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That Taste of Blood: The blood and the moon: Book 2

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Six months after Christian left, Leena finds herself in another mess between her and a man who she soons find out is a werewolf.
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Author's Note: These are the last three chapters. Shit is going down. So read on and enjoy!!!

Chapter 19: A decision to make

I had the bucket of soapy water right next to me and I dipped the rag in the water and started scrubbing the floors where Nick's blood has fallen.

My tears continued to coat the floor though.

"Leena." Christian whispered.

I paid him no attention.

I sniffed and continued wiping up the blood.

Remy stepped in the room from outside and sighed. "The hole is dug."

I snapped my head to look at him. "The hole?" My voice cracked.

Remy looked to Christian.

Christian looked to me.

I shook my head and sniffed. "I don't want to bury him. Please. That's not going to happen."

"Then what do you suggest we do, Leena?" Christian asked.

I couldn't speak.

I wiped my eyes.

Christian walked over to me and got on his knees beside me.

"Baby, look at me." He said softly.

I didn't.

But then something made me look up. Like a force.

My eyes widened and Christian kept his eyes on me.

After a second of silence, I asked, "Are you doing that?"

"Doing what?"

"Forcing me to look at you."

He nodded. "I'm still feeding on vampire blood and it gives me extra abilities."

"When did you start?"

"I guess when I was with Alison. The taste is always in my mouth and I just keep feeding from vampires."

I stood to my feet and Christian helped me up.

"Do you need to go lay down?"

I shook my head. "I don't want you to bury Nick."

"You prefer us to burn him and put him in a box?"


Christian's eyebrows pulled together.


Christian sighed. "No, Leena. It's better if we bury him. Okay? Just trust me."

I wiped my eyes. "I can't trust anybody anymore."

Christian sucked in a breath and looked to Remy. "Not even us?"

I looked into Christian's green eyes. "You're back to normal but I can see that you're still dark, Christian."

He narrowed his eyes. "Wait, when the hell did this start being about me?"

"It's always been about you."

"What do you mean?"

"If people are going to keep dying around me because of you then….I can't marry you." I said shaking my head.

Christian looked to Remy. "Can you leave us alone for a few minutes?" He asked.

Remy nodded. He walked out of the door and Christian turned back to look at me.

"Leena, I will not lose you again. I just got you back."

"Being with a vampire is causing so many problems, Christian. I just can't keep up anymore. Even caring for you will get me killed."

"Same for you but I'm still by your side as you can see."

"It different though. Anybody threatens me and you can go off but I'm different. I'm human and weak and powerless." I whispered.

"I think you need some rest, Leena."

"No! I'm finally understanding. We can't…." I shook my head.

Christian had a look of pain on his face I never seen before. "Please…" He said in a low voice. Christian's never begged me before.

"Just let me think."

"About your future with me?"

I nodded.

Christian looked like he'd just been staked.

He backed up and then turned and walked out of the house to outside.

I looked back down at the puddle of water and then went to get back down on my knees and continued to scrub the blood away.


Christian's POV

Was this Svetlana's plan all along? Do this to Leena to mess her up and make her not want to be with me? She could have just punished me while I was in her presence.

She didn't have to mount to this.

Remy looked at me as I walked near him.

There was a hole, as big as a couch in the backyard of Leena's house and right next to it was the dead remains of Nick.

Although Leena's facts are true, it still didn't beat the way I felt about her. I never thought that a human can make me feel this way.

So caught up in love that I'd violate any law to be with and protect her.

"Are you okay, man?"

"She doesn't know if she loves me anymore."

Remy looked towards the house. "How can she not know?"

"I don't know, Remy."

"She still does. Nobody falls out of love that fast."

I looked down at Nick. "Can you go tell her we need to bury him now?"

Remy nodded and walked around the house.

I stared down at Nick while listening to Remy walk through the grass. I heard him knock on the door and it sounded close as if he was right next to me.

I heard the door open and then shut.

"Leena," Remy said.


"We have to bury him, Leena. Please understand that this may be what he wants."

"He wouldn't have wanted this! That fucking cunt did this to him! It's not fucking fair! Fuck this!" She yelled.

I never heard her scream or cuss that loud before. Well I have heard her scream that loud before but it wasn't in anger.

Remy didn't say a word.

I could hear him put his hands in his pockets and take three breaths of air before sighing. "Leena, Christian hates this. He hates Svetlana for doing this to you because he loves you. It's hard to get Christian to love anybody. He didn't warm up to me until forty three years of us knowing each other.

Svetlana took harder to warm up to. How many years did it take you to like her?" Remy asked me.

Only he would hear my answer.

"About seventy two years." I answered and stood against the house.

"Seventy two years. See?" Remy asked her. "And he warmed up to you, the first night the both of you met."

"Yeah, because we had sex the first night we met."

