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A Friend By Tara

Short story By: Phasered
Fan fiction

LuciusxSeverus, Harry Potter - Fanfiction

Submitted:Jun 22, 2011    Reads: 225    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Title: A Friend
Author: Yaoi
Warnings: Graphic and maybe some Cusses
Pairings: LuciusxSeverus
Summary: Can A Lost Love Be Mended?
Word Count:1,884
Author Notes: I do not own these characters

Severus sat behind his desk in a sour mood as usual. Grading the poor essays, it was obvious these wizards and witches didn't know good writing if they saw one. The wrinkles on his forehead creased more as each essay got even more irritating. Even Potters' essay was better then the rest, but he graded it 'Troll' anyway. He groaned when he gave Granger's a higher grade than anyone in the class, even Draco.
He looked up at the clock, it would be about the time when he should get ready and meet an old friend in what used to be their secret, special place. Now, there is nothing so secret about this place, there is nothing even special about it anymore-just dusted old memories stuck in still, black and white Muggle photos. Severus finished grading one last essay. The girl would have gotten highest grade, but her grammar and spelling give it at 'troll'. Severus shampooed his hair and let his it air dry. He still did simple things for this friend and this frustrated him so. When after he was dressed, he went to the head masters' office, telling Dumbledore that will be going out and won't be back until late because, he's going for some drinks in Hogsmade. That was a lie, of course, and Dumbledore knew but trusted him enough. It's no one's business where he goes really and why. His private life is keep as well because his sexual preference is no one else's business. Who he still cares about, that feeling irritates him, and it irritates him that he even cares for that asshole.
He reaches the excluded place, and there sits that same old house. He hasn't been here since the summer of 1975, but now a family occupies it during the summer; it is that family which he loathes deep down inside, hidden away in the depths of his broken heart. He can tell his friend is already there from the aluminous glow of the light. He is known to be early for any meetings with friends or family. Severus held his breath as he stood in front of the door, speculating on weather to go in or not. He's not sure if he has the courage to go in and see the face that captured his heart so many years ago, to see that friend. Yes, that friend. He let out his breath and shoved his emotions back into the box and with a key, he opened the door.
"Am I late?" Severus asked, a small smile hidden in his usual expression.
"No, I'm early," he replied, his icy blue eyed friend he grinned at it.
It used to be a thing between them. There was a suffocation of silence between the two men. Severus' breath is still taken away by the beautiful man-his long blond flowing hair and the icy pools that always saw right threw him. The one who knew Severus' every thought without Legilmency the one that understood his being.
"What is it that you wanted to see me for, Lucius?" Severus spoke, breaking the silence that was between them.
"I want to see an old friend that I have seen awhile. It's been awhile since we were here when was that? 1976?" Said Lucius
"1975," Severus corrected him, irritated.
"Aww, my friend Severus do I irritate you?"
Severus just rolled his eyes, "Why did you really want to meet me here." His tone flat and lacked emotion.
Lucius glided over toward where Severus stood; he put his hand on Severus' shoulder and stared into his eyes searching, searching for that boxed and batted heart. Severus realized that Lucius was touching his wet hair and a genuine smile played on Lucius' lips.
"Because I still care about my friend and I can see," he paused, pulling a wet strand of hair, "I can feel that you still care for your friend too."
"What about Narissica?"
Lucius closed his eyes, he wanted to forget about her. She annoyed him, and he only married her because he was forced to. Then, he lied to Severus, saying that he loved her, but he pretends to for show, for his son. He does have love for his son. He loves his son very much, and he wants nothing but the best for him. He could smell Severus' manly sent invade his nostrils. He opened his eyes again, staring at the sad brown ones 'I still love you ' he thought.
The next thing Severus knew soft lips were pressing against his own and that familiar feeling stirred in his gut, making his knees weak. Oh, how he hated feel weak.
Lucius still felt that spark between them; it sent sparks all threw his body and caused that familiar pull in his groin. He licked Severus' lips with his tongue causing the man to gasp, and he took that moment to slip his tongue in and taste the sweet nectar of his mouth. It was that time he will show he still loves that man now and forever. He held his face deepening the kiss, kissing with passion and love. He felt arms snake around his neck tightly bringing him closer, closer to the warm body of the person who still loved him back. He knew and had known for years what Severus felt for him, and he hated seeing that he was the one that broke his heart; he hated seeing that Severus never loved anyone else but him. Seeing Severus bet himself up over him. He could have sworn he had felt tears but it was only a figment of his imagination. He pulled away seeing Severus eyes still shut slightly he rubbed his thumb gently on his cheek.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I hurt you and I'm sorry for all those years I lied." He stared in to Severus face.
