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Make It Just Us Girls

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

As soon as she spots the Batman swinging away from the Catwoman's apartment,the Huntress enters the place and gives Selina Kyle something special for her birthday.

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After she had looked at the clock on the tower and noticed that it was Midnight,the one costumed crime fighter known as the Huntress had gone over to the apartment of a certain Gotham City resident named Selina Kyle just in time to see a certain Darknight Detective known as the Batman standing on another rooftop and staring at that one apartment before he had allowed himself to swing away from the scene on his Batline.

And as soon as he was out of sight,the Huntress had carefully entered the apartment and made her way to the bedroom where someone had placed a hand under her chin and said,"Miss Helena Bertinelli,I persume.",which had caused the Huntress to slowly turn her head and notice that Selina was standing next to her with a small smile on her lips.

"Happy Birthday,Selina.",that was what a relieved Helena had said to the woman also known as the reformed criminal Catwoman after she had let out a smile and before she had planted a deep kiss on Selina's lips.And after they had taken their clothes off and laid their naked bodies on the bed,Selina had started sucking on Helena's wet pussy with her hands on her lesbian lover's firm breasts.

And after Helena had placed her hands on the back of Selina's head and begged her lesbian lover to give her moist snatch a good tongue fucking,Selina had placed herself on top of Helena and poked her finger in and out of the Huntress' asshole while Helena was doing the same thing to the Catwoman.

That was before Selina had opened the top drawer of the night stand next to the bed and pulled out a double dildo.And after Selina had placed one end of that dildo inside her hot cunt and the other end inside Helena's soaking wet twat,they had placed their hands on each other's bare shoulders and started humping themselves with the double dildo.

Then,they had started moving themselves harder and faster until they had finally let out a scream of total sexual pleasure and came before they had stopped to catch their breath and Selina had removed the dildo,placed her hand on Helena's shoulder and her head on her lover's chest and said,"Thank you so very much for coming over,Helena.You had made this an extra special birthday for me."

"It really is too bad that the Batman had been unable to join us and make it a terrific threesome.",that was what Helena had said to Selina,who had looked at her beautiful lover,placed her hand on Helena's cheek and said,"Maybe next year,Helena.Right now,all we need to do is make it just us girls,okay?"And after they had shared a smile between them,both Selina and Helena had fallen asleep on that very bed while the sun was rising.



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