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Whoever You Choose

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

While she's on her tour of monitor duty,Zatanna notices that the Black Canary suddenly teleports herself into the JLA Satellite after a fight with the Green Arrow.

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It happens to be on May 20th that within a huge satellite that happens to be orbiting 22,300 miles above the Earth,one of the members of the super-heroic Justice League Of America named Zatanna Zatara was on her turn of Monitor Duty which would make any of the other JLA members such as Superman and Batman go totally nuts with boredom.

However,it was different for Zatanna because May 20th just happens to be her birthday.And in spite of the fact that the other Leaguers were nice to give her a present or two and wish her a 'Happy Birthday',Zatanna had allowed voluntered herself for Monitor Duty because she had wanted to be alone with her grief over losing the one wonderful man in her life.

That's right,Folks.I'm talking about her father,who had given his life so that she remains alive and well.But while she was in the process of shedding a tear or two in her beloved father's memory,the League's teleportation tube had suddenly turned itself on which had caused Zatanna to wipe the tears from her face and turn towards the tube to see who had decided to pay the Mystical Maven a little surprise visit.

And sure enough,the look on Zatanna's face had changed into that of utter confusion because a certain Blonde Bombshell known as the Black Canary had beamed herself into the satellite with a pair of overnight bags on her shoulders and a box in her hands.

And as soon as she had noticed some tears leaking out of the eyes of the woman whose actual name happens to be Dinah Laurel Lance,Zatanna had walked over to her good friend,placed a gentle hand on the Canary's shoulder and said,"Don't tell me,Dinah.Let me guess.You and Ollie had another fight,did you?"

That had made the suddenly-former crime-fighting partner of the Green Arrow slam her box filled with her personal stuff down on a sofa and say in a loud voice,"I'VE FINALLY HAD IT WITH HIM,ZATANNA!I JUST CAN'T STAND THAT ASSHOLE ANYMORE!AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED,OLIVER QUEEN REALLY IS A STUPID PAIN IN THE ASS PRICK!"

"I really didn't mean to bring it up,Dinah.I'm sorry.Are you going to be okay?",that was the question that a concerned Zatanna had asked Dinah,who had plopped herself down on the sofa next to her box of stuff,let out a sigh and answered,"I'll be okay,Zatanna!I just need to stay here for a while and try to decide on who I should really be for the rest of my life!"

That was before the curious Mystical Maven had opened the box,looked at the stuff inside of it and said,"Well,Dinah.If I might be so bold as to say so,it really shouldn't matter whoever you choose to be with the rest of your life because there are some good people in the JLA who are still willing to be your friends no matter what happens."

"And you just happen to be one of those good people,right?",that was what a smiling Dinah had asked after she had turned her saddened eyes toward Zatanna just before the mystical Leaguer had pulled a record out of the box and said,"Not only that,Dinah.I also have a secret passion for pop music like this little item for example."

Then,after she had pulled the record out of the cover and placed it on the record player,Zatanna had turned the stereo on and allowed the voice of Boy George to start singing that one hit Culture Club tune 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me'.And while the two League members were enjoying the song,Zatanna had danced so seductively and stripped her clothes off in front of the suddenly shocked Black Canary,who had cleared her throat and said,"I think I better go to my room now!"

But just as a reluctant Dinah was about to get off the sofa and leave the room,Zatanna had placed her hand on the Canary's chest and said in a soft voice,"Please,Dinah.There's no need for you to pretend anymore.You need to feel such wonderous sexual pleasure right now.Just relax...and enjoy it.",before she had planted one hell of a large kiss on Dinah's lips.

And sure enough,that had made Dinah take off her clothes and let Zatanna suck every last drop of juice on her wet pussy while the Mystical Maven had pushed two of her fingers into her soaking wet cunt and placed her other hand on Dinah's right breast.Then,after she had ran her fingers through her fellow Leaguer's hair and slowly licked her lips,Dinah had laid herself down on the floor and allowed Zatanna to place herself on top of the Canary and poke her finger in and out of her asshole while the Blonde Bombshell was doing the same thing to her newfound fuck buddy.

That was before Zatanna had used her powers to make a double dildo appear from right out of thin air.And after she had placed one end of that dildo inside her moist snatch and the other end inside Dinah's wet twat,Zatanna had placed her hands on the Canary's shoulders and started sucking on her tits and pushing that dildo deep into pussy.

And then,after the Canary had put her hands on her newfound lesbian lover's bare back and let out a scream of true sexual delight,both Dinah and Zatanna had finally came and stopped to catch their breath just before Dinah had laughed a little bit,let out a sigh and said,"Zatanna,that was...!That was...!"

"Let me guess.You had really never had sex with another woman before,right?",that was what Zatanna had asked Dinah before the Canary had smiled and nodded her head and the curious Mystical Maven had asked,"But what about Ollie?",only to have Dinah run her gentle fingers through Zatanna's hair and answer,"As far as I'm concerned,Zatanna.That sexist pig of a dumbass prick could just go to fucking hell for all I care."

And after the two JLA members had smiled and shared a good laugh between them,both Dinah and Zatanna had snuggled themselves up to each other and fallen asleep inside the Justice League Satellite.As for what would happen for Dinah next,she had decided to finally tell the Green Arrow to use one of his arrows to fuck his own ass and move in with Zatanna.



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