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That Taste of Blood: The blood and the moon: Book 2

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Six months after Christian left, Leena finds herself in another mess between her and a man who she soons find out is a werewolf.
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Chapter 17: Everybody has an enemy

Aiden's POV

I followed the Latino through the woods and she kept looking back at me as I followed her.

I knew she didn't fully trust me.

Something I didn't understand was why that book had said the things we remember in human form, we won't remember in wolf form. What a lie. I remember clearly but the things I normally care about means nothing to me at this point.

Not even that girl….Lee-na.

A growing lust washed through my body and I sat back on my haunches. It felt natural.

The Latino turned to look back at me.

"Sounds likes she's your mate." She said.

I just want to fuck the shit out of her.

The Latino looked surprised. "Did you?"

I didn't answer.

I didn't feel guilty for my actions yet…it was something I didn't quite conquer yet. The feeling of guilt. I had a feeling that in my weak ass human form, I would have broke down like a little bitch.

But I kept thinking about her.

I wanted to cum in her.

"Jesus, do you have a boner or something?" The Latino asked.

Stay out of my head.

"Do you love her?"

Don't worry about it. Take me to your pack and stop asking questions.

"I'm not taking you anywhere until you show me respect."

I sighed and laid down on my paws and waited. Shit, I don't got nowhere to go.

I can lay here all day.

It was actually comfortable.

The Latino sighed. "Fine, come on." She turned and continued walking ahead. I followed after her hesitantly until we came upon three tents. All olive green in the middle of a deserted area that was surrounded with green bushes.

She walked in the middle and did a low whistle.

The tents rumbled and from the middle tent, a girl with chestnut hair peeked out of it.

She looked young.

She unzipped the tent all the way.

The Latino stepped forward. "Where's your dad, Emily?" She asked the tiny girl.

A low growl came from behind us and we both turned.

A midnight wolf with glowing white eyes appeared and growled louder.

I stared into his eyes.

They were fierce….horrifying.

A gray mark was slashed across from his eyelid to his nose.

Like a long scratch that never healed.

I stared at him and looked up to the Latino.

She gulped and got down on her knees and bowed down to him.

"Langston," She breathed. "this is a new wolf that wants to join the pack."

He turned his head to look at me. And then he looked back to the Latino and growled.

Why couldn't I hear his thoughts? It was irritating. I growled a deep sound from my throat and his head snapped at me.

He bared his lips back showing his sharp teeth almost like vampire fangs.

The Latino looked at me. "Stand. Down." she whispered.

I set back on my haunches and held my head down.

The wolf, Langston looked back to the Latino. And growled something.

She nodded and looked to me. "He said okay."

I nodded once and let out a breath of relief. I had others like me.

On my side.

Langston then looked at me. In the eyes and got closer. I backed up and he growled.

"Stay still." The Latino whispered.

Langston circled and sniffed me and I felt uncomfortable as shit.

He then got back to the front and released a breath.

A hazy eerie feeling filled my head and I winced.

'Listen to me….wolf.'

Oh shit, I can hear him now. Was he making it so I couldn't hear him before?

'I don't know where you come from but you follow the rules given to you by me. I'm the leader which means I expect to be respected. Because I can either kick you out of the pack at any time or worst…kill you.

My daughter, Emily will not be touched by you. Understand?'

"Yes sir"

I said back in my head.

He gave me one more look over and then something felt blocked.

He turned back to the Latino and growled something back to her.

He kept hiding his thoughts. How does he do that?

The Latino nodded. "I will. He can share with me."

He growled something else.

She glanced at me. "What do you want him to hunt for this first time?" She asked.


Langston turned his head slightly toward me and then looked up to the Latino.

She nodded and then looked to me.


Langston ran off in a gallop and left it just me, the Latino, and little Emily who had to have been a teenager.

She smiled shyly at me and then disappeared back into the tent.

The latino looked at me. "You need to hunt."

Hunt what?

"Vampires." She breathed and broke off into a run, the fur sprouted out and she broke off into a fast run and I tried my hardest to catch up with her.

