from the floor below.

'Go now,' I whispered, every hair on my body standing to attention.

I could hear Conner scurry along the hallway and stop short has Aidan's heavy footsteps reached the top of the stairs.

'Who do you have up here Conner, I thought I told you I did not need anyone tonight, I have other pla…' he stopped his sentence short. I knew he must of just realized that his sense of me was stronger than it should be, realizing not only that I must be close but actually in his home. I winced as I heard Conner yelp as he was slammed against the wall.

'Please sir, she insisted, I didn't know I swear I didn't know until it was too late!' he cried. I heard him drop to floor. The sound of his body hitting the wood was joined by a crashing picture frame knocked loose by the force of Aidan pushing the boy into the wall.

The door slammed open and I prayed away my shaking as I felt his anger flowing off him in waves. I expected him to yell at me, ask what I was doing here, waiting for his anger. I felt him approaching slowly behind me and I had to fight my primal instinct to keep from turning around to watch his approach. I held my breath waiting for his first touch.

He stood behind me and I could hear him breath in my scent, running his hands softly down my restrained arms. A new shudder, one so much more violent came over me. He was touching me in the flesh, this is not a dream, THIS was reality. A reality I had forced on us both.

'You shouldn't have come here, little bird' he whispered in my ear. His mouth so close to my ear caused me to lose the strength in my knees, my only support coming from the ties to the bedpost. 'It's not safe for you here' a hand traveling down my bare back, heat moving thru me at his touch.

'But I am here, nothing on this world could keep me from you. You must know that.' I answered between pants. A whimper leaving me as he backed away, 'Don't go, please, touch me again.'

In my dreams this slight physical distance never brought this feeling of pure absence, as I could always sense him. In reality I did not expect to feel so distant at such a short pace. To be so close and yet so far away was unbearable.

'You don't know what you ask of me.' I looked up to see him on the other side of the bed staring so intently at my face.

'I know exactly what I am asking. Take me, feed from me, beat me, kill me, I care not which, but please don't leave me alone.' I cried, silent tears rolling down my face.

'You wish me to end your life?' a deep sadness sweeping across his brilliant green eyes.

'If you will not have me, then my life is nothing. I have resigned myself to this fate, it is your choice what you decide to do with it.' In his actual physical presence, I was overcome by the images of all the times he touched me, all the times he held me, kissed me and told me he loved me. I think I forgave him all his cruelty, unable to recall anything but his gentle caress.

In a movement so fast it did not register, he was again behind me, his kiss tender on my neck.

'What is this, this mark here?' he asked softly, his finger lightly moving across the small infinity shaped mark on my neck.

'My daily reminder of you. It appeared after your first bite there, it darkens when you feed and fades in your absence.' His kiss deepened and turned into a gentle suck, pulling the blood to the skin. I moaned and leaned my head back to his shoulder as his hands worked around to my breasts. His touch in my dreams did not prepare me for the weight of his hands in reality. I shook in sweet tremors knowing this was real and not another dream. I moved my head to kiss the strong shape of his jaw. With his hand on my chin he gently turned my face to him and we kissed as if for the first time.

'Lisbeth' he breathed in a moan. His hands drifted to my back tracing the skin left bare by the backless shape of the gown, stopping when they crossed the scars left from that awful night so long ago.

'How, what is this?' I heard him gasp.

'Never mind that, my love.' I said another tear dripping from my cheek.

'I don't understand' he said, his soft fingers running along the raised white skin.

'I told you they survived the dream. I don't mind them anymore, come back to me.'

The bed shook as he punched the side of the footboard.

'This is not right, you have to go.'

'Do not banish me, not when I have finally found you, please 'Aidan, kiss me again.' I begged him our eyes meeting in the dim lit room. 'Lay me down and make love to me. Allow me this one night.' The words had barley left my lips when I felt the cuffs loosen and my hands freed.

I spun to find him at the door, hand readied on the handle. I ran for him, striking him again and again, all the years of frustration and anger flowing from me in useless pounding on his strong back. He turned to face my onslaught; I smacked his face again and again, my fingers clawing at his chest, sobs raking my body. He just stood and allowed my anger to flow from me.

His strong arms encased me as I lost all my strength and began to collapse. He lifted me gently and took me to his chair, cradling me in lap as he had done when I was a child. Years of tears and sadness ran from me as he rocked me gently.

