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To Give To Superman On His Birthday

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

Since she is unable to sleep,Lois Lane starts having a sexual fantasy of what she believes Superman's perfect birthday gift would be.

Submitted:Feb 28, 2011    Reads: 1,148    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Oooohhhh!I really do not believe this shit!I'm suppossed to be asleep!But it is now Midnight and I'm still awake!Whoa,Lois!Hold on a minute!You're having trouble sleeping because you just don't know the perfect gift to give to Superman on his birthday which happens to on the 29th day of February,that's all!Well,I know that if it's possible for me to give it to him,there's one perfect birthday gift that I would be willing to give a survivor of the destroyed planet Krypton whose actual name happens to be Kal-El.

I would open my bedroom window,take off my clothes and lay my naked body on the bed.He would allow himself to take a break from patrolling the city of Metropolis and fly into my bedroom to see if I'm feeling okay which would make me slowly lick my lips,pump my fingers into my wet pussy and say,"I need to ask you some more questions for my Daily Planet article like--for instance--are you willing to have some hot and steamy sex with a human being?"

That would make him smile,strip off his Superman uniform and stand bare ass naked and stroke his stiff cock right in front of me before heh! That feelssss ssssoooohhhh gooood!He would kiss me...ssssoooohhhh deeply...on the lips before haaaahhhh!He would suck on my...moist snatch with hissss...hands on my tits!Then,he would place himself on top of me and paaaahhhh!Poke his finger...in and out...of my asshole...while I ssssuck on hissss...ssssteal hard dick!

THEN,HE WOULD TAAAAHHHH,SSSSHHHHIT!TAKE IT OUT OF MY MOUTH,PUT HIS HANDS ON MY...SSSSHOULDERSSSS...AND START...SLAMMING HIS PLANET SIZED COCK DEEP INTO MY WET TWAT!HE...I...I WOOOOHHHH...OOOOHHHH...OOOORRRRGGGGHHHH!WHEW!That was...!Hmmmm!That was ssssoooohhhh woooonderful!It's too bad that a certain Mister Clark Kent couldn't do any of the wonderful things that The Man of Steel is able to do.

Oh,Clark's a nice guy but I like him as a friend and that's all.Besides,he's so mild mannered that he would rather go run to his mommy or hide under his bed than stand up and fight against some super powered villains such as Lex Luthor,the Parasite and Solomon Grundy.Anyway,I really do hope that Kal-El would open himself more to me and ask me to take his hand and be his wife.Oh,yeah.That's what Miss Lois Joanne Lane wants in her life right now.She wants to be Mrs. Superman.As for those who want to get him through me...FUCK YOURSELVES!



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