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My Favorite Flanel

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

While the Enterprise is en route to Earth,a sleepy James T. Kirk goes into his personal quarters and spots Janice Rand standing in there with only a large flanel shirt on.

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Yes,it is true that during a particular five year mission as the commanding officer of the starship USS Enterprise,Captain James Tiberius Kirk had allowed himself to be quite the ladies' man.However,there was one lady that he had not been able to snag and she happens to be a beautiful blonde yeoman named Janice Rand.

But that was before the Enterprise was en route for home that his luck on that subject was about to change.While the rest of the bridge crew had been going on with their assigned duties,Jim had let out a yawn and finally agreed with the ship's medical officer Doctor Leonard H. McCoy that it was Midnight and he was suppossed to get some sleep.

So,after he had turned command of the Enterprise over to Spock and said 'good night' to everyone including 'Bones',Jim had left the bridge and gone into his personal quarters which was where he had spotted Janice standing in the middle of the room and wearing only a large flanel shirt.

"I see that you are wearing my favorite flanel.",that was what Jim had said to Janice,who had undone a few buttons and said,"I hope you do not mind,Sir."Then,after she had slipped off the shirt and pumped her fingers into her wet pussy,Jim had taken his clothes off and stroked his stiff cock right in front of her.

That was before they had laid themselves on the bed and Jim had started sucking on Janice's moist snatch with his hands on her firm breasts.And after she had placed her hands on his head,slowly licked her lips and said,"Oooohhhh,yeeeessss!Suck my pussy!I want my wet pussy to be sucked dry by the great James T. Kirk!Do it naaaahhhh!",Jim had placed himself on top of Janice and poked his finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on his gigantic dick.

Then,after he had taken it out of her mouth,Jim had placed his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her huge jugs and shoving his harder than steel cock deep into her soaking wet twat,Janice had laid her hands on his bare back and let out a scream of pure sexual pleasure that was so loud that everyone aboard the Enterprise might be able to hear it.

But after they had finally came and fallen asleep on that very bed,a loud beeping sound had made Jim wake up and discover that he was the only one in the room before he had switched on the communicator and said,"Kirk here."And when he had heard Spock's voice say,"Sorry to wake you so soon,Captain.It is just that we have Earth.",Jim had let out a sigh and said,"Okay,Spock.I'm on my way to the bridge.Kirk out.",before he had left his quarters and gone back up to the bridge.



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