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That taste of blood: Forever and Always: Book 3

Novel By: IceBreaker

(IN-PROGRESS)Aside from struggling with her new life, Leena has to fight side by side with her vampire lover to protect the vampire race from extinction. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3: Feelings...evaporated

Aiden's POV

I heard a lot of drama yet I didn't get here fast enough . Walking in my human form, I neared the pack who were all speaking quietly.

They all glanced at me as I walked to them. "What the hell happened?" I asked.

Alee came forward and sighed. "A girl was attacked."

"A girl?"

She nodded. "Her and this vampire. He took her away but I think she was already dead."


She nodded. "Leave it alone, Aiden."

"Do you know what she looked like?"

She shook her head. "But she smelled really good."

I had this odd feeling.

Like a feeling of unease. What if it was Leena?

Her name didn't send chills through my body like it use to. Normally at the thought of her name, I'd get a vision of where she is but I didn't this time.

I tried to concentrate. I shut my eyes, opened them back trying to keep my focus.

"I swear to…." I sighed.

I pray to god it wasn't her.

I don't even remember where…..yeah I do.

I turned and burst through my wolf form.

It was painful but my anger was way more intense and outweighed the pain.

"Where are you going?!" Alee called.

I didn't answer.

I shot through the trees and through the dirt and mud as fast as I could.

A girl and a vampire.

Leena and Christian. Why would they both be out here?

I ran across the street and through another set of woods.

All my anger fueled and I began losing focus on where I was going.

I knew daylight would come soon.

Without thinking, I hopped onto another street and down another and quickly changed back.

I ripped my clothes so I wasn't exactly covered.

Whatever, she's seen my shit anyway.

I knocked on the door and waited.

Something didn't seem right.

My eyes narrowed as I placed my hand on the knob.

I opened the door and there was laughing and a whoosh of movement.

I was grabbed and held up against the wall.

My air was cut off and it was an uncomfortable feeling.

I looked down at my attacker and didn't expect to see who I saw.

My eyes widened as I stared down at a pale faced Leena.

Her eyes widened at me and she set me down to my feet and backed away from me.

I stared at her. I thought she was dead. How the hell did she pick me…..

Oh fuck me.

She's a…..

"My pack attacked you." I breathed.

She didn't speak. She sat back against the couch and stared down at the floor.

"Is your fiancée here?"

"He's not my fiancée anymore and no he isn't here." She said in a voice extremely low. She didn't sound like herself.

"Then who is?"


Footsteps and a whoosh of movement and he was right next to her.

They looked so devious, you'd think they were Bonnie and Clyde.

They looked like a couple from how they both standing extra close to each other.

"Of course."

"Sunrise is coming up soon what do you want?" Remy said.

I glared at him. I was not in the move for his antics. "I need to talk to Leena."

"Okay. So talk."

Leena looked up at Remy who gave her a sly look and smirked.

"I get it." He breathed.

She nodded as he turned and then she looked to me.

"What the hell happened?"

She sat on the back of the couch and her eyes stared into mine. Lighter than her usual blue.

"Christian felt that I cheated on him so he was going after you and your wolf pack. I went into the woods and tried to stop him."

That explains it.

"Let me ask you something. Why the FUCK would you go and try to stop a vampire from killing a werewolf when you know how we can't control what happens in our wolf form?"

"Because I gave a shit about you. That's why." She said impassively.

"Don't get smart with me, Leena."

"I was trying to protect you." She said.

"And I appreciate it, but next time, don't be a fucking blonde about that situation."

She got off the couch and was now face to face with me. She brought on an odd feeling of fear as she neared me.

Like the feeling of death. "I'm already dead. There is no next time." She whispered.

"Leena, you know I care about you but you have to be fucking smarter about these things. Now look what happened."

I looked down at her. She didn't look like herself.

More…I don't know.

"It's too late." She said.

I actually felt pity for her and something else I noticed.

I didn't seem to feel for her like I did before. I don't know how I felt about her now.

She looked me in my eyes.

"We should stay away from each other for a little while." She said in a clear low voice.


"I have too much to deal with right now."

I stared at her and nodded. She as a vampire needed space. I get it.

That fling didn't last long but I still wanted to be her friend. She did help me in my time of need afterall.

"Okay. Tell your boyfriend or whatever the hell he is to you to stay out of the woods and away from my wolf pack."

"Tell him yourself."

"Where is he?"

She didn't answer.

I rolled my eyes and turned away from her. She's going to be hard to deal with now that she's all….sophisticated as a vampire should be.

It was peeking daylight.

I grabbed the knob to the front door and turned to give her one final look but she was already gone.

I had to have a talk with the wolf pack.

I opened the door and slammed it shut.

Just as daylight risen, I didn't shift back in wolf form.

I let the rising sun warm up my already hot skin.

I crossed the street and let myself walk in silence and let my thoughts ramble on.

As a human and vampire, I don't think she ever had feelings for me.

All we did was have sex after all.

And even after that, she wanted it forgotten. Part of me thought it would have brought us closer. But she was in it for the distraction obviously and I was okay with that. I don't regret falling in love with her…I mean…it was worth it.

