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-My FanFiction Short Story of the Time I Met the Lovely Kristen Jaymes Stewart-

Short story By: RyansGirlFOREVER1993
Fan fiction

Okay, so I've been jumping around from lily pad to lily pad (or in other words, idea to idea), so I've desided to stop all of that and focus on the main thing I love and that's Kristen Stewart, if you don't know who that is I should smack you upside the head... O.o I'm just kidding, but she's the actress who plays the role of Bella Swan/Cullen in the Twilight sagas' (now if you don't know about the Twilight books or movies... Well then there is something very, very wrong with you and you should go see a doctor xD ). Anyway, here's my short story and I hope you like it as much as I do...

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-The Short Story of When I Met Kristen Stewart-

I checked my e-mail and held my breath as the page began to load, I didn't realize I was finally on my account until the alarm went off from getting a new e-mail. I hesitated but moved the mouse to the 'Inbox' button. I held my breath again as it loaded, which seemed like forever to get done. Then I saw it, the e-mail that approves of me winning the contest to stay 4 nights and 5 days in Prague to visit the ancestral region of Stefan and Vladimir of the Romanian coven from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part II. I clicked the e-mail to open it and see the message fully, and I sat in the chair with my eyes glued to the monitor screen and gaping at the message i received. Next thing I knew I was sitting at my laptop, gaping at the screen, I WON THE CONTEST! I continued reading, they preordered the airfare ticket sent along with the e-mail approving of my winnings. I also received a check of 500 dollars in spending money, when I read the prizes if someone had won and what they would get if they had won, it only said 100 dollars in spending money. I wondered if they had made a mistake... But then I just brushed that feeling right off my shoulders and kept reading until I saw a link guiding me to where the check and airfare was located in the message. I clicked it and the page turned white as a bed sheet, I jumped when the ticket for the airfare round trip and check for spending money popped up. I quickly printed both pages out and found my passport and birth certificate just incase I might need it to get onto the plane. I read the message and imprinted the date and time and where the aircraft departed from, it read: Location- Fort Lauderdale Airport; Time[s] Departure to Prague from Fort Lauderdale at 2:00a.m. and Departure from Prague to Fort Lauderdale at 12:30a.m., it also read that the check would ONLY be used as spending money because the preferences and such are already paid for and ready to be for guests' needs. I printed out the document just incase I needed proof of accessibility to get onto the aircraft. I tried to not get my hopes up that I was the only one winner and not accompanied by other 'Twilighters'. But something in the pit of my stomach warns me that there will be a couple other winners as well as myself. I saw Breaking Dawn part II and it was breathtaking, simply powerful, and addicting. I had to get ready, I sprinted upstairs to my room and dug through my walk-in closet, I was looking for a duffel-bag to put my clothes in for the three week stay in Prague. I stuffed every thing I would need for my trip, from tolitries, black combat boots, Converse, long pants, jeans, long-sleeve shirts, two hoodies, one leather jacket, one pea-coat, similar to the one Robert Pattinson wore in the first Twilight saga. I thought of what else I may need and I acted before thinking, I was over in my dresser, pulling out jeans and plaid flannal shirts until I found what I was desperately searching for; my scrapbook I've been creating for five years of Kristen Stewart. The scrapbook had pictures of her; quotes from the movies' she's been in; quotes that she had said in interviews, magazines, voice recordings, etc.; some of he favorite bands/musicians/music artists; pictures of her and Rob, and other co-stars from the Twilight sagas, The Runaways, The Yellow Handkerchief, Panic Room, Zarthera, Into The Wild, On The Road, Snow White & The Huntsman, The Messagers, Catch That Kid, Speak, Land Of Women, Welcome To The Riley's,and some other movies that I can't seem to recall the names of; there's a ton of other stuff I put into this scrapbook, too.


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