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The Best Birthday Surprise

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

After the crew of the Enterprise throw her a wonderful surprise birthday party,Deanna Troi goes into her quarters and encounters a strange bright light that transports her to a whole other place.

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It was after the Galaxy-class starship USS Enterprise(NCC-1701-D)had accomplished her mission of depositing a new group of settlers on an uninhabited Class M planet and started her return voyage to Earth that her commanding officer Captain Jean-Luc Picard had allowed some of the other crew members to meet in Ten Forward to help Guinan throw a surprise birthday party for the ship's counselor Deanna Troi.

And let me tell you right now that since she happens to be a half-Betazoid hybrid with extrasensory empathy,it really was not so easy to give a surprise birthday party.But Captain Picard and the rest of the crew had pulled it off and Deanna had enjoyed each and every minute of it.As a matter of fact,she had enjoyed the many gifts that her friends had given to her including a great big hug and kiss from her one true love Commander William T. Riker.

That was before Deanna had said 'good night' to everybody,thanked them all for a wonderful party and gone straight to Room 0910 which happens to be her quarters.But as soon as the door had opened and she had stepped into the room,a strange bright light had appeared from out of nowhere and blinded a startled Deanna for a few seconds.

And when she was finally able to open her eyes,the look on Deanna's face had changed into outright confusion because she had discovered that she was wearing a purple sugarspice bikini swimsuit that anyone in the 21st Century had been able to purchase through the Forplay website.And after she had also turned to the right and discovered that an amusement park from the same era was still being enjoyed by lots of people,Deanna had looked around and asked,"Will,where are you?Do you hear me?And if you do,would please tell me that I had made the mistake of stepping into one of the holodecks?"

That was before she had spotted a young couple looking like they were going to enjoy their first date together which had caused Deanna to become so curious that she had decided to follow that young couple straight to another group of people having a beach party.And as soon as she had sat herself down on the sand and watched the party-goers chowing down on some crab and having such a wonderful time,one of the beach partiers had opened a bottle of beer and handed it to Deanna.

And when she had given it a good sniff and taken a sip,a smile had appeared on Deanna's face before she had said,"Well,Will!If I did step into a holodeck by mistake,I am so glad that I had done so because this really is the best birthday surprise that I ever had!"But that was before some guy in a pair of sapphire Speedo swimwear solar 1" swim briefs had walked up to Deanna and said,"I am so glad that you are enjoying it,Deanna."

That was when she had looked up and noticed that an omnipotant being known only as Q was staring at her with his arms crossed which had made her give him a nasty look and say,"So,it was you who had placed me inside this temporal museum!Tell me,Q!Do you always have this habit of giving everyone you come into contact with nothing but grief and receiving great pleasure from it?"

"On the contrary,Deanna.It is I who shall give you such wonderous pleasure on this very night.Come with me,Deanna.Come take a trip with me on Lover's Lane.",that was the answer that Q had given Deanna before he had held out his hand and used his powers of omnipotence on her mind.And even though she had tried really hard to resist,the power of the Q had became way too great and Deanna had no choice but to let him take her by the hand and lead her to a 20th Century style beach house.

And after they had entered the house and gone into the bedroom,Q had turned Deanna around,looked into her eyes and said,"Yes,Deanna.There is no need for you to resist me.Let yourself go and allow tonight's pleasure to be yours.",before he had planted a deep kiss on her lips,waved his hand and used his power to make her bikini swimsuit disappear.

Then,after he had done the same thing with his swim trunks,Q had started stroking his stiff cock right in front of Deanna,who--since she was still unable to control herself--had pumped her fingers into her suddenly wet pussy.That was before Q had carefully laid Deanna down on the bed and began sucking on her moist snatch with his hands on her massive tits.

And then,after Deanna had placed her hands on Q's head,closed her eyes and thought to herself,*Oooohhhh,Will!I really am sorry for what Q is doing to me!But I am unable to resist!It feels oooohhhh ssssoooohhhh gooood!*,Q had laid himself on top of Deanna and poked his finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on his gigantic dick.

That was before Q had taken it out of her mouth,turned her on her stomach and began thrusting his starship sized cock deep into her shit portal while he was carressing her huge jugs and pumping his whole hand deep into her soaking wet twat which had forced Deanna to lay her hands on Q's butt,slowly lick her lips and yell at the top of her lungs,"AAAAHHHH!AAAAHHHH!AAAAHHHH,SSSSHHHHIT!YEEEESSSS!GIVE IT TO ME,Q!GIVE ME THE HARD FUCK IN THE ASS!I REALLY DO WANT IT IN THE AAAAHHHH...AAAAHHHH...AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!"

Then,after they had finally came and fallen asleep with Q on top of her,the same bright light had appeared and engulfed the entire room which had caused a shocked Deanna to wake up and see that she actually was sleeping in her own bed inside Room 0910.And after she had placed her hand on her heart and let out a sigh of relief,a beeping sound had made Deanna get out of bed,walk over to the door of her quarters and unlock it.

And after the door had opened and she had noticed Will standing in front of her with a smile on his face and saying,"Good morning,Birthday Girl.Want to join me in the galley for some breakfast?",a very pleased Deanna had given Will a big loving hug and said,"That sounds wonderful,Will!Only could we have some breakfast in here instead?I just do not want to do anymore dating right now."



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