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That Taste of Blood: The blood and the moon: Book 2

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Six months after Christian left, Leena finds herself in another mess between her and a man who she soons find out is a werewolf.
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Chapter 3: Covered in blood

Alison's POV

Christian stepped over another human body as he carried me up the stairs.

My home smelled the scent of perfume, sex, and blood.

He set me on the top stair and looked down at the bodies. "You have outdone yourself." He commented and then his dark red eyes looked at me.

I stare at him quite infatuated. I grab him with fast speed and push him against the wall. "No I'm going to outdo you." I said.

Christian's fangs extended as he grabbed my ass and pushed me against him.

"Your brother is upstairs."

I shook my head.

"I do not care. Just kiss me."

I could feel Christian growing against me and I smile wickedly at him.

I use my lips to caress his and his breathing heightens as I began licking his bottom lip.

I roughly hold him against the wall while licking his neck and tasting him.

"I love you." I breathed while I kiss his neck.

His fingers grab my hair to make me look up at him. "You're taking too long." I'm now on my bed and Christian is in front of me.

I take my scarf off and wrap it around his neck as I get on my knees on the bed and smile at him.

"You know, Svetlana is looking for Alexander, right?"

Christian nods. "But I don't care. No one has proof about what happened to him."

"Except that human. I would have loved to taste her." I said.

Christian smirks and latched his finger through my hair and pulls through my roots.

"They were armed and better than we thought. We had to get out of there." He said.

I nodded. "I know."

Christian sighed softly and suddenly tensed up and turned around.

A little mixed girl with dark long hair that stopped at her midback was bloody and timid as she stared at us.

"Well hi there." I said smiling at her.

There were tears in her eyes.

"I want my sister." She said in a stiff voice. Her heart beat was fast and loud.


"The blonde girl. She…..she was…my sister." The girl said.

I looked at her and then up at Christian who's eyes dilated at the sight of her.

"What are you thinking of?" I asked while caressing my finger down his hand.

Christian doesn't answer me as he walks away from me and goes into the closet and disappear.

The girl's brown eyes look to me. "Is he going to get her?" She asked.

I shrugged and kept a smile on my face.

The girl looked back to the closet and Christian reappeared with a blonde. He was holding her to him and had his hand was covering her mouth.

The mixed girl smiled as tears covered her cheeks. "Chelsea." She squeaked.

Christian pushed the girl forward and she ran to the mixed girl and held her tightly in her arms.

"Bree." The blonde girl cried.

Christian glared at them and then looked to me. "I didn't want to eat her. The bitch is on her period." He then looked back to the girls.

"Period blood is-"

"Fucking disgusting. It isn't the same." He said shaking his head in disgust.


The girls still hugged each other. "Now say goodbye." Christian said.

The girls stopped hugging and looked to him. "What?" Bree sniffed.

Christian glared at them. "You will stay, the blonde can be released." He said.

Ugh. Why was he attracted to the mixed girl? There was nothing close to beautiful about her.


"You saw your sister, now say goodbye." He said.

Bree looked to her sister and breathed out. "It will be okay. I promise." She whispered squeezing her hands.

"No." Chelsea shook her head and timidly risked a glance to Christian.

"Yes." He hissed.

Chelsea slowly let go of Bree.

"Go." Bree breathed.

Chelsea slowly released Bree and Bree looked to Christian.

Christian walked over to her and grabbed her and brought her over to her bed.

Bree looked to me and then over to Christian. "Just get it over with, please." She begged.

I bust out in laughter and look up at Christian who also looks amused. "If we get it over with, it wouldn't be much fun now would it?"

Bree looks between the both of us.

Christian pushes her back on the bed and she whimpers in fear.

"Want me to watch you rape her?" I asked.

Christian's expression changed. "I'm not going to rape her. I'm going to make her want it." He breathed.

I looked down at the scared girl. "How? Constraining her?" I asked.

Christian took his jacket off and dropped it on the floor.

He unbuttons his shirt and his fangs glisten in the light.

Every thing about him was just so….breathtaking.

"Want me to hold her down?" I asked.

Christian glares at me for a second. "She's going to want it." He said again.

He unzips his pants and pulls himself out.

The girl looks down at his cock and back into his dead eyes.

He uses her legs to pull him towards her and she began fighting. "No. Please." She whispers.

He growled at her and sunk his teeth into her thigh.

She gasped and exhaled and did this over and over again.

Tiny moans slipped out every now and then as she squirmed. "Please." She moaned as she closed her eyes.

Christian licked the blood from her inner thigh and Bree squeezed her tiny fingers around his hair and sighed out of her nose.

"Jesus." She breathed as she arched her back.

Such a little slut.

She's calling for Jesus yet letting this vampire feed from her…..and actually liking it.

Yeah, she's in heaven…for now.

She's breathing hard as Christian lifts his head up.

He licks her dark blood off of his lips and looks at her then he looks at me. "Want a taste?" He asks.

I nod and spread her thigh and close my lips around the bloody wound and she moans again.

I shut my eyes and enjoy the warmness moving through my system.

She taste….amazing.

