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The Last Time We Were Here

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

Since she is staying home and missing a party due to a head cold,Samantha Jones goes right to sleep in her recliner and wakes up with a young and handsome stranger in Cancun.

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Yes,it really is true that Mister Big was throwing one hell of a magnificent shinding inside his penthouse instead of at some outdoors place because it was stormy outside at the time.And it is also true that his ladylove Carrie Bradshaw and two of her three close friends Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes were enjoying themselves at that party.But the one friend of Carrie's who was not at that party was Samantha Jones,who had no choice but to stay inside her Manhattan apartment because of a sudden head cold.

Anyway,after she had sat down on her lounger and reclined herself in it,the phone had rung which had made Samantha pick it up,cough a little bit and say,"Hello."And of course,the one person on the other end of that call was her best friend Carrie,who had said,"Whoa,Sam!You sound terrible!",before Samantha had blown her runny nose with a tissue and said,"Oh thanks a lot,Carrie!That really is a nice thing to say!"That had made Carrie roll her eyes and say,"Sorry!It's just that when you've told me that you were not coming to the party because of a head cold,I've never figured it to sound that bad!"

"I know,Carrie.I know.And I really am sorry for what I had just said to you.It's just that my tonsils are swollen,I'm running a high fever and I have no choice but to stay home and miss out on the most fantastic party of the year!Oh,speaking of which,how are Charlotte and Miranda doing over there?",that was the question that Samantha had asked Carrie,who had looked around the room filled with party guests and said,"Well,I don't know about Miranda.But it looks like Charlotte is enjoying herself very well."That had made a small smiling Samantha giggle and say,"Don't say it,Carrie.Let me guess.She had finally found someone to help her forget that she was Mrs. Trey MacDougal,right?"

"How did you guess?",that was what a curious Carrie had asked Samantha before she had let out one small laugh and a sigh and said,"Look,Carrie.I have suddenly realized that it was wrong of me to make you worry over my health instead of enjoying that wonderful party.",only to have Carrie shake her head and say,"Oh,no-no-no!I don't mind worrying about you!Besides,it's not right for you to miss this party because of that head cold!"But that was before Samantha had let out a yawn and said,"No,Carrie.I mean it.Go enjoy the party without me.I'll be fine.Besides,I'm starting to feel sleepy anyway.Hopefully,I'll see the three of you at the usual place tomorrow.'Bye."

And after she had hung up the phone,Samantha had tried to get up from the lounger and go into the bedroom to sleep in her own bed.But no matter how hard she had tried,the power of sleep had became way too much for Samantha to overcome and forced her to just close her eyes and drift off into dreamland.That was before a sudden warmth had touched her skin and someone had placed a gentle hand on her cheek which had forced Samantha to open her eyes and discover that she had been sleeping totally naked on a bed that was not hers and with a handsome young stud laying next to her.

"Morning,Sunshine.I was wondering when you would finally wake up today.",that was what the handsome stranger had said to Samantha,who had became confused enough to get herself out of bed,wrap a blanket around her nude body and ask,"Where am I?",only to have the stud laugh a little bit and answer,"Now don't tell me that you don't remember the both of us being stuck in this tropical paradise for the first time."That had made Samantha walk over to a window,look outside of it and notice that she had somehow been taken out of her native New York City and placed her in Cancun.

But while she was trying to figure the whole thing out,the mystery stud had walked over to Samantha,placed his hands on her bare arms and said,"Remember,Honey?Do you remember the last time we were here in this very same cabin?It was in this room that I told you I love you with all of my heart and soul."That had made Samantha turn around and look at the young male like she was about to say,"B-but I...I've never b-been here...before...!",only to have him kiss Samantha ever so deeply on the lips before she was able to say those words.

And of course,that had made Samantha slip off the blanket and lay herself back on the bed just in time for the stud to start sucking every last drop of juice out of her wet pussy with his hands on her large tits which had Samantha put her hands on his arms,slowly lick her lips and think to herself,*Oooohhhh,Gooood!I hope that this is not a dream!*That was before the mysterious stud had placed himself on top of Samantha and slid his finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on his large beefstick.

That was before he had taken it out of her mouth,placed his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her tits and shoving his stiff cock deep into her hot and soaking wet cunt.And after she had laid her hands on her newfound fuck buddy's bare back,Samantha had closed her eyes and thought to herself,*OOOOHHHH!OOOOHHHH,GOD!AAAAHHHH,SSSSHHHHIT!PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE A DREAM!IT FEELS OOOOHHHH SSSSOOOOHHHH GOOOOD TO BE A DREAM!I WANT TO STAY HERE!PLEASE,GOD!LET ME STAAAAHHHH...AAAAHHHH...AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH,FUCKING SHIT!*

Then,after they had finally came and stopped to catch their breath,the handsome young hunk had put his gentle hand on the top of Samantha's head,let out a smile and asked,"Say,Babe?How would you like to have some breakfast in bed?",just before a smiling Samantha had giggled and answered,"That sounds great to me."But after the young stud had gone into the kitchen and Samantha had fallen back to sleep,someone had gently put the back of a hand on her forehead and made her open her eyes and scream bloody murder.

That was before she had discovered that she had woken up back inside her Manhattan apartment and Carrie was standing next to her with a bowl of oatmeal and saying,"I really am sorry to scare you like that,Sam.I was only checking to see how warm you were."And after she had gotten off her lounger and said,"I'm fine,Carrie.I really am feeling better now.",Samantha had walked into the bedroom,looked at the scene outside the window and said,"Ah,shit!It really was a dream!",before a smiling Carrie had stepped into the room and said,"Let me guess.Does this dream had some male beefcake in it?"

"Believe me,Carrie.You have no idea how right you really are.",that was what Samantha had said to Carrie after she had sat down on the bed and looked at her best friend with a smile on her own lips and before Carrie had sat down next to Samantha and said,"Well,Sam.Judging by the look of your face,I do believe that you really are finally over your head cold.Still want some of that oatmeal that I had made for you?"And after she had rolled her eyes and given it some thought,Samantha had looked at Carrie and said,"I don't think so,Carrie.Besides,they did say that it's going to be pretty warm today."



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