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A Dangerous Desire (Sterek fanfic)

Short story By: sammo
Fan fiction

Stiles wants to know if his desire is mutual. By that, he pays a visit to Derek who is at his terminal rage because of the full moon.

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Note: Derek actually transforms into a wolf during the full moon. Unlike the series, where he only partly turns.

A mighty night it was. Not usual for California during the summer. The presence of a mysterious fog had found its way through the forests. A warm misty picture of a gorgeous spooky night. On a mountain above the landscape he sat, waiting for the moon to shine on his smooth body. A ripped, muscular figure as unusual as the night. His clothing consisted of tight scratched shorts and nothing else. Slowly, the bright light of the moon gave him a pale shade. His eyes formed a clear reflection of the beautiful night he witnessed. So beautiful, but so lonely. It was a long time ago since he went out by himself in the middle of the night, but this time was special. This time he had no other reason than to stare at the sky as the beauty of the night embraced his pain with dignity. He got more appreciation out of the night's atmosphere than the everyday faces he had to deal with. People are too aggressive, too busy with useless things he thought to himself. Unlike the dark summer skies. Although the full moon changed him into a horrifying killing beast, he was still more free than any human could ever be in this contemporary civilization. Derek's body began to transform. He later disappeared in the shadows of the forest.

Stiles had arrived at Derek's semi-wrecked home. He saw the moon standing high, litting up his hazel eyes. While he caught himself dreaming away, he heard a loud howl. He directly recognized it; It was Derek's. The boy stood up from the window frame he had been patiently sitting on, undid his red hoodie and prepared. Scared and vulnerable he was, but oh so brave. Brave enough to rely on his instinct and follow his desire. The desire for the strong mighty beast. He wanted to wait until the moon was at its fullest to face the darkest, most evil side of Derek. If he could conquer him, he knew he was strong enough. Strong enough to show him his bestial lust. Although he didn't know he could handle such a big bad wolf. Maybe he underestimated the situation, because his intentions could lead up to either success or degradation that night.


The redness in his eyes were like an endless tunnel to hell. His teeth were sharp and lethal. Before Stiles knew it, he stood eye to eye with Derek, who was still under full control of the moon. Stiles didn't know if he was conscious or not, because the thought of Derek being under control of something murderous and beyond human scared him a little.

"Hey Derek, surprised to see me?" Stiles said with a mild voice. He wondered if his sarcastic tone was either appropriate or rather horribly consequential . After all, sarcasm was his only defense. The wolf came closer, but didn't attack (which relieved Stiles a bit). It looked rather surprised. Stiles didn't move. He stood still and didn't want to show any fear.

Time made a sharp twist when Derek suddenly took a run-up, jumped on Stiles (who was utterly surprised and scared at the same time) and set his claws into Stiles' torso. He didn't know if it was from the pain or the sexual arousal that he seductively began to bite his own lip. Derek let his paws slide from Stiles' neck down to his navel which left him with a torn shirt. The wolf came closer to Stiles' ear.
"Leave," he whispered. He turned and left.

Derek left Stiles with a lot of different emotions at the same time. He wasn't disappointed at all. The fact that Derek hadn't brutally hurt or killed him (apart from the paw scrams on his chest) proved that he cared about him. In fact, Stiles had noticed a clear electrical spark between them. A dangerous lustful vibe that gave Stiles a heart raising shiver. He knew that Derek had a hard time showing his emotions, but all Stiles wanted was for Derek to at least admit them. And there was no gentle way to make him do that.


Sunlight caught Derek's blurred glimpse as he opened one eye. Morning hood shone through the crevices of the walls on his half naked body and felt comfortably warm. He tried to gain consciousness while he looked around him, searching for any new damage that he might have caused during the previous night. He was lying on his soft matrass, which was weird because he normally ends up falling asleep on anything other than his bed. Everything wasn't indeed as peaceful as it might've seemed. He quickly noticed that the ability of moving his hands and feet were taken away from him. They were tied up to the metal bars of the bed. He looked down at the foot side and saw a stiles sitting on it.
"Slept well?" Stiles said while a tiny evil smile formed on his face. He had been waiting for a while for Derek to wake up.
"Let me go now!" Derek angrily commanded. He was still a bit light headed because he just woke up, but it was clearly viewable that that didn't stop his eyes from expressing the rage that was starting to build up. "Now," he completed.
"Oh c'mon Derek, just admit you like it," Stiles said, teasing. He noticed him staring at the scrams on his chest.
"D-did I do that to you?" Derek said with a temper that had slightly dropped.
"Yeah you did," Stiles answered while taking another look at the now dark red marks Derek had left him.
"Well, I'm sorry about that," Derek said a bit shyly. "Can I go now?"
"That's not why I chained you to your bed," Stiles noted. "I may not have thought this through, but I think this is the only way I can make you admit your feelings for me." He ended that last phrase with a rather anxious tone in his voice.
"Stiles I swear if you don't let me go I'm going to hurt you even more, now let me go!" Derek forcedly said as he tried to contain himself from fully losing it. The room was overtaken by high-contrast feelings that made Stiles feel a bit uncomfortable.
"You know, I didn't know what else to do, okay. You're giving me these mixed signals and I don't know how to take them," he nervously explained while he kept walking around in circles. "One time you come onto me with your sturdy wolf look and the next time you totally ignore me."
"Well you could've just asked me." Derek had put so much emphasis on "could've" that his angry intentions almost made the sentence sarcastic, while he still held onto the same angry expression in his eyes.
"Well to be very honest I am having second thoughts about this, but I thought this was the only way I could talk to you about this stuff without you brutally murdering me," Stiles responded to Derek's sarcastic comment. Derek didn't even drop a bit of his rage and breathed heavily through his nose while he tried to free himself from the strained metal chains. Furthermore, he maintained unspoken. Like he wanted to avoid the conversation.
"I'm asking you now. Despite the fact that I chained you to your bed - do you admit that, deep in your dark furry heart, you have feelings for me? Oh and maybe think being chained to a bed is pretty kinky?" Stiles' voice got a bit high pitched on that last sentence. Derek looked at him with a bright red hue in his eyes, defining his anger on a whole new level.
"I do not want to have this conversation while I can hardly move," he said. Stiles noticed that Derek hadn't proved him wrong yet. That was his sign to take a step further.

