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That Taste of Blood: The blood and the moon: Book 2

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Six months after Christian left, Leena finds herself in another mess between her and a man who she soons find out is a werewolf.
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Chapter 21: Coming to an end

Christian's POV

I got away from five of the werewolves and climbed high in the trees. Beneath me, five were trying to get up.

They howled calling the others.


I suddenly felt fearful, scared.

Fuck, Leena's scared.

What's she scared of?

Should I care?


Although I felt her betraying me, I still love her.

The wolves that were trying to climb up the trees were obviously angry. I had killed two other wolves.

But I had to. I just wasn't sure which one was Aiden.

I hope I killed the right one.

I glared down at the wolves and smiled. I jumped to another tree five yards away and grinned down at them.

Then, an odd feeling came over me. One I've never felt before.

Like a chill of death.

My eyes jotted down to the visible ground and my eyes went wide.

It felt like my heart pumped-although I knew I didn't have one-And then stopped.

Fuck. LEENA.

I shut my eyes tightly to detect where she is but I didn't have to. I smelled her blood.

I didn't give a fuck. I hopped down to the ground onto my feet and the wolves came after me even as I ran.

I wasted no time.

I saw her up ahead. Covered by wolves.

I could swear everything in me froze completely.

I took off and quickly got every wolf off of her and a second didn't pass as I picked her up and ran with her in my arms.

She was still slightly warm but she was bloody and her flesh was bitten into and chewed off.

I ran so fast through the woods, human eyes wouldn't have been to see it. Hear it, yes but not see it.

And I decided while running where to take her. Not home but to my next favorite place.

I let the speed run through the both of us and I looked down to him.

Her head was hanging off my arm and the rest of her was hanging off. Almost literally.

Her stomach was torn open and you can see the organs.

I ran through another set of dark green trees and into a high field of grass.

This was a place I used to come to back when I was human. My mother took me here when I had to be at least six or seven.

It was a calm and relaxing place.

I came to a stop and quickly laid her down.

She was pale, and dead and it hurts me to see her this way.

For the pass few months we've gotten back together, we've never discussed our future. Not really.

When she grows old…what would I do?

I'd say I'd stay by her side but can I?

I know the selfishness in this decision I'm about to make and I kept waiting….to feel like there's another option but my soul isn't leaning near any other options. I felt like this was a 'just do' moment.

And I hated the fact that I'm about to betray her.

She's made it more than clear that she doesn't want to be what I am.

I wanted to promise to her I'd never make her one or let her be changed into one by another.

But I'm about to break her promise.

I stared at her.

Leena came into my life and I did not expect to fall in love.

It wasn't just the blood.

It was those eyes. Her hair, her body, her smile.

Her laugh.

All of things that made me feel human on the inside again.

I fell for someone who didn't know what she'd be getting herself into when she got involved.

But I always knew since that first moment she walked into Bloodlust that something was going to happen.

But I didn't think it would've brought me to this moment.

With her laying in front of me, getting colder and colder and pale as I am.

I grabbed her hand that was about the same temperature as mine now. She wasn't wearing the ring.

I let out a low sigh and shut my eyes. "Forgive me." I whispered.

I pulled my sleeve up and placed my wrist against my mouth.

My fangs slid deep into my skin and I bit down into the flesh.

I licked my lips rid of my blood and placed my wrist against her lips.

I allowed my wrist to open her mouth and the blood dropped into her mouth.

I watched as I fed her my blood.

I didn't want to do this. Give her this gift of death but I needed her.

I love her.

And if I lose her, I lose myself.

I never cried in my vampire years.

Hardly in my human years.

But I did let tears fall down without saying a word.

But it made me feel weak.

I used my other hand to wipe my tears and stared down at Leena as I proceeded to make her the one thing she never wanted to be.

A vampire.


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