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That taste of blood: Forever and Always: Book 3

Novel By: IceBreaker

(IN-PROGRESS)Aside from struggling with her new life, Leena has to fight side by side with her vampire lover to protect the vampire race from extinction. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5: Where we stand


I looked in the mirror. I looked like me but I didn't. My skin was so pale. My eyes were so bright. Everything about me looked sharper and intense.

I sighed and combed my fingers through my brown hair and froze.

I heard footsteps coming towards the door outside.

Without another breath, my fangs shot down and I growled.

Whoever it was should know they shouldn't be here.


It was Christian.


I covered my mouth with my hand and stayed in the bathroom.

"Go up." I whispered to my fangs.

They stayed down.

Christian appeared in my bathroom and stared at me.

I swallowed as I stared back at him.

"What wrong?"

I shook my head.

He narrowed his eyes and took my hand away and his eyebrows raised as he looked at my fangs.

"I was getting in defense mode when I heard someone. Now, that I know it was you, I can't get them to….leave."

Christian smirked. "You're new. It's hard to control them the first few months but…you'll get used to it soon."

I nodded and then bit my lip, which hurted and I winced in pain and licked the blood from my lips. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

Christian sighed. "I didn't want to leave things the way we left them. And plus I just want to get you ready for what's coming."

"What are you talking about?"

"The frenzy, Leena. There's no avoiding it. Every vampire has to go through it."

Oh no. I didn't want to go around just killing everyone. Sure a human here and there if I have no other choice but not the whole town.


"It's fine, I'm going to help you, okay?"

"You will?"

"Yes." He says "Now can we talk?"

I nod. "Sure." I walk out of the bathroom and Christian follows me. We sit on the couch and I look to him.

"I been wondering for the longest, Leena, what draws me to you. And what draws other supernaturals to you. And I came up with nothing. I mean I know what draws me to you. You're smart, beautiful, careful, trustworthy, and dependable. But there is a strong hold that you have over me that no woman has ever had over me."

"That's crazy because I feel the same way." I whispered.

"I didn't think you loved me anymore."

"Of course, I do. I kept telling myself that Aiden was a distraction but now, I don't know what that was that me and he did. One second we're talking to Nick's grave and the next….we're…. I never loved him. I can never love any man the way I love you." I said.

Christian grabs my hand and smiles a little. "I know that there is something else beyond our feelings that's drawn us and other vampires together."

"What's that?" I asked.

Christian sighed. "I don't know. But I'm trying to figure it out. I'm trying to understand the drawn and the smell of your blood. You can't be a vampire hybrid. You can't be a wolf hybrid."

"Wolf hybrid?"

"Half wolf, half vampire."

"That's possible?" I asked.

Christian nodded. "Very rarely though, considering the fact that most vampires hate wolves."

"There's a lot more…isn't there?"

He nodded. "There is. But none of which concerns us." He says, "I'm still visiting Alton and his books to see if there is something that relates to you."

"Thank you, Christian."

He smiles. "It's no problem," He sighs and stands to his feet. He hesitates and looks down at me. "I'm proud of everything you are, Leena. You may hate being a vampire, but I'm proud to be your maker."

I didn't know if I should feel pleased or careless.

Christian saw my change as something good.

Was it good?

I don't know but there would be only one reason why I would want to be this. Only to be with Christian forever.

But look at what we've went through together. Could I really go through all this drama for the rest of my life?

Would I have a choice?

Odds are, I won't. I'm a vampire now and I'm officially sucked into this shit.

And I'm sucked in it with Christian.

I love him but, I rather love him while I'm human. Christian changed that. And he did it to save my life, because he loves me. I should be lucky that I have someone like him in my life who's willing to do anything to keep me alive, even if it's something I hate.

He wants to spin the rest of his life with me.

And I, him. As long as I have him, I think I can go on with this situation.

Christian sighs and stands up. "Well, I'm glad we can talk, Leena. I'll let you carry on with your night, now." He went to the door and the very second before he reached for the knob; I flew against it, keeping it shut.

He looks down at me, his green eyes full of surprise.

"Don't go."

Christian sighs, giving me a reassuring smile. "Leena, you're a vampire, you're going to have a natural urge to want to be around vampires."

"That's not it."

"Trust me, it is.

I shake my head and stare up into his eyes. "I want you."

He shakes his head. "I fucked you over. You shouldn't want me."

"Christian, I don't want to think about the shit you've done, okay? Yes, it's fucked up but I understand why you did it."

"You do?"

I nod. "You're all I have left. And yes the world is about to go to shit with the vampires killing humans and the humans killing vampires, but none of that shit even matters. I just want to be with you. Forever."

Christian stares down at me.

"Do you love me?" I asked.

He nods. "More than anything."

I nod with him. "Then we'll be in this together. I am choosing to be in this shit with you."

He hesitates for only a second before his lips are on mine. I gasp as he slams me up against the door.

His tongue is moving forcibly against mine as his body pins mine to the door.

Keeping me pinned with his hips, he uses his fingers to rip my shirt from my body. It becomes a heap of fabric as it falls to the floor.

His lips are against mine again as I rip open his shirt.

The buttons fly everywhere but we both ignore it carelessly.

He's rougher with this kiss. I feel anger and love in it. It's hard; painful, deeper than anything I ever felt when I was human.

He puts me back down and rips my jeans off of my body and growls as he discards the fabric down onto the floor in a ripped mess.

He yanks my panties off, ripping them, and he has me pinned again.

I reach down, desperate to feel him, and take him out of his pants to rub him.

He hisses through his teeth and crushes his lips to mine again.

I let go of him and drive my fingers through his hair.

He violently pushes into me. I choke back a moan.

He pumps hard and violently inside of me.

And it's the most intense thing I ever felt. I cry out as he pulls my hair back, exposing my neck to him.

His breathing is harsh and rough, matching mine.

I hear his fangs slip out.

I'm anxious as I shut my eyes, taking in his rough pumps.

Then I felt it. A pinching sensation through my neck. Fire light up in my body and it goes right to my groin. I moan loudly, pushing Christian's head forward so he doesn't stop.

He starts pounding faster in me; he drives in and out relentlessly, rising that feeling in me as he continues feeding and licking from my flesh.

I dig my nails into his skull as I throw my head back. He's slamming hard into my pussy, making my toes curl. "Ah! Fuck!" I cry out.

Harder and faster until he's using his vampire speed. I keep one hand in his hair and move one down to his shoulder. My nails are still in his skull while my other nails are digging into his shoulder, drawing blood. I can't resist the temptation. I pull him closer and clamp my now elongated fangs into his shoulder. He groans loudly, throwing his head back.

He tastes sweet and cool. I shut my eyes as I fed from his shoulder. The blood distracted me for only a second before…

I cry out as he drives me to an orgasm, pumping hard inside of me.

I throw my head back as he growls and plunges his fangs into my neck once more.

I gasp and squeeze my eyes shut as the orgasm rocks through my body, blocking off every thought I have.

Christian spills inside of me, groaning into the crook of my neck as he finally slows down.

I'm completely energized, yet I feel like all the strength has been taken out of me.

I've missed this. I missed being with him like this.


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