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Right Here...And Right Now

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

Gabrielle goes skinny-dipping on one hot Summer night and ends up at a glowing structure that a wave of water had pushed her towards.

Submitted:Feb 15, 2011    Reads: 4,606    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

You know,if I happen to understand the stories of Greek and Roman Mythology correctly,there had been some times in which the Gods of Mount Olympus including Zeus himself had allowed themselves to pay a few visits to Earth and have some hot and steamy sex with any mortal that they had been able to come into contact with which brings us to this one summer night within a forest in the country of ancient Greece.It was Midnight when a beautiful maiden named Gabrielle had been unable to stay asleep like her best friend Xena which had caused Gabrielle to sneak herself away from the still-sleeping Warrior Princess and over to a nearby river.

And after she had looked around to make sure that no one else was around,Gabrielle had stripped off her clothes,dived into the river and started swimming around in the cool,clear water.But just as she was about to swim herself back to shore,a sudden wave had pushed Gabrielle towards a beautiful glowing structure on another shore.And after she had climbed up the steps and entered the structure,Gabrielle's eyes had spotted a handsome young blonde stud standing naked and stroking his stiff cock in front of her before asking,"Well,Gabrielle?Do you want me to fuck you or what?"

That had caused Gabrielle to pump her fingers into her wet pussy,slowly lick her lips and say,"Yes,Cupid!I really want you to fuck me right here...and right now!",before the son of Aphrodite the Goddess of Love had kneeled himself down and sucked on Gabrielle's moist snatch with his hands on her firm breasts.And after she had placed her hands on Cupid's arms and begged him to keep giving her the hard fuck with his tongue,they had laid themselves down to the floor before Cupid had placed himself on top of Gabrielle and poked his finger into her asshole while she was sucking on his huge beef stick.

Then,after he had taken it out of her mouth,Cupid had placed her hands on Gabrielle's shoulders and started sucking on her stiff mounds and shoving his enormous dick deep inside her wet twat.And after Gabrielle had laid her hands on Cupid's bare back and let out a loud scream of pure sexual pleasure,they had finally came and fallen asleep on that floor before someone had placed a hand on Gabrielle's cheek and forced her to wake up back at the campsite."Sorry about that,Gabrielle.I just want to know are you okay or not.",that was what a concerned Xena had asked Gabrielle,who had let out a sigh and said,"I'll be okay,Xena.Just had a bad dream,that's all.",before the two best friends had left the campsite and gone to get some breakfast.That was when Cupid had appeared at the campsite and smiled.



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