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Ricochet Of Love

Short story By: Petersgirl
Fan fiction

After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the club but, will his heart survive it? JAX/TARA & JAX/OC. Set after season 5

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**********I do not own any of the characters; they belong to who they belong to. No copy right intended. This story is rated mature. It contains profanity, violence and adult situations.********


Watching Tara being cuffed and taken away in the police car; the first thing I did was go to my sons room. Thomas had went back to sleep but Able was still wide awake. I carried him into the kitchen with me.

Her being put in this position is my fault and I know that all the blame falls on me and the clubs ways. My outlaw ways have been coming through more and more since I took the gavel. No matter how I try to rule uncorrupted it just becomes more that way. No one understands what you have to do to be King and stay on top, especially Tara.

It completely blind sided me tonight when she had papers drawn up giving custody of the boys to Wendy if anything happens to us. What in the fuck was she thinking? I tore them in half and tossed them on the kitchen table. That's what I thought of that fucken idea.

But what fucked me up the most is she took that job in Oregon when we still hadn't made a decision about it. Knowing that I can't just up and leave, she knows that.

Why Tara thought I would just let her walk out the door with my boys, my family, I don't know. You would think being my old lady and my sharing the club secrets with her that she would have an understanding of how shit really works with me. No one will ever part me from my boys, ever. Not Wendy and not her either.

Cross me once I beat down if I let you live. Cross me twice we don't talk about it anymore cause your six feet under. Tara is on about her third or fourth time now. I thought we were on the same path and she was strong enough to see this through with me.

No matter how much you do or don't like Gemma. She always sees it through even when she stumbles and falls. She dust her ass off and tries again. Not that I really trust her either right now.

Gemma no more than crossed my mind until she was standing behind me "I'm so sorry baby. I'll be here for whatever you need. I love you and my grandsons more than anything in this world." I think there's some truth to that but knowing Gemma, I know she loves Gemma the most. When her world is right she is strong and loves with all her might. When her world is upside down like it is now, you never know what she will do.

My cell was ringing and even though tonight I needed to be left alone I answered it "Jaxs you need to come to the clubhouse shits upside down with Galen." I told Chibs I would be there and ask mom if she would stay with the kids till I got back. How much damage can she do to them just watching them sleep?


When they walked through the doors. The table was starting to have empty chairs every where, two men shorter than last time they held church. Clay was arrested and Jackson was thinking may the son of a bitch rot in hell.

He saw Bobby's VP patch laying on the table in front of his chair. That was just one more person that Jackson was adding to the list of people that wronged him lately.

Chibs was giving Jackson the intel of what Galen had been up to "Someone must have tipped him off about the deal we've made with Lynn and the Cartel. He wants blood Jackie, your blood. He also wants to make sure that the Sons pay the price as a message of how strong they are and show the reach that the Irish still has."

Jackson knew Chibs was right about that, blood is coming but he was going to be damned if it's his.

Jackson was running down the pros and cons of retaliation "There is a snitch within the Cartel. They think were low lives but nothing compares to an agent with free rein to make a little cash money on the side. Taking into consideration that not only would we be taking on the Irish if we retaliate in anyway but an agent. A crooked agent that can steal with the law on his side."

With all the shit that's going down in Jackson's world right now, he kept thinking that he would catch a break sooner or later. But hell no, when it comes, it comes with a vengeance.

They threw some ideas out for discussion. None of them were good for the Sons in anyway. Jackson has to make the hard calls sitting in the sit he does, no matter the price that comes with it. Taking on cops or any of them for that matter didn't put fear in any of them. But getting the club into deeper shit and it having more damage done to it does.

After making some calls the agents name is Yule Daniels. He has been with Galen at several of there meets with the Irish. They took a vote. No retaliation just talk to him. Or make him talk if he is reluctant to. Beating him short of killing if that's what it took.

Discussing Tara and everything that is going on with her, they needed cash and a lot of it. Going back to the place where we made most of the money, guns. Right or wrong Jackson was doing this for her, she deserves that from him. He kept thinking we will get her out of this some how. He just wasn't sure how yet.

Everyone was very supportive and whatever they had to do to make shit right for Tara they would do. I f that meant starting war with the Irish and the Cartel, so be it. The only players that are safe right now is Lin. Don't think that Jackson wouldn't take him on too if Lin crossed him.

After the meeting Tig stayed behind to talk to Jaxs "When we rescued Wendy from Galen, Clay was talking about selling guns on the side for them. He was telling me that it wouldn't be to anyone that would be competition for the SOA. Do you think he had anything to do with this shit?"

Jaxs lit up a smoke "Who in the fuck knows with Clay. He's been trying to cut my nuts off since I took over." Jackson knew he fucked up and made the wrong decision not to kill him when he could of. But that situation has been rectified all ready with the murder of Pope landing on Clay. Jackson was getting the satisfaction of knowing that Clays days are numbered and Clay knows it too.

Juice was back at the door "Hey they called and Yule has a warehouse the next town over. Sooner or later he'll be hanging out around there. They weren't sure if that is storage for the Cartel drops or not."

That brought a smile to Jacksons face. He was getting a kick from that "Wouldn't that be the shit to find him there and take back the same guns we are already sold to the Cartel. Then resell them again."


Taking Juice, Chibs and Tig with me to check out the warehouse intel we were given. Getting ready to ride "Chibs you take my right. Tig do you have a problem riding on my left tonight?"

Tig's bike was beside me "No boss. I'll protect you with my life." We'll see about that shit. I'm not sure that this is will be permanent positions but it's good for now.

Setting across the street trying to decide if anyone was in the warehouse or not we heard screaming "Tig take the front."

We busted through the back door of the warehouse and the screams were coming from one of the room upstairs "Chibs you come with me. Juice cover the stairs. Remember we take Yule alive, we need him right now. Were just gonna talk to him."

Juice was down at the bottom of the stairs and we were slipping up them quietly. When we entered the room "What the fuck?"

Yule was tied to a chair with three of his fingers laying on the floor. His face was covered blood and I wasn't sure that he was even alive.

"Welcome to my party boys." It was a female voice that had a gun pointed at us. She was a small woman with long blond curly hair. Dressed all in black just like we are when were going under the radar.

"Look, we don't wanna hurt you. We need to take the one in the chair and we'll be on our way. We have business with him." Hoping telling her that would make her back off and not make us kill her.

She laughed "Oh, I'm not afraid that you'll hurt me. You should be the one afraid right now." Is this chick for real?

Giving Chibs the nod so he knew what I had planned. We would get her to put her gun down then we would over power her "Were gonna put ours on the floor. Are you gonna put yours down too?" Chibs laid his gun on the floor and I was waiting till she did the same before I let go of mine. We don't wanna have to hurt a woman but I will if she leaves me no choice.

Not giving in to us and keeping her gun pointed at me "I can't do that stud. There's only two people I trust. One of them is me and the other one is not you. This has nothing to do with you. You leave and we'll just forget this meeting ever took place. How's that sound?"

She was all ready getting on my nerves "Were taking him. Don't make me use force." I was getting tired of this little game. I'm not questioned by many men let alone some tiny woman that has a big mouth.

Pointing the silencer at his head she pulled the trigger "That shit is not happening." She killed our goddamn lead and tie. Now I was pissed.

Chibs went to rush her and she did the splits to the floor. Punching him in the balls as hard as she could. Standing up she put her high heal black boot upside his head a couple of times. Now I was just down right fucken pissed off.

The last thing I remember was getting a boot to the face.

Hope you enjoyed reading me!


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