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That Taste of Blood: The blood and the moon: Book 2

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Six months after Christian left, Leena finds herself in another mess between her and a man who she soons find out is a werewolf.
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Chapter 6: Praying to get away

Me and Remy walked down the hall and got into the elevator. It was just moments after he beheaded a vampire hunter.

The whole thing creeped me out but I was happy to have Remy come to my rescue.

He felt the fear in my blood and I'm sure Christian did too but ignored it.

Remy glanced over at me. "You okay?"

I shrugged.

"I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner."

I shook my head. "No, you came here in just the right time. Thank you."

Remy shrugged. "You would have done the same for me."

Leena nodded. "Yeah, if you were going to get raped by a vampire hunter dude, then yeah."

"I noticed you're in this situation a lot. With Leviathan. Then with Jackson and this other Jackson."

"Yeah, its not fun." I said.

The elevator doors opened and Remy pulled me back hard against the elevator walls and shielded me.

All I could see was blood everywhere, On the carpet. On the walls. What the fuck?

What the hell happened?


"Stay here." He pressed the 'close doors' button and slipped out before I could blink.

I slid to the floor and grabbed my phone. I had to call Nick.

I dialed his number and placed the phone to my ear.

I was sick of going through this. I was tired and drained out at this moment.

Nick answered the phone in full panic mode. "Where are you?" I asked.

"I'm looking for you."

"I'm in the elevator. What happened on the first floor?" I asked.

"Some fucking vampires came in and started fucking killing everybody so I left right away."

"Nick, What floor on you on?"

"The second." He answered.

"I'm coming up." I pressed the '2' on the elevator and felt it take me up one floor.

"I'm coming down the hall and the elevator is like a few feet from me." He said into the phone.


The elevator doors opened and I saw Nick coming down the hallway.

He called my name and ran to me into the elevator.

He pressed the 'close door' button and looked at me. "I'm so fucking glad you weren't down there when they started fucking everything up." He said. I had an odd chill in my head. Like I knew we were in danger. And Remy was down there…alone.

"Damn, I should have brought that gun with me." I whispered.

Nick sighed and pressed the '1' and the elevator jerked and then slowly took us down.

The feeling of fear got even more to the surface as the doors opened.

There were bodies everywhere and it was the incident in Tankerton, Illinois all over again.

I shut my eyes and Nick shielded me like Remy did and he peeked out.

"I don't think anybody else is here." He said and then peeked out of the elevator.


"I'll be careful." He whispered and then disappeared

I was completely confused and worried about both him and Remy.

I peek out and immediately slip in blood. Why does this keep happening? And everywhere that I go?

I feel like its my fault.

All I could see was blood mixed in with the pale carpet and bodies laying, covering the floor. I could hardly breathe at the moment. I felt like my heart skipped more than two beats.

I'm completely disoriented at the moment.

But I feel it come up before I couldn't stop it and I vomited and dropped to my knees.

"Leena!" Called Remy. I was more than happy to hear his voice.

"Remy," I said in a hushed tone.

"Come on." He grabbed me and picked me up and I wanted to protest against it.

But he didn't care. Out of no where, a cold breeze hit my face and I heard the sound of a car door opening.

It made my stomach turn again as he helped me into the backseat of the car.

"Leena," Nick said. I looked over to him in the passenger seat.

"You okay?"

"Just threw up a little."

Nick nodded. "You'll be fine." He turned to the front as Remy got in the driver side.

There was a brief sound of the car starting and the hum of it as it zoomed down the street. "Not helping my stomach." I mumbled.

"Sorry." Remy muttered.

He slowed the car down and I looked out of the window.

I hope to god this wasn't the whole Alison, James and Christian thing again. But they were in South America….I think. Why would they come all the way to Malison, Florida to wreak havoc again?

Did they do it specifically to hurt me?

No…they wouldn't. They didn't give a crap about me. I was on a whole other level of not being cared for by them.

Remy pulled up into my driveway.

I forgot that he had my blood so he knows where I live.

He turned the car off.

I pulled the handle of the door and Remy was already opening it for me.

"Thanks." I said.

He nodded and shut the door as I got out.

Nick wrapped his arm over my shoulder as we walked to the door.

He unlocked it and I turned to look at Remy who was standing by the car.

"You can come in, you know." I said.

"You know when we're together, people are gonna ask us questions about what happened."

"Fuck them, like you said."

Remy smiled and shrugged. He came to the door and allowed me to go in before him.

I walked in and the house was actually warm.

Remy shut the door and sat down on the couch. "Nice place. Better than that other house."

"I agree." I said nodding.

Nick sighed. "I'm think I'm gonna stay here and make sure you're safe." He said.

I nodded. "You know there's an extra bedroom for you." I said.

He nodded and smiled lightly before disappearing upstairs.

I sat down and took my shoes off.

Remy looked at me. "Are you okay?"

"No," I muttered. "I'm sick of being the damn damsel in distress." I said throwing my shoes down.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and went back in the living room to sat it down on the table.

"Leena, I mean, you're only human."

"Yeah, Nick is only human too and he's not always getting in some kind of trap."

"Nick isn't on vampires as much as you are."