"Okay, but then he saved you that one night. He didn't have to do that, Leena. Matter of fact, he told me you were bleeding and he spared your blood. He could have killed you. But he didn't. And why didn't he?"

She said nothing.

But I knew she knew why.

"Because he loves you and he does all he can to protect you, Leena. Vampires aren't supposed to be so protective over humans. You all are supposed to be our fucking dinner. Understand?"

She didn't say anything.

Remy sighed again. "Now I'm not saying you have to decide right now rather or not you want to still be with Christian, but can you please come and say goodbye to your brother?"

I could hear her breathing and this chilling sadness washed through me and I knew it was because she was feeling it.

"Come on." Remy said gently.

They're walking was even louder and I heard the door open again and shut.

I could hear Leena's quiet sobs.

They appeared in the backyard and she didn't look at me. She looked down at Nick.

Remy sighed and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "It's fine, I promise."

She nodded.

Remy picked up Nick's body and placed him down into the hole. I wanted to go to Leena and say something to her. Hug her, kiss her, tell her everything will be okay but….I knew she was mad at me.

Remy sighed as he climbed out and dusted his clothes off.

Leena stared down at Nick in the hole and sniffed.

I took my jacket off and placed it around her and she still didn't look at me.

Remy cleared his throat. "Nick….he was…..an asshole."

Leena gave him a murderous glare. A glare I've never seen on a human before.

Remy swallowed. "But a good man. He protected Leena in her time of need always and he was….rather messed up when it came to vampires but its fine because he's dead now."

Leena's glare didn't let up.

"No, which means…that he doesn't ever have to deal with vampires again."

Leena stopped glaring at him and looked back down into the hole.

Remy stopped talking and looked to me for help.

I stepped forward.

"Nicholas, I know that you and I had nothing but rivalry. I know that your problem with me was the fact that you didn't trust me with Leena.

And she's your sister so of course you'd feel the need to protect her. I apologize for all the problems I brought along when I arrived back into Leena's life.

I never intended for anything to be taken out on you or her.

I wish we could have been like brothers, Nicholas. But obviously your fate has been given to you. I'm….sorry."

From the corner of my eye, I could see Leena finally look at me.

I stepped back and looked to her.

She sniffed and slowly stepped up to the hole and looked down at Nick.

"Nick, I can't even-" She broke down and fell to the ground and cried violently.

I flew to her side and cradled her tightly despite her effort of trying to push me away.

I combed my fingers through her hair, trying to calm her but she broke into pieces crying harder than I've ever seen anyone cry.

She clutched onto my shirt and cried hard into my shirt.

"It's my fault!" She cried.

I shook my head. "It's mine." I whispered.

She continued crying against me after another five minutes and soon the only sound that could be heard was her sniffing.

Remy sat down beside us. "You think you need a beer?" He asked.

She nodded. "Two please." She sniffed.

Remy nodded and walked. I know why he walked.

Just to give us time to talk.

She didn't say anything though and neither did I.

We just sat there not thinking, not feeling.

I couldn't feel anything and I know it was only because she was feeling numb at the moment. She had words to say to Nick and I know it was because she wasn't ready to say goodbye.

Remy came back hearing we were getting nowhere and he had two beer cans beside us.

Leena didn't touch them though. She stayed in my arms.

I counted the time in my head that passed by.

I heard her breathing slowly and I knew she was sleep.

Remy looked at her and then to me. "What should I do?" He asked.

I stood up with her in my arms. "Bury him." I said.

She weighed like a feather in my arms.

Using my speed, I walked into the house, seeing everything as I passed by within a second and was up in the guest room.

I laid her onto the bed and covered her up with the comforters.

I leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips before walking out of the room.

Within a second, I was standing in the backyard.

I exhaled as I watched Remy throw the dirt back into the hole burying Nicholas Phillips.

I felt….nothing. Still because even in her sleep, Leena felt numb.


I woke up the next morning, feeling…..lonely. Like there was no one else around for me.

I managed to get out of bed and walked across the floor boards.

I opened the door and heard nothing but silence.

I walked downstairs and into the living room.

The bucket of bloody water was gone.

I walked through the quiet house. I felt like a zombie. A robot. I felt dead.

I made my way to the kitchen and looked out of the door's square window.

Nothing looked different.

I opened the door and peeked out.


I walked out onto the grass and knew that I had to have been walking above Nick.

I stepped back a few steps and sat down on the grass.

I took a few deep breaths and sighed. "Nick," I said his name gently.

"I'm so sorry. I should have said something before they buried you but I honestly didn't know what to say. You didn't deserve this. Any of this. I'm so sorry.

I should have listened to you when you told me to stay away from vampires. You were right, Nicky."

I kept my tears under control.

"There's so much I want to say but…I can only say this, Nick. When I catch that bitch, I'm gonna drive a fucking stake through her heart."


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