Leena's POV

It seemed like the worst things happen at night time. I didn't understand it. I guess its probably because of the fact that that's the only time that vampires can come out.

And it's the vampires that cause the problems.

And lately, its been problem after problem.

If its not a vampire that's the problem, it's a werewolf and if its not a werewolf that's a problem, it's a vampire.

And then there was one more problem left.


According to her, she's coming to slaughter me so what do I do about that?

I looked to my left and Nick was snoring beside me on the couch.

His head was laid back against the back of the couch and his mouth was wide open.

I clutched the pillow in my lap and sniffed.

And there's Christian and Remy.

I love them both.

But now vampire hunters are being released.

What the hell, man?

These three are the only ones I have left.

I gotta protect them now.

I couldn't lose anyone else.

Svetlana didn't exactly say when she'll visit only that she will.

She said to talk.

No doubt about Alexander. She still thinks its my fault but didn't Christian go to talk to her?

He did say she threatened us both though.

What does this mean?

Christian's POV

I dodged the stake that was thrown at me from a five foot girl who couldn't have more then twenty.

I grabbed her by her neck.

She was the fourth vampire hunter I've come across.

Remy was taking care of two others.

I showed the girl who was clasped in my hand my fangs and gave her a small smile.

She looked back at me with fear in her eyes.

Why become a vampire hunter if you're going to show fear?

"Please." She begged.

"Please what?" I growled to show her how scared she should be.

"Don't kill me."

"Says the person who just tried to kill me. How ironic." I bit into her flesh and tore it off.

She cried as I let my teeth dive into her and absorb her blood.

She had a bad diet. I could that from her blood.

But she was still sweet none the less.

Two bodies were forced to the ground and I could swear I heard the crack of a skull.

I picked my head up after I gotten my fill and shut my eyes.

I could feel her running through my veins and it felt fucking good.

I opened my eyes.

"Six hunters down, a helluva lot more to go." Remy said.

I nodded. "Leave the bodies here. A warning to the rest of the hunters what'll happen to them if they try to kill us."

Remy smirked and nodded. "You've became a full badass, Christian."

I raised my eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Before Alison put you in that 'frenzy' thing, you were just smart and careful, when you were with Alison, you were full vamp mode twenty four seven. Now you're sane but badass completely. It's about time."

I gave him a look and he shrugged.

"I have to get back to Leena."

"Yeah, your sexy fiancée."

I glared at him and he smirked and disappeared.

I followed after him and passed him up.

Leena's POV

I laid in the guest bedroom and sighed.

I realized that my life hasn't gotten exciting until vampires came in my life.

That's a bad thing.

The door swung open and Christian entered the room coated in blood.

I sat up. "What the hell happened to you?"

"Vampire hunters tried to kill me and Remy but we took care of them."

"Sure did." Remy called from downstairs.

"Are you okay?" I asked as he sat on the bed

I rubbed my fingers through his thick dark hair.

He nodded. "Yes."

I nodded with him and I could see blood surrounding his lips.

"Is it fun? Hunting?"

He nodded. "It's quite entertaining."


He shrugged. "Something about the fear."

"You like the fear?"

He nodded.

"Ever tried to act that out?"

He raised an eyebrow. "By that you mean….?"

This is embarrassing. Especially because of what happened to me a few hours ago.

"You've slept with humans aside from me right?"

He nodded.

"You ever tried to make them pretend to be scared?"

"Like…role play?"

I nodded.

He shook his head. "No. Never really thought about that. They've given themselves to me willingly. Why?"

I shook my head. "No reason."

He narrowed his eyes at me as I looked down to my black colored sheets.

He sucked in a breath. "You want to do that."

It wasn't a question. An accusation.

I suddenly felt guilty.

"Could be interesting."

"Leena Phillips, you never cease to amaze me. Regardless of what you just went through, all you

are thinking of is role play."

"I know it makes no sense but I just think that if certain things were to happen, I'd forget about this whole thing. And you would too."

Christian's eyes suddenly went dark with anger. "I'll never fucking forget."

I watched him and swallowed and looked back down to my sheets.

"I know you won't." I whispered.


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