"I'm only on two vampires. I didn't ask for four others and a vampire slayer to come into the mix."

"He was a hunter not a slayer."

"Not a difference." I said as I twisted the cap to my water off.

"Actually, there is a difference." Remy said.

"What's the difference?" I asked.

"Vampire slayers are more….dedicated to their 'job'. Vampire slayers are born slayers and vampire hunters…just become hunters later in their life." He stared into my eyes without blinking once.

"So how do you know if you're born a slayer?"

"First off, you have this brand in your skin when you're born. In the shape of an 'S' on any part of your body. Slayers develop a very low tolerance and anger. And they're born knowing about the existence of vampires and they learn very fast how to work a stake."

"This could happen to anyone?" I asked.

"Anyone whose had a slayer in their family." He said.

"So….what was Alexander?"

"Alexander was a vampire hunter. He didn't have the slayer mark and he actually stopped hunting. A vampire slayer has no choice but to be one for life. It can't just stop all of a sudden. And beside that, if Alexander was a slayer, no matter how attracted he became to Svetlana, he would have killed her anyway or died trying."


"Slayers are more dangerous than hunters. Hunters see us as something that they are doing because they want to and it makes them feel happier and safer. But to slayers, vampires are an…abomination. We go beyond what god wanted and we should be damned. It's their duty to send us…"

"To hell." I finished as my eyebrows pulled together.

He nodded. "That's right."

"But you…you didn't ask to be a vampire."

"They don't care. They were born to kill us. They're our natural enemies."

"It's not fair."

"Life isn't fair either."

"That's stupid."

"You're preaching to the damn choir, girl."

I shook my head and propped my feet up on the coffee table.

Remy glanced at the gun sitting on the table.

"Where are the slayers?"

"All over. Some of them hide their marks so they won't pose a threat but with others, some have marks on their face and have to go through life being talked about because no one knows what the mark means and just sees it as a flaw.."

"That's sad."

Remy shrugged. "I guess." He got up and was over to the table where I set the gun before I left for the party.

Remy studied it. "Why is this out?" He asked.

"Oh…this guy returned it."

He raised an eyebrow as he looked at me. "Returned it?"

"Long story." I said.

"Explain." Remy said.

I rolled my eyes. It wasn't a big deal. This guy…snatched it from me and threw it."

"What guy?" He asked.

Damnit. Now I got to tell the whole damn story.

"This guy…he was laying in the middle of the road and I went to go check on him. I had my gun beside me just in case something was gonna happen. He was bleeding out of his nose and his mouth."

"He got beat up?"

I shrugged. "Anyway, he woke up and his eyes were bright red and he had a really high fever and he started tearing his clothes off after he threw my gun.

His eyes were brighter than a vampire's. And something was moving around in his body. And…the next thing I know, the next morning, he was laying down on my couch when I came downstairs. His eyes were back to normal, but he was still very...almost feverish hot."

Remy narrowed his eyes.

"He read my thoughts." I whispered.

Remy's eyes grew wide and the second I blinked, he was gone.

I looked around the room. "What the hell?"

Alison's POV

I was sitting in the bed in my room. I kicked my feet, knocking around a little girl's head.

The rest of her body was gone.

There was a loud bang coming from the kitchen.

I was up in the doorway of my room in a second and James appeared before me beyond angry. Black eyes.

He pushed me up against the wall and growled at me. "You bitch." He spit out.

I glared at him and pushed him off of me.

He took a few steps back. "That bitch questioned me and tore up 'Bloodlust'. Tell Svetlana what you and Christian did."

"Christian killed Alexander. Not me."

"It's your fucking fault, Alison. If you wouldn't have turned him into this bullshit 'creation' then none of that shit wouldn't have happened."

"Don't blame me."

"And you even give a shit that my shit got destroyed because of you and your fake ass boyfriend."

"She just did a little damage, James." He needs to get the stick out of his ass.

"A little," He scoffed. "She tore the whole goddamn place down, Alison."

"So just build another."

"I'm sick of having to fucking move and killing every goddamn body and having my shit destroyed because of you and Christian."

"It's not as bad as.."

"Bad as what? Stop it. All this shit is your fault you cold hearted bitch."

"I've been called worst."

"I'm sure. And you deserve it. Worst than that."

"What do you mean?"

"I can live without every having to see you again." He said.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

He stalked out of the room way too fast and I tried to run after him. What was he going to do?


I stopped in front of him and glared at him. "Going to go sell me out?" I asked in a relaxed tone.

James shook his head. "Worst." He said.


Leena's POV

I paced around the room.

Nick was upstairs sleeping and I was downstairs alone with my own bottle of wine.

I haven't brought this out in years.

Someone knocked on my door and then I immediately went to it and opened it.

Remy made his way in.

"Thanks for leaving like that."

"I need to ask you something." He said in a panicked tone.

"What…what is it?"

"This guy, when you saw him, was it day time or night time?"

"Night time." I said.

"Full moon?" He asked lowly.


"Don't laugh when I tell you this shit. You're going to fucking trip out."

"Just tell me….you had me worried this whole time."

He sighed. "That guy…he's not human."

"What the hell do you mean? What is he then?"

Remy exhaled. "A werewolf."


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