Christian grabs me by my hair and pulls me up to kiss him as we both exchange her blood in our mouths.

Her blood and the taste of him mixed together is unlike anything I've ever tasted. It's beyond it.

Christian pulls away and smiles and then looks down to the girl as he pulls her skirt down. She makes no move to stop him. It can be for two reasons.

Either she doesn't want to stop him or she's too scared to.

He pulls her panties down and do not hesitate as he, before she can take another breath, he's underneath her and she's on top of him crying out as he lowers her down on him.

She looks down at him in complete surprise and somewhat pain and also out of pleasure. Her mouth is wide open forming an "o"

Christian shuts his eyes and opens them back.

He looks deep into her eyes. "You will fuck me no matter how much it hurts and you will like it." He breathed.

She nodded. "I will." She whispered and began to move.

I lay down beside him as he holds her hips while she's screaming in partial pain and pleasure.

"Think it hurts more or feels good more?" I asked as I glanced at him.

"I can feel her insides." He grunted.

Ah. It most likely hurts her more. It was entertaining. Watching as he plays around with these humans.

They mean nothing to him and he loves to inflict pain.

He loves being a sadist and I love him for it.

He does it not just to please himself but also me and he's in love with making me happy.

I glance beside the girl to see James in the doorway leaning against the doorframe.

He looks uninterested in the scene.

His arms are folded and his tired, dull eyes look to Christian. "Send her to my room when you're done." He says and then walk away.

Christian's not listening to him but will obey eventually.

The girl cries out vigorously as she throws her head back and makes scratches on his skin with her fingertips, drawing blood.

Christian groans and lay back.

The girl's breathing hard as she stares down at him. "Can I go again?" She asked lowly.

Christian glares at her and pushes her off.

She falls off onto the bed and to the floor and I cannot hold my laugh in nor do I make an attempt to.

She gets up and stare at him. "There's another vampire that wants to fuck you. Go see him, down the hall. We're done here." He says. He almost sounds like James as he says it.

Will Christian overrule one night?

The girl walks out of the room and I look to Christian.

"I sometimes feel jealous when I watch you."

Christian's eyes turn a dark bloody red color. "Don't. I only. Love. You."

I smile as I lick the girl's blood off of my lips. "Really?"

He nods and runs his fingers up my thighs.

"You never tire." I said.

He's on top of me within milliseconds. "Ever." His fangs shriveled back.

"I love you, Christian."

"Forever." He whispered.

There was a silent dragging sound that caught me and Christian's ears.

We were both up within seconds and a girl, almost half dead was making a pathetic attempt to escape.

Me and Christian looked at each other.

"What have we here?" He asked as he stepped on her and she whimpered in fear.

"Why do they all run?" I asked.

Christian shrugged. "Stupidity maybe." He answered.

"I love feeding on the girls more than the guys. The girls are more scared." I said.

Christian looked down at her and grabbed her up by her hair and made her face him.

Her bright eyes stared into his in shock.

"What's your name?" Christian asked.

"S-Sarah." She breathed,

Christian smiles. "Sarah," He breathes. "Goodbye." He twist her neck and I hear her bones break. She falls lifelessly to the floor and blood spills out of her mouth.

Christian looks back at me. "I was fucking full."

"I'm not."

I drag the girl onto the bed and rip her shorts off. "So….I was thinking….since all the vampires are out in the open, we can move anywhere we want."

"We're perfectly fine where we are. I like it here. We just had a fucking blood party."

I nod. "I know, lover but I want to travel the world….with you."

He nods and smiles sexily and looks over at the girl. "You going to eat that?" He asked.

"I thought you were full."

Christian scoffed. "You should know better than anyone that vampires never actually get full."

I rolled her over to him and sat back and watched as he drained the already dead girl dry.

James appeared in the doorway.

Blood was splattered all over him and Christian got off of the bed. "Damnit. I wanted to keep her as my pet and you killed her?"

His pet?

Wasn't I his girl?

"Yes, you are," He glances at me and blinks and then looks to James.

"Calm down, Julianne Moore, I didn't kill that human. She's laying my blood soaked in some teenager's blood. He was quite delicious."

"Aren't they all?" I asked.

James smirked and nodded. "Indeed they are. My curiosity still leads to your human though."

James stare at Christian.

"What do you mean?"

"Leena. Her blood taste unlike anything I've ever tasted in my life."

"She just taste really good…that's all." Christian said in a deep voice.

James stare at him unmoved. "We'll see about that."

Christian nods. "We will."

James stare at him and then glance at me. "I will lock Bree up down in the basement, if either of you want to have your way with her, tell me now or forever hold your fucking peace." James said looking up into the ceiling.

Christian stayed silent and so did I.

James nods and turns to walk out.

"Your pet?" I asked.

Christian nodded. "She'll be right down there with me when we hide from the sun.

All these people we killed," He gestured with his hand to the floor filled of lifeless, drained bodies. "They are our source to life."

I nodded. "They are." I whispered.

He nodded and smiled.

I nodded. "Okay."

I bring him over to me and he brings me up onto his lap and sits me down on him as I take all of him in and throw my head back as he kisses my neck.


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