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Such A Wonderful Dream

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

As soon as she starts to fall asleep,Doctor Helena Russell decides to take a cold shower to snap herself out of it,only to have her share a hot shower with Maya instead.

Submitted:Sep 13, 2011    Reads: 834    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

According to the stranded personel of the research colony known as Moonbase Alpha,it could sometimes be hard to determine what time it really is since the accidental detonation of nuclear wastes stored on the Moon had blasted it free from Earth's gravitational force and toward distant galaxies.But for some of the Alpha personel,it might as well be easy as pie which brings us to one Doctor Helena Russell,the base's chief medical officer who had started to become so tired after she had seen some paitents which had made her realize that it might be Midnight.

But after she had also realized that some more injured personel might be arriving soon and she had to be awake in order to do her job,Helena had walked over to the shower in hopes that the cold water would snap her out of the spell of slumber.However,after she had taken her clothes off,turned on the water and stepped into the shower,Helena had noticed that some steam was forming in the shower and figured that she had made the mistake of turning on the hot water instead of the cold water.

Of course,she was about to correct that mistake.But just as she was about to do that,a gentle hand had placed itself on Helena's shoulder and a voice had said,"No,Helena.Leave it the way it is.",which had made Helena look up and see a sensuous alien from the planet Psychon known as Maya standing naked in front of her.And when Maya had used her powers to transform her vagina into a penis and began stroking on it,Helena had found herself unable to resist the urge to slip her fingers in and out of her pussy.

That was before Maya had stepped into the shower,kissed Helena so deeply on the lips and started slamming her large dick deeper and deeper into the good doctor's soaking wet cunt.And while the newest addition to the staff of Moonbase Alpha had also gotten started with sucking on Helena's huge tits,she had laid her hands on Maya's bare back and let out a loud scream of pure sexual pleasure that she had never experienced with another humanoid female before.

Then,after they had finally came and fallen asleep in each other's naked arms,a mysterious hand had placed itself on Helena's bare shoulder which had forced her to wake up from her little nap with quite a shock just before she had looked around and let out a sigh of relief after she had discovered that she had fallen asleep in her own office.That was before Maya had placed a hand on her chest and said,"I'm sorry,Helena.I really didn't mean to shock you like that.You must've had such a wonderful dream.",which had made Helena look at Maya with a smile,roll her eyes and say,"Yes,Maya.You could truly say that."



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