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Nymph Dreams

Novel By: BoonDock

A young boy lives adjacent to an old growth forest. The forest contains ancient trees that are inhabited by wood nymphs who have been dormant for years. He stops to rest in an old grove and leans his back against one of these trees. His proximity rouses the awareness of the nymph who needs fresh semen to awaken fully. She manipulates the tree to caress him after he dozes off. He has a wet dream and cums in his pants. The Nymph gets what she needs to finally emerge from her long slumber... View table of contents...


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Nymph Dreams

Roy slammed the door, and stormed out of the house. He couldn't remember ever being so humiliated and ashamed in all the fourteen years that he had been alive. As he half-ran-half-walked down the path through the garden, he wiped ineffectively at his face, trying to brush away the tears that threatened to blind him. His progress was halted momentarily by the garden gate, but once he was through, he started running. Within minutes he had run through the rough new growth and had entered the old forest.

The tall, old trees had their usual effect on him, calming his mind and allowing him to start putting his emotions and thoughts into perspective. As his emotional state started calming, his pace through the forest slowed as well, until he was finally walking calmly and quietly between the trees.

Roy wandered for some time, not settling down until he had managed to get his thoughts into order. As he thought about the things his mother had screamed at him, he started to feel more and more embarrassed. In the quiet of the forest, it was easier to acknowledge that his sister did have the right to be royally pissed off with him for stealing a pair of her panties and using them as a cum-rag. Going to his mother though, that hadn't been fair. She should have kept it between the two of them. He would have made it up to her, but ratting him out to their mother, that was what had caused the blow-up.

Roy had an idealised memory of his father. The picture of the dead Marine Gunnery Sgt in his full dress uniform that occupied pride of place on the desk in his room was his prize possession, and for his mother to tell him that his father would have been disgusted with him was, in his opinion, a bit beyond the pale. Thinking of his father, killed in the mountains of Afghanistan four years earlier, threatened to restart the tears, so Roy tried to push the thought away, back into the recesses of his mind.

After over an hour's walking, Roy started paying more attention to his surroundings and realised that he had crossed a ridge and had entered a part of the forest that was new to him. He followed the sound of running water, and finally broke through some undergrowth and dead-falls to emerge in a clearing adjacent to a trickling stream. He decided that the mossy ground would make a good place to take a rest for a while before he was forced to return to face his mother and sister. He plonked himself down and leant back against a handy tree, grabbing a handful of small pebbles and throwing them one by one into the stream. Before he realised what was happening, he had dropped off to sleep.

Syl'fair felt herself emerging from the dream.

The proximity of a virile young male felt like the hint of rain in the air after a drought. She had no real awareness of the passage of time, all she knew was that a long time had passed since she had emerged from Dreamtime. She stretched out her senses as far as she could and felt that the sapling that she had entered was now a mighty tree, and realised that it must have been a very long time indeed. She struggled to concentrate as the Dreamtime tugged at her, and found herself teetering in the edge of returning.

She hovered on the edge for a time, very uncertain that she would be able to wake properly until she felt a rush of new energy. The young boy, she realised, had fallen asleep and entered his own dreams, and fortunately for her they were almost instantly erotic. She focused all her attention on the boy, concentrating on the place where his body was touching the tree. As she did, she found old skills returning to her. She couldn't, quite, enter his dreams and actually extracting her body from the tree would require semen, but she thought she might be able to help things along a little.

Syl'fair decided to husband her energy, and started exerting her power very carefully. She reached out and shifted the low-hanging branches, slowly, so slowly moving them closer to the young boy. When the first leaves brushed against his foot, a rush of exhilaration rushed through her and with the new burst of energy, she moved the branch closer and closer and started brushing it gently back and forth up and down the boy's legs and over his groin.

Roy was dreaming that someone was trailing their fingers up his leg, then, after brushing over his rapidly stiffening penis, down the other leg. Back up, with an exquisitely tantalising pause over his groin, then back down again. Various images flashed through his dream. None were specific, just generic images of breasts and long female hair and more breasts. He had never seen a live girl, only a few pictures in magazines and on the 'Net, but he had lived on a hair-trigger, aroused by the merest mention of anything that vaguely resembled the female anatomy. It didn't take long, and his arousal overwhelmed him and he woke up just as he came in his pants.

He was slightly disgusted with himself. He couldn't believe that he had had a wet-dream. He sat up and looked down at the wet spot on the front of his jeans. He pulled off his pants and his under-pants and looked around for something to use to clean himself off. There didn't seem to be anything nearby that wouldn't scratch the hell out of him, so he used his underpants to wipe off as much as he could from himself and from the inside of his jeans. Once he had cleaned up as much as he could, he decided to just drop the underpants where he had been sitting. He pulled on his jeans again and started making his way slowly back home, having decided that the best thing to do was simply to apologise to his mother and his sister and take whatever punishment they decided to mete out. He figured that owning up to his mistakes and taking his punishment like a man was what his father would have expected of him.

As Roy walked away, he had the strange sensation that someone was watching him. He glanced back at the tree he had leant against, but couldn't see anything unusual about it, and there definitely didn't seem to be anyone else around. He shrugged it off and continued on his way.

Syl'fair was ecstatic. When the young boy had dropped his under-garment against the tree, the semen on it became accessible to her. It was properly fresh, and it wasn't expelled directly onto her as she really needed, but she was able to direct her tree to absorb it all over the next few hours. Once it had all been absorbed, she had to rest for a while, but she knew that she was free of the Dreamtime for now. Once she had rested, she would be able to extract herself from the tree and track down the boy who had awakened her. He didn't know it yet, but there was a bond between them that was forged by his semen. She was dependent on him for as long as he didn't reject her, and she knew that once she had managed to find him, she would be able to get enough from him to restore herself properly. Once she had recovered her energy, she would only need a new dose from him once every three days.


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