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That One Rainy Night

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

A soaking wet Jo comes home from a late night college session just in time for Tootie to suggest that Jo takes a nice warm bath...among other things.

Submitted:Apr 4, 2011    Reads: 1,894    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

It had happened on April Fourth at exactly Midnight.I was on my way home from this late night course at Langley College,only to have buckets of rain start pouring down on me.And as soon as I had finally gotten home,I was soaking wet.But I wasn't the only one who had noticed that because after I had stepped into the apartment,I had spotted a fellow Eastland graduate named Dorothy Ramsey--we call her 'Tootie',by the way--sitting on the sofa and going over some notes for a test.

"Whoa!Are you okay,Jo?",that was what Tottie had asked me after she seen how totally damp I was and before I had looked at myself and said,"I'm okay,Tootie.It's just that I should've known better than to not take an umbrella with me while walking around Peekskill so late at night."That was when Tottie had helped me get my wet coat off and suggested that I should go take a nice warm shower.

And to tell the truth,it really was a good idea...or so I thought.You see,it was after I had stripped off my soaking wet clothes,stepped into the shower and started washing the effects of that one rainy night off of me,I hadn't noticed Tootie walking bare ass naked into the bathroom and pumping her fingers into her pussy while she was staring at me.

That was before she had also stepped into the shower,placed her hands on my back and asked,"Do you want me to scrub your back,Jo?"And when I had looked at Tootie,I had shrugged my shoulders and said 'okay' to that idea which--at first--had turned out to be okay.But that was before she had placed one hand on my tits and the other hand in-between my legs and started blowing her hot breath on the nape of my neck.

Now,I know that I should've told her that I wasn't into that lesbo thing.But instead of doing that,I had found myself enjoying it and wanting Tootie to fuck me some more.And after I had turned around and backed myself against a wall,Tootie had planted this deep kiss on my lips,kneeled down and sucked on my wet pussy with her hands on my firm breasts which had made me put my hands on her head and beg her to keep on giving me the hard fuck with that tongue of hers.

That was before we had stepped out of the shower,laid ourselves down on my bed and poked our fingers in and out of our assholes.Then,after we had moved ourselves harder and faster and finally came,both Tootie and I had looked and smiled at each other before I had said,"We better take another shower before the others get home tomorrow.",which had made Tootie shrug her shoulders and say,"You bet."



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