Severus still had his eyes closed tightly he opened and closed his mouth several times before any sound came out. "Lied?" his voice was small and Lucius knew he was fighting his emotions. He knew Severus hated to be weak.
"Yes I lied to you that day, our last day of seeing each other." He paused then went on, "I lied, Severus, I lied saying I didn't love you. I always loved you. I still love you. I lied saying that I loved her, but really I was forced to get marry? to her."
Severus opened his eyes and stared into the ones before him, "But you had a child with her."
"Yes, and I love my son with every fiber of my being." I am sorry that I hurt you; I'm sorry and I still love you and always will." In turn, Severus kissed him, feverishly at first, Love shown through or broke through desire.
Lucius was sure this time he felt tears and he wasn't sure if it were his own or Severus.' The fact is it really doesn't matter, what matted was that he knew the truth; after all this time Severus knew the real reason why Lucius had to marry. Not only, but he missed his friend.
When Severus pulled away, he was grinning, "I didn't know that Lucius Malfoy could be such a sap." He teased.
Lucius narrowed his eyes. "You're going down Severus Snape."
Before Severus knew it, he was trapped underneath his lover, was pinned on the bed, which changed to a girlish pink and Severus sinkerd "You're goin' girlish on me mate? Soon you'll being wearing skirts with nothing underneath them."
"You would like that wouldn't you?" He pinned Severus harder underneath him and rubbed their covered erections together. Making him squirm, "Say It! You would like that!"
"Yes I would like that"
Severus moaned.
"Say it you sick motherfucker!" Lucius growled
"Tell me, how you like it"
"I LIKE IT FAST AND DEEP. MAKE LOVE TO ME YOU POOF!" Severus yell, and Lucius grinned.
"As you wish."
They kissed deeply and with need, hands roamed around each other's bodies. Soon both men were naked flesh on flesh which made each man strive for more. Lucius ran his hands down Severus' chest teasing each numb snaking his hand way down to his aching member. Severus hitched his breath, succumbing to the magic of Lucius' hand. Severus sucked on the sensitive part of Lucius' neck driving him to the edge. With his mouth, Severus worked his way down agonizingly slow, making Lucius tighten his grip on Severus. As Severus licked and nipped each nipple getting a whimper form his lover. Moving his way down he sucked on Lucius' belly button making him squirm and laugh a little, thus, making Severus grin; he teased him a bit more before moving to his big red member as he licked the tip of his member causing a hiss form above. Lucius moaned deeply when Severus deep throated him with out warning. "Merlin, Snape" He hissed, then his eyes rolled back of his head and his eyes closed in pleasure. Snape pulled away when he felt that his lover was close. Lucius pulled Severus up and kissed him deeply, passionately and lovingly.
"Make love to me now, I need you now," Severus said on Lucius' lips.
Lucius smiled tenderly and kissed him more.
Lucius spread his legs apart, took his wand, and said the charm for lob. He rubbed it in his fingers first to warm it up before he tenderly prepared Severus. By the time he had four fingers in and was glazing over his sweet spot, Severus was thrashing his head side to side moaning and begging for more. Lucius spread his lover's legs more as he positioned himself to enter his lover. He felt pure bliss as he shoved his member into his lover's tight rose, so tight that he had almost lost it for a second. He went slow at first so that Severus could get used to the sensations. But it didn't take long for him to be begging for more-deeper, harder and faster. Incoherent muttering escaped his lips as Lucius did as he wished, trusting deep and fast, coating that sweet spot hard. Severus cried his lovers' name and moaned cuming all over their chests. Two more trusts and Lucius moaned out Seveurs' name and collapse atop of him panting. Moments later, with a cleaning charm and both men in each others arms, and Severus smiled a real smile that only a few people see.
"I love you Lucius Malfoy."
"I love you too Severus Snape."
Both lovers feel asleep in each others' arms, united once again and nothing will get in their way ever again.
Severus sat behind his desk in a happier mood this time, grading papers once more-still a snarling asshole and still giving out trolls, but a few papers got outstandings. His mood was happier, but he never showed it to his fellow workers and his students, especially the Gryffindors.


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