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That Taste of Blood: The blood and the moon: Book 2

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Six months after Christian left, Leena finds herself in another mess between her and a man who she soons find out is a werewolf.
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Author's Note: Okay, I know this chapter is extemely short and I'm sorry. For those of you who reads 'Throught the blood' on my other profile, I will update very soon. Enjoy.

Chapter 10: Left with a shock

"How did we do?" I asked.

Christian was laying on top of me and looked up. He smiled and looked up at the wall the headboard of the bed was against.

"I think you should call someone to fix that." He said.

"I'll do it later." I said.

He looked down at me and kissed me.

"You're always this horny when I'm gone?"

I giggled to hide my blush.

"More than you can ever know." I answered.

Christian paused and turned his head slightly toward the door. "Your brother is here."

"You hear him?" I asked.

He nodded.

"I know he's pissed off still."

"Why?" Christian asked.

"Because I'm back with you. He's recently been against all vampires."

Christian got off of me. "He'll come around….maybe." I turned to look outside and looked back to Christian and he was fully dressed.

"How do you always do that?"

"Reflex." He said.

I sat up and grabbed another pair of pajamas. "This is the third pair you ripped." I said.

He smirked. "Oops."

"Don't do that. You know you liked it."

"Ditto." He whispered.

I pulled on some more pajamas and combed through my hair.

"How many hours has it been?" I asked Christian.

"About three." Remy called from downstairs. I rolled my eyes and looked to Christian.

"Can you really blame him for being angry? We stopped him in the middle of a lecture to fuck each other."

I didn't think about it that way.

Christian led the way downstairs and I followed him and blushed because I know that we were heard once again.

Remy looked at me and shook his head and Nick glared at me.

Okay, I feel like a little girl at the moment. Nick was acing like my dad and Remy was acting like my big brother.

As long as Christian has no anger towards me, I think I'm okay.

"We need to talk, Leena." Nick said.

"Anything you have to say in front of me, you can say in front of Christian." I said.

Typical 'blinded by love' defensive speech.

"Okay, I don't want you to have a dead fuck as a boyfriend."

"This dead fuck will rip your fucking heart out in a second." Christian threatened.

"Do it, dead man."

"I will you, fucking blood bag."

"Stop it!!" I yelled.

Nick was face to face with Christian.

Holy shit.

"Nick, you don't have to like Christian. He's staying as long as I like him."

Nick looked to me.

"Kindle is upstairs waiting for you."

He shrugged. "Let her wait. This right here is more important."

"It's none of your concern."

"When the fuck are you going to stop defending your dead fucking friends over your family."

"I'm not defending them, Nick. You underestimating them. They're not hurting us."

Nick scoffed. "You're being stupid. I swear, you'd think there was blonde hair on that head instead of brunette."

"Nick, you do not have to defend me. I have a weird drawn towards vampires but no one is drawing you in with me, so leave."

Nick glared at me. He stepped closer to me. "I swore to dad that I'd protect you when he died."

"Don't bring him into this. That's not fair." My eyes watered.

"I'm going to keep protecting you rather you like it or not. So get the fuck use to it." He stomped away, up the stairs and we all heard the slam of a door and I was the only one who jumped.


"Remy, don't argue with me now." I said.

Christian shot him a look.

Remy sighed.

I had to have a seat.

I didn't want to have to go through that phase where my brother and my boyfriend hate each other. I hate when that shit happens.

Christian sat on the arm of the chair and looked to Remy. "I'm leaving." He said.

"Good riddance." Remy said.

Christian sighed. "I need you to look after Leena."

"I don't need looking after." I said.

Christian looked to me. "That guy needs to stay away from you. Please just listen to Remy. He's smart."

"And how do I know if you're coming back?"

"You don't know. I don't know. Just listen to him."

"You can't just leave me again, Christian. You don't know the impact you had when you left."

"You were fine." Remy said.

Not on the inside. All that shit was a cover up.

Christian sighed. "Just please look after her until I get back."


"You mean if." I muttered.

Christian looked at me. "When." He said. And for some reason, maybe because of the sincere tone of his voice as he said the word, It held so much promise. And I believed him.

"Why can't I go?" I asked.



"I just want you to keep yourself safe and don't get in trouble. Okay?"

I didn't meet his eyes.

I felt cool hands touch my shoulder and he was suddenly behind me. "Okay?" He asked again.

I looked at him and nodded.

"When are you leaving?" Remy asked.

"Next few minutes. Might as well get it over with."

Remy nodded. "Good luck."

Christian looked down at me. "Come with me for a second." He said.

I nodded and he grabbed my hand.

We got the door and he opened it.

He led me outside and led me out into the yard.

I stared up into his green eyes.

"I'm sorry I got to leave like this again."

I nodded. "Just come back safe." I whispered.

Christian nodded. "I will…for you."

I nodded as he leaned over and kissed my tears away.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. I didn't want to let him go.

"I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too." I sniffed.

He placed his fingers through my hair and brought my lips to his.

That damn electricity, lust and heat never leaves.

"Do me a favor…" He whispered.

I looked up into his eyes.

"What?" I asked.

He hesitated. "Think about….marrying me."

My jaw dropped. "Wh-what?"

"You heard me." He kissed my lips again and grabbed my hand and kissed my knuckles.

Within a blink, he was gone.

I was standing there….unable to take another breath.

Did he just say….?

My heart was beating unbelievably from fear…..from love.

Did I want….could I see a future with Christian?

He's a vampire.

Was it even possible?

I'm sure Christian would make it possible.

I slowly walked back into the house and looked to Remy who stared back at me.

I shook my head and he nodded. "You look like you can use a minute."

I nodded and sat on the couch.

"Or an hour." He said.

"He basically just…asked me to marry him."

Remy nodded. "Sounds like it."

"What do I say?" I asked.

Remy shrugged. "Shit, I don't know. He didn't ask me. It's up to you."

"We haven't even known each other long."

"Do you love him?" Remy asked.

"More than I've ever loved anyone. Aside from Nick. I can't help the way Christian makes me feel. Like…everything will be alright and I've never felt like that with anyone. He makes me feel loved…and safe."

"Then marry him." Remy said.

I looked up at him.

I want to.

A slow smile appeared on my face. Holy shit…I'm getting married.

Christian is my….fiancée….sort of.

I bit my lip.

Only thing I'm worried about is…what will Nick say?


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