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Sesshomru X Rin (one shot)

Short story By: ying yang
Fan fiction

Sesshomaru, The great lord of the west, shows his young companion the pleasures of pleasing her master.

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Rin's pov

Rin breathed in the country air. Her lord sesshomaru got a track on naraku and wanted to check it out.Rin was happy to be in the country again. She couldn't wait to see the venders and beautiful geishas. She had recently told her lord that she wanted to be a geisha and he told her that geishas were prostitues.Rin not knowing what a whore was, still wanted to be a geisha.' Come on master jaken.We have to get a move'' I shouted at master jaken.''You silly child! Do you honestly think im going anywhere with you? You mortals are so needy' shouted back master jaken to me.

Normal pov.

''Jaken. If you wish to live, you must go with her and make sure she is fine'' said lord Sesshomaru to jaken. Lord Sesshomaru stepped down from aun swiftly. His hair braided in wind, showing his cool, silky handsome face. His broad shoulders rippled through his shirt, pressing against his 8 pack abs. His intense eyes looked liked the moon, shinning down on the earth. His silky smooth lips, rose red, were calling of woman. The wind brushing all over his body, made his looks more like a god, than a dog demon. He was truly a lord.

Rin's pov

''Will you not come lord sesshomaru?'I asked him smiling. I thought I saw his eye twitch.' No rin, I will stay here and rest' replied lord sesshomaru turning around.' Then I too will stay'' I said. It took my lord a while but I could see him thinking.' Okay then rin.Stay .Jaken, you go into the village. In three days time you must return with enough supplies for rin for a while.'' Said my lord to jaken.B-b-ut l-lord sesshomaru!!I will stay and send the girl.' shouted jaken ohohoooooooooooooo! A stone connected into jaken's face.' Go now and you will live". Said lord sesshomaru, staring intensely at jaken.Without a word jaken ran.

Night fall

Sesshomaru's pov

I looked into her eyes and saw her looking back at me with confusion's-my lord'stammerd rin.I leaned in, I couldn't take it anymore. Her scent, her everything was so delicious. I could eat her up and out. I leaned in and captured her young lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth.

Rin slipped her hand into my hair as I pulled her body closer to mine.'hmmmmm lord sesshomaro', she moaned. I licked to side of her face going down to her chest. I laid her down on the ground and slowly opened her kimono. Her body was small and silky; almost frail. I bent my head down and began trailing kisses from her neck to her navel. I playfully stuck my tongue into her navel. All the time she had been moaning. When I reached down to her vagina I spread her legs and slowly put my tongue into her. She wiggled but I held her still.'Ahh-h-h l-l-ord sesshomaru.She began digging her hand into my scalp, turning me on even more. My tongue explored her pussy, leaving no inch or corner untouched with my saliva. I pulled my tongue out of her and undressed myself. I could feel her staring at me.

Rin slowly came up to me and touched my dick.'Whats this lord sesshomaru?'She asked intently.' My penis.I wants you to touch it and out your mouth around it.' I instructed her.' But lord sesshomar.Your p-penis is too big to fit in my mouth.' she said looking up at me with pleading eyes. I pulled down her face towards it and she slowly put her mouth around it and began moving it up, down, and around her mouth.AH-H-H! But she is just a child, yet she does it soo well. I began to moan. I enjoyed the feeling of rin's small mouth trapped around my dick.It was so warm and inviting. I smelt her arousal.

I pulled up her head and laid her down." Did I displease my lord?' asked rin looking at me sadly and on the verge of tears.' No my young child. It felt amazing, but it is my turn to please you.' I said quickly to her. She smiled; pleased with my answer. I slowly opened to legs and inhaled her aroma. She smelt so divine. I licked both my index and middle finger and slowly entered her. She screamed and wiggled more.' Lord Sesshomaru, it hurts.' she said in a pained voice.' It will only hurt for a while I told her. I slowly felt her body begin to relax and enjoy the pain. Her agony turned to happiness and her pain became pleasure.

She mounded and began moving slipping herself onto my fingers more as I moved my hands faster. I suddenly stopped and pulled out my fingers. Her face was red and she was breathing heavily. I held my penis and slowly began to enter her.''Unnnn''I heard her moan. Her inside was soo warm and tight, it was like she ate up my dick with her tiny womanhood.''Ah-hh- rin''.i moaned. I began to move in and out of her with more movement and force. She kept on moaning, enjoying her time. I lifted up her legs and placed them on my shoulders. I slowly began to dry hump her once again.''AHHHH LORD SESSHOMARU!!!MORE - MORE!!IT'S SO BIG AND STIFF.INSIDE ME.YES! PLEASE! MORE!''She moaned more and I gave her more." IN, I THINK IM GONNA CUM!!AH SO TIGHT.!"I screamed also. I felt my penis get hotter and then I exploded, unloadin into her. I pulled out of her and dropped down on my side." That was nice lord sesshomaru."She said to me. Then she fell asleep. I watched her sleep as I bit down on her neck, marking her, making her mine.Noone is going to take you away from me rin.not even naraku,not even death.


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