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Naked Woman On Stone

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

Lilly Truscott steps inside the home of her best friend Miley Stewart and discovers that she is sitting on her bed and staring at a portrait of herself in a shocking setting.

Submitted:May 17, 2011    Reads: 1,493    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Knock-knock!Is anybody home?Oh,Miley!There you are!I was about to start thinking that the entire Stewart clan had moved again and forgot to leave a forwarding address!A little California humor!Miley,why are you sitting on your bed and staring at a naked woman on stone...?Wait a minute!OH,MY GOD!THAT NAKED WOMAN IS YOU!

Huh?Oh,Lilly!Hi!How are things over at the Truscott house?Lilly,why are you looking at me with your eyes ssssOOOOLLY SHIT!Lilly,I really am sorry about!I was hoping that I could keep it a secret and...!Did Jackson follow you back here?I want to know because if he goes to my dad and opens that big mouth about this,I'll have no choice but to...!

Whoa,Miley!Relax,okay?Jackson's not here!He's still over at 'Rico's Surf Shop' being tortured by that little creep!Look,Miley.Do me a favor and stop changing the subject,okay?I really do need to know!Is that you in that picture or not?And if it is,what the fucking hell were you thinking?

The answer to your question is yes!That really is me laying totally naked on some stone slab on a beach!And as for your second question,I really don't know what I was thinking!Maybe,it was the heat that had made me do this!I don't know!I guess that I might as well retrace my steps and do it the only way I know how.

You're going to tell me a story,right?Look,Miley.I already know that you had decided to give up being Hannah Montana for a little bit and get some much needed rest.So,why do I have a feeling that there are some details that you had no choice but to leave out?Come on,Miley!You could tell me!I'm your best friend!

Well,Lilly.After Dad had gone to a local radio station to get Malibu's own dee-jay to announce that Hannah Montana had gone to some undisclosed resort for a little rest and Jackson had left to go to work at 'Rico's Surf Shop',I had changed into some beach clothes and right over to this one beach that had looked like no one had ever set one single foot on it in a long time.

Oh,yeah!I've read about that one beach!It had became the private property of one Mister Jeffery Cameron!His father had bought that piece of land for him to relax on while he's on his Summer Break from some private school!I don't know what the name of the place is.But from what I had heard,Jeff had been sent to that private school by his parents to make sure that he stays out of trouble.

To tell you the truth,Lilly.I really don't know what trouble actually is anymore.Anyway,as soon as I had reached that one beach,I had suddenly noticed that it was so hot out there that I had no choice but to take all of my clothes off and lay my naked body on a beach towel that I had placed on this one large stone slab before I had rubbed some sunscreen all over myself,lay down and close my eyes.

Uh-oh!I'm beginning to see where this is going,Miley!There you were laying bare-ass naked on a towel and minding your own business when suddenly you had heard the sound of a camera being clicked from somewhere close to you.Is what I had said on target,Miley?

You better believe it,Lilly.Anyway,when I had opened my eyes and noticed this kid standing over me with a camera in his hand,I had quickly wrapped the towel around myself,cleared my throat and said,"You must be Jeff Cameron!I really am sorry for embarressing you like this!It's just that it happens to be so hot out here that I had to...!"

Hee-hee-hee!I'm sorry,Miley!It's just that I know what had came next!You were about to finish saying that one complete phrase,only to have him put his camera down on a rock,lower himself down to you and plant one hell of a big kiss on those baby doll lips of yours!And after he had opened your towel and noticed what a great body you had on you,he had stripped and jerked himself off on his huge cock right in front of you,right?

I'm telling you right now,Lilly!His cock is so huge that he could fuck a full herd of cows that had won First Prize at the local county fair!Woof!And while he was doing that,I had suddenly found myself pumping my fingers into my wet pussy and slowly licking my lips before I had told Jeff that I had wanted him to fuck me so bad!

Whoa!Hold on,Miley!I had suddenly realized that he should've asked for your name first!And if you were to let it blurt out that your name is Miley Stewart and you let yourself put on a costume and blonde wig and be Hannah Montana on some stage,there really is going to be some serious hell to pay!

It's funny that you should mention that,Lilly.He did ask for my name.And I had realized that I shouldn't let him know that I really am both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana.So,I had decided to blurt out the one name that had just popped into my head which happens to be 'Melissa Duchovny'.


Trust me,Lilly.I know that.But strangely enough,he really do not give a shit.Anyway,after he had placed his hands on my breasts and given my cunt such a licking with that tongue of his,Jeff had placed himself on top of me and poked his finger in and out of my asshole while I was sucking on his dick.

WHEW!Oooohhhh,Miley!I'm getting so hot just listening to this!

I could tell,Lilly.You had just unzipped your shorts and began fingering your own pussy.Then,after he had taken his cock out of my mouth,Jeff had placed his hands on my shoulders and started sucking my tits and drilling that huge cock of his deep into my wet twat.And after I had laid my hands on his bare back and let out one hell of a scream that was so loud that it would've put my cousin Orville's blue ribbon champion pig to shame...!


That is until today!

Oh,Miley!I really am sorry about that!It's just that whenever I read,see or hear something erotic,I just...!

You don't have to explain,Lilly.I get the picture.Anyway,after we had finally came and stopped to catch our breath,Jeff had looked at me with a smile and said,"You know,Melissa.You really are the most beautiful woman that I had ever photographed.You truly are a work of art.",before we had fallen asleep on that very beach.

Oh,I get it now.And when you had woken up and found that the towel has been drapped over you and Jeff had disappeared,you had decided to get your ass out of there before he decides to call the police on you.But as soon as you had finally gotten home,you had noticed a plain brown package that was addressed to Melissa Duchovny AKA Miley Stewart AKA Hannah Montana,right?

And when I had brought it up to my room and opened it,there was this one picture inside that plain brown package.I just don't know what to do,Lilly!If I keep it here,my dad would see it and go Mount Saint Helens all over the place!

Don't sweat it,Miley.I'll keep it at my place.That way,your dad won't go totally ballistic on you.

But what about your mom?

Trust me,Miley.I really do know how to tap dance around the truth with my mom.You just keep on doing your thing as Hannah Montana and leave the nude portrait hiding to me,okay?

Okay,Lilly.And thanks for being such a true friend.



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