He took a seat on the bed, next to Derek. Without any hesitate about what might happen next, he went with his fingers through Derek's hair. Derek said nothing. He had a rather surprised look on his face. His red colored pupils turned to green again. Stiles felt like he was in control. A position where he never thought he would be.
"So, if you haven't got any feelings for me, you're going to be pretty mad when I do this," Stiles almost whispered while he bowed over Derek's lips. He waited for second to make sure Derek didn't protest against his intentions. But everything went so smooth, he continued to come closer and closer. He looked the sour wolf in the eyes as both their lips met. A warm, gentle shiver went through Stiles' spine. The wolf and the teen boy had finally found the inner desire for each other. They were kissing passionately. Derek felt the atmosphere of the room changing and turning into a much softer picture than he had before. He started to notice beautiful details he had never paid attention to before. Like the beauty and the warmth of the sunbeams embracing and warming up his skin, reflecting on tiny dewdrops which were being carried by the ivy trying to find its way up to the ceiling. But most importantly, he felt his loneliness fade away because of his desire and lust for Stiles. A feeling that had evolved into a blossomed lotus in the frame of a perfect morning. He was startled that all those little aspects could craft such a beautiful harmony in which the sharp edges of life were polished into a smooth and warm reality.

A small cord of saliva ended their kiss. Stiles stroked Derek's rugged cheek. He bit his own lip as a description of his pleased feelings. He didn't look directly in to Derek's eyes, but beheld his lips. The lips he'd just enjoyed so roughly.
"I knew that somewhere deep in that sour cover lived a sweet wolf," Stiles said as he slid his fingertips over Derek's torso.
"Can you untie me now?" Derek asked while pulling a face. Confession wasn't necessary anymore. Stiles was actually pretty proud on himself for making Derek show his feelings. It was this or coming to the conclusion that Derek never had any feelings for him, which would've put him in an awkward position. But, for the first time Stiles could taste the sweetness of mutual love. Unlike his romance with Lydia. He had long forgotten about his feelings for her. This love was rougher and more intense. Loving a man like Derek was nothing compared to his previous preteen flings.

Stiles reached into his pocket for a little key. He unlocked the lock that held the metal chains together and released Derek from his bed.
"Aren't you gonna kill me now?" Stiles joked after he stood up from Derek's bed.
"Normally I would, but I think we both know why I'm not going to." Derek had a teasing smile on his face. He stood up and rubbed his wrist, the red chain marks healed quickly while he put on some jeans.
"So, my dad is probably wondering where I am right now," Stiles informed Derek. He kind of hoped Derek would protest against his intention of leaving and would answer something like: "hey don't leave now, I'll miss you" or "Stay here, I'm not done with you". But sadly, he didn't expect him to say such things. He waited for Derek to answer. It was like waiting for a miracle. The only word that slipped through his lips was a simple "bye". For that he was disappointed. He slowly started to think the kiss didn't really meant a lot to Derek. He sighed, turned around and left.

Stiles almost reached the door hole which was caging a bundle of light. When he almost got the chance to embrace its warmth, he felt something pulling his shirt. Derek pulled Stiles against his body and grabbed him by his belly while he let his hand lower into his pants, gently grabbing his package. He whispered the words: "I hope I'll see you again tonight."
Stiles felt himself getting hard as Derek's hand slowly left his pants and stroked his skinny chest. He was pleasantly surprised and slightly turned on. When he wanted to turn around to give Derek another intense kiss, he was gone.
Such a typical wolf thing to disappear and appear so suddenly, he thought to himself. A satisfying smile formed on his face as he almost couldn't bare himself from hopping his way back home. He was already thinking of how perfect his life was at that moment. His dad would work in a night shift again so he wouldn't notice anything. While sweet and happy wolf thoughts formed his mood pink, he disappeared in the sunrise between the blooming cherry blossom trees that colored the void.


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