'Shhh, little one, shhh' he purred at me, running his fingers thru my hair. This motion lulling me into dry racking sobs. Exhausted I could do nothing but close my eyes and rest against his silent chest. It seemed forever that I stayed there curled in his arms, as a child again. But I am no longer a child, the thought renewing my courage.

I took his hand, brining it to my lips to kiss his palm and feel my face nestled in his hand once again. The pulse of electric that shot thru me fired me into a renewed passion. I took his hand and began kissing the tips of his fingers one by one, ending with this thumb which I took into my mouth, sucking on it lightly, I had learned a thing or two about seduction in my time with him.

'Stop' he said quietly, as exhausted by this scene as myself. I was wearing him down, his walls decaying at my touch. I continued my soft kisses as I turned to anchor myself, my knees outside his strong thighs, pulling up the gown to free the space between my knees. My kisses traveled up his arm, to his neck, I rested my mouth on the same spot that mirrored my own. I opened my mouth and began moving my tongue in slow circles; light feathers dancing on his skin, I could feel his response between my legs. I started suckling on the spot, lightly a rhythm to it that mimicked his sweet long draws he had taken at my own neck for so many nights.

I began rocking my hips with sweet friction on his hardened member. I bit ever so lightly, eliciting a cry of passion from his lips. I raised my lips to his, pulling back as his tongue attempted to explore me. He opened his eyes to find mine staring at him and slight smile on my lips.

'Oh no my love, you had your chance to touch, that time has passed.' I pushed him back on the chair, resuming my movements on his lap. I kissed him lightly again. Using my fingers to open his mouth ever so slightly, I slid my tongue into just the front running it along the inside of his lip, a maneuver that had always excited him. He tried again to lean forward and take control only to find me pull away and push him back. 'Be a good boy now,' I scolded him.

I moved my hips again, using my weight to rub my sex against the buldge in his pants. As I would end the length of him, I continued the graceful movement by arching my back, bringing to his shoulders to steady my movements; completing the wave when I would bring my hips back to make the move again. I looked up into his eyes as I reached back and I unsnapped the halter holding the silken gown to my frame. It fell in a quiet motion, feeling like faery wings caressing my skin.

With hooded eyes, I watched him as I ran my tongue along my own lips bringing my hands up to caress my breasts while my lower half continued it gyrations.

'You want to touch, don't you.' His hand reached up and I slapped it away. I increased my rocking, throwing my head back hard enough to have my hair fly up and back, the curls landing on the tops of his hand which were now gripping my hips in attempt to control the speed of my movements, forcing my weight down as I moved across him. I smiled as the tips of my hair caressed his fingers when I moved my hips and shoulders. Excited by the sound of a moan escaping his lips, his head laid back, eyes closed.

I released my breasts and reached out to unbutton his shirt, my mouth following each inch as I it opened; my tongue tasting his flesh, now so real beneath me. A gentle tremor passed from me to him as my mouth encased his nipple. My tongue sliding over the hardened nub on it while my finger pulled and pinched the twin across his chest.

'This is what it is to be loved by me, my sweet Aidan, enjoy this moment.' I sent my thoughts to him, praying in this plain of existence he could hear it just as loud.

I pulled back from his lap to stand before him, the gown completing it's fall to the ground. I could see his brows knit in frustration as he opened his eyes to take in my naked form.

I went to my knees, kneeling before him I opened his legs so I could fit between them. With shaking fingers I unbuttoned his pants, he lifted his hips to allow me to remove them, his hands running thru my hair. Even in my dreams I had not dared to take him in my mouth, I prayed for courage to do this right and make him want me again.

I knelt over his large member, running my fingers up the shaft, exploring how unexpectedly soft the skin was around such a hard item. I opened my mouth, running my tongue across the bell shaped head. A wave of pleasure rippled thru him and into me, giving me the courage to continue taking his length into my mouth. Going as far as I could and using my hands to stroke what remained, I slowly pulled back, sucking slightly, increasing the pressure once I returned to the top. Repeating the motion while twisting my hands so my thumb could run up the pulsing vein that ran the length of him.