Maybe I was in love with the idea of her.

Idea of someone who gives a fuck enough about me to enjoy taking care of me.

And she did. She admitted it herself.

As I entered the woods, I felt a presence. I knew it was a wolf. I could smell it.

Damn, I don't really have on anything.


I sighed.

"It's okay." A voice rose from nowhere.

I looked around me.

"It's me." Emily peeked from behind a tree and smiled.

She bit her lip as she saw my exposure. The girl was young.

She fully came from behind the tree and had clothes in her arms. "These are for you." She said slowly walking to me.

She chewed on her lip as she looked up at me and handed me the clothes.

I smirked at her as I put my clothes on in front of her.

"My dad would have killed you if he caught me staring."

"Never saw one before?" I asked.

She blushed and shook her head. "Everyone's extra careful of their nudity."

"You say that like it's a bad thing, girl."

"My name is Emily and its not a bad thing."


"Why?" She asked as she pursed her lips.

I shrugged.

She kept her eyes locked on mine. "No one's ever asked me to take my clothes off before so no ones seen me naked. Plus my dad keeps an extra eye on me. He doesn't want me to lose my virginity until I'm like twenty."

I chuckled. "Can you hold out?"

She shrugged. "I heard that….well…sex feels really good."

I nodded and as I pulled my shirt on. "It does."

She looked down, almost completely red. She must not talk about it with everyone.

"You do know that we have to mate to keep our species going right?"


"To get the Were girls pregnant."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I thought Alee would have told you. She's on you a lot lately. In fact, all the girls talk about you."

"Oh yeah? What do they say?"

"That you're the best looking guy in the pack aside from my dad."

"How many girls have he gotten pregnant?"

She looked confused about the question.

I raised my eyebrow.

"He didn't get anyone pregnant. The guys get the girls pregnant."

"Even if they didn't want to?"

"The girls understand their duty."

"Hmm….do you?"

"Haven't found anyone to mate with yet. Plus, daddy says not to worry about it yet."

"So the rest of the girls can get pregnant at a young age but you…"

"It's not fair but that's what he said."

I nodded.

Emily swallowed and shyly smiled at me.

"You should get back before your dad suspects we're doing something."

Emily blushed red and back up while giggling. "Right. I'll….see you around, Aiden."

I nodded and she turned and ran off.

She was a pretty little thing. Kinda young.

It may not matter.

If I had to mate with the girl in this pack to keep the lycanthropy going then I might have to fuck her. Her dad doesn't like me though so that might be a problem.

I walked over to the pack where everyone was getting prepared for breakfast. "Listen up!" I called. No one paid attention.

A broad shouldered man with dark hair and even darker eyes walked out from a tent.

No doubt was it Langston.

After he walked out of the tent fully clothed, a girl came out with only a shirt on.

She looked nervous.

My eyes narrowed at him. He sent a bad vibe.

Not just because of the girl from the tent that looked nervous but I just felt something wasn't right about him.

"Listen!" I yelled.

Everyone finally stopped to look at me. Langston didn't though. He kept on with his business.

"A girl was killed last night."

Alee stepped forward, twirling her dark hair.

"A girl I was good friends with." I said.

A boy with blonde hair too light for his face scoffed. "Yeah…and?"

"And? I think the pack should be careful and beware of humans."

"Or maybe the humans should stay out of the way of the wolf pack." Langston said not meeting my eyes.

I stared at him and he finally half glanced at me and then looked to the girl who looked nervous as she followed behind him.

"Humans are innocent. We shouldn't kill them. We have no right."

Langston stopped what he was doing and glared up at me.

He wore a sarcastic smile that said I was up shit creek.

"Okay, first of all, you tell no one what right we do and do not have. You're not the fucking Alpha of this pack, I am. Second of all, you're the new guy, you still don't get the fact that we can't control what our wolves do when we're in such form. And third, not all humans are innocent. The woods are dangerous enough and that human that you call your friend had no right to invade our territory."

"She was coming to protect me from a vampire."

Langston's eyebrows rose.

"Oh…so vampires too, huh?"

"It's a long story."

"A long story I don't want to hear." Langston said.

I glared at him. "What is your problem?"

"I don't want you to be in this pack and bring a whole shitload of problems with you like vampires for instance." Langston turned to face the whole pack. He raised his voice. "WE do not FUCK with the vampires," Langston said. "They are our natural enemies and we defend ourselves if we need to. However," He looked back to me. "We do not take kindly to a narcissistic fuck that enjoys bringing problems among us."

"Narcissistic?" I asked. Really?

"Yeah. Need a dictionary?" Langston asked.

"No thank you, asshole."

Langston walked away from me and looked around him to the people surrounding him. "You may all eat."

Everyone immediately went back to talking and grabbing food from what looked like a picnic table.

Emily was looking at me.

I shrugged and winked at her and she blushed.

But stopped when she saw the murderous glare Langston sent her.

She swallowed and disappeared.

Then he looked to me.

I knew that me and him were going to have problems.


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