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Placed On Some Earth Like Planet

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

As soon as Seven Of Nine goes to sleep in her Borg alcove,she suddenly wakes up on a planet just like Earth...and she is not alone.

Submitted:Feb 22, 2011    Reads: 1,236    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

It had began aboard the Federation starship USS Voyager at exactly Midnight when Captain Kathryn Janeway had given Seven Of Nine--a de-assimilated Borg whose actual name happens to be Annika Hansen--permission to go get some sleep.And after she had said 'good night' to Kathryn and the rest of the bridge crew,Seven had placed herself into the Borg alcove,closed her eyes and gone into a deep sleep.

That was before a sudden feeling of warmth on her human skin had forced Seven to open her eyes and discover that she had somehow had her Borg implants removed and been stripped naked and placed on some Earth like planet.And as soon as she had noticed that the house behind her had an open back door,Seven had gone into the house to look for some clothes to wear.

But that was before she had noticed an equally nude Chakotay standing in front of her with his hand on his stiff cock which had caused Seven to raise her hand and say,"Commander,I do not know why we are here and in a state of undress!But I do not believe that now would be...!"But that was before Chakotay had grabbed Seven by the arm,pulled her closer to him and planted a deep kiss on her lips.

And after he had kneeled down and started sucking on her cunt with his hands on her tits,Seven had placed her hands on Chakotay's arms and said,"Stop,Commander!You must not do this!We...we must staaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaahhhh,yeeeessss!Please,Commander!You must not stop!Instead,you must suck my wet pussy dry!Yeeeessss,Commander!Continue fucking me with that tongue of yours!Mmmmpppphhhh!",before they had laid themselves on a bed and Chakotay had placed himself on top of Seven and poked his finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on his giant dick.

That was before he had taken it out of her mouth,placed his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her firm breasts and thrusting his Kong sized cock deep inside her moist snatch which had made Seven lay her hands on Chakotay's bare back and let out one hell of a loud scream.And after they had finally came and fallen asleep on that bed,someone had placed a gentle hand on Seven's cheek and forced her to wake up and discover that she was still in the Borg alcove with The Doctor standing in front of her and saying,"Sorry about that,Seven.It's just that the Captain had authorized me to see how you are feeling."

That had made Seven let out a sigh,place her hand on her heart and say,"I am quite uncertain,Doctor.Perhaps I should discuss it with the Captain.Oh,Doctor.One question.Is Commander Chakotay still on the bridge?",before The Doctor had answered,"Yes,he is.",and Seven had answered,"Good.Very good."



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