I increased my motions as his hips began to thrust into me, his hands entwined in my hair moving my head to his liking. 'Yes, just like that, yes' he moaned and I shook with the pleasure coursing thru me knowing I could effect him this way. The pressure was building inside him and I knew I was close when he tensed and grew harder in my mouth. Suddenly a hot spring came from him. I drank it all in, the salty taste of my Aidan so pleasant in my mouth. 'I love you, Lisbeth' he moaned as I sucked the last of him into my mouth. 'And I you,' I responded as I ran my hand under his thighs milking his orgasm and bringing new tremors to his body and my own.

I stood up and gently, pulling on his hands to guide him to the bed. I climbed on the top being sure to wiggle my behind in just the right way, inviting him to join me.

I turned onto my back, bringing my legs around under me, 'Make me a woman in this world as you have in my dreams. Claim what is yours, my love.' I beckoned him to me, running my finger over my lips, opening my mouth just enough for him to see my tongue; hoping he would respond as a mortal man would to a siren's call.

'You are mine,' he said as he began to climb onto the bed.

'Yes, I am, but only if you will have me.' I knew those words would unlock whatever else kept him from my side.

In a blink of an eye he was beside me, lifting me so my legs were wrapped around his hips as he sat on his heels. He held my face firmly in his hand, our eyes meeting for just a hungry moment before he pressed his lips hard on my own. I opened my mouth to him, arching my back as if I could melt into him. Pure joy invaded my heart as I felt his response. His mouth moved in hungry, furious movements down my neck. Small bites leaving red welts in their wake, but I felt no pain only pleasure. I moaned as his fingers clawed into my sensitive back, I arched back to take them in deeper. 'Yes, oh Yes' I cried as wave after wave took me to a new heights.

He laid me back, moving his fingers in between my legs while his mouth and free hand worked on my breast, my nipples hard and pointing at his touch. My hips thrust towards him aching to feel him within me. He only allowed me to move just enough to find the tip of him at the edge of my sex.

He smiled, 'patience, little bird, patience', I moaned in answer. He bit my breast releasing the first orgasm thru my body.

'Now, god please now,' I lifted my head up to whisper in his ear and try to find a place for my lips, biting into his shoulder.

'Say what I want to hear, sing your song for me little bird, and I may allow you your wish,' he purred in my ear as he pushed me back grabbing my wrists in one strong hand and holding them captive above me head. I rolled my body like a wave, the deep arch allowing a breast to catch near his lips as his head was bowed awaiting my reply. I withheld the words, trying again to force him into me by tightening my legs and pushing him closer to me.

'Say it my lovely, I can hear the words running thru your fevered mind.' He smiled at my inquisitive look, 'Oh yes, I can still hear you even in this room, dream or not.'

'No man has ever had what so clearly belongs only to you.' I whispered.

'Again, my sweet.' He growled pulling my hair back with his spare hand arching my neck at an unnatural angle.

'No man has touched what belongs only to you. Claim what is yours!' I said louder, pleading with my eyes.

'As you wish,' he smiled. Spreading my thighs wider he came closer, running his member between my soaking walls, teasing my throbbing clit, he maneuvered himself into place and began the first thrust. Despite the many times we had been together in my dreams, this was the first time my actual body had experienced a man. As I expected the was there, ten fold in this real place, but I was older now and ready for it. I had learned to take pain in my time with him. I breathed and let the ripples flow thru me and allowed the pain to fade into pleasure.

'I want all of you, more, I want more.' I said in a husky voice I did not recognize as my own. He smiled at me with pure hungry love as he pushed himself deeper.

'Aaahh,' I exploded as the new pain registered only as sweet torment, 'again my love, more,' he thrust deeper and I could feel the base of him as his pubic bone rubbed on my clit. He withdrew and thrust himself in one fast hard stroke, and I exploded all around him. He began driving harder into me, his thrust quick and fast. He began three fast half thrusts finished by a hard slam, setting of fireworks within me. I grabbed his hips, digging my fingers into his skin, crying, 'Harder, faster, more' driving his passion anew. I opened my eyes as I came so close to the edge, to see his head thrown back and his fangs extracted, and I knew he was ready.

'Tell me I can cum, cum with me, send us both to oblivion.' In a move that we had perfected so long ago, I arched my neck for him just in time for his dissention. I swear the bed shook as violently as our bodies when we both shattered into each other. 'We are equal in this bed, in this place' were the last thoughts I had as I fell, him drinking from me as I descended